Obama’s Only C…


Obama’s Only Chance of November 2012 Win: The “October Surprise”

Political Analysis 

In early March, the Israeli newspaper Maariv reported that Barack Obama had offered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government the latest in “bunker busting bombs” along with advanced refueling planes in exchange for the PM’s promise to delay any attack against Iranian nuclear facilities until 2013. It was a clear attempt by Obama to bribe the nation of Israel into refraining from war until AFTER the November election.

Naturally, Regime spokesmen denied a story so uncomfortable for Obama, especially in light of his already dwindling support among even the most dependably liberal of voting groups—American Jews. And the New York Post came to Obama’s indirect defense using the words of Netanyahu himself as the PM said war with Iran was not necessarily unavoidable. “The only way to deter Iran [is] to advocate carrying out a serious military strike…” wrote the Post of Netanyahu’s stated belief that Iran would back down if it believed an attack was inevitable were the Islamic nation to continue its current course of action. If Israeli leadership itself believed war could be avoided, why discuss bombs and planes, after all!

Moreover, it would be unthinkable that Barack Obama should place the well-being—in fact, the very EXISTENCE—of the Jewish State a distant second to the perceived best interests of his quest for re-election. Obama had, after all “reaffirmed his ‘unprecedented commitment’ to Israel’s security in the Middle East” just the day before he and Netanyahu met. And everyone knows how dedicated and trustworthy a friend Barack Obama is to the nation of Israel.

But suppose Obama was indeed thinking of the course of action most beneficial to his chances of re-election. And suppose it was not the damage an Israeli attack might do to those chances that was really driving his effort to bribe Netanyahu into continuing the role of sitting duck for the remainder of the year.

What if Obama had plans of bombing Iranian nuclear facilities himself, and his offer of military hardware was simply meant to keep an unsuspecting Nation of Israel on the sidelines until the American attack could be carried out?!

In spite of cheerful media reports of Obama’s massive campaign war-chest and the continuing support of those who put him in office 4 years ago, the reality is Barack Obama is facing real trouble. Should the trend continue into the fall, why not launch an all-out attack on what a number of administrations have described as the most significant foreign threat to the nation’s security?! Given the wholesale media ownership of the left, Obama would immediately be deemed a hero of global proportions, and the destruction of Iran’s nuclear capabilities would rank with the most courageous of military exploits.

And if for some reason, events were to not proceed quite as smoothly as planned, Obama has already been provided—whether by Congress or by himself— the dictatorial authority to shut down any criticism of his efforts and impose martial law on a United States he would deem subject to imminent attack by “domestic terrorists” who had chosen just this moment to ply their trade!

 Barack Hussein Obama team, will do ANYTHING  for him to retain power.  The next few months will reveal exactly how extreme that “anything” might be.


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