Alqaeda, declares Democracy and Secularism are Kufir, Ahl Sunnah will be the Role Model for Governing


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Minbar at-Tawḥīd wa-l-Jihād presents a new article from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s Abū Zūbayr ‘Adīl bīn ‘Abdullah al-Abāb: “Gains and Benefits of Control Over Parts of Abyan and Shabwah”




After Ansar Al-Sharia were forced to withdraw from the regions that they control, with preserving all their force and ammunition with the grace and preserving of Allah, some will wonder what were the gains achieved by Ansar Al-Sharia?


What were the interests that they offered? And the fruit, they reap?


In general before beginning to answer these questions or clarifying the problems, I would like to notify my brother the reader that the model presented by Ansar Al-Sharia is the first model of control of Ahli Sunnah in the region, and this model in administration and governance according to must who visited us, and what the journalists have written is a witness to that, so Ahli Sunnah should be proud of such successes, who always were accused by some of not having the capability of administration and arranging matters, but rather it is a honor for every Muslim to be proud of the Islamic administration, which makes you independent from the Eastern and Western administrations, since the success of this just Islamic model in administration, security and governance, which led to the increase in the voices that want Ansar Al- Sharia come to their territory, to lift from them the injustice, and fear that it is gulping for years, under the secular rule, to administer and rule with Islam, and for that Islamic model not to be repeated and most of the regions of Yemen turn to regions governed by Islamic rule, and the Americans and their allies continued their ferocious campaigns which didn’t stop since Ansar Al-Sharia seized Zinjibar on 1 Rajab 1432A.H., but when the number of campaigns increased and from all directions, Ansar Al-Sharia withdraw from it on 22Rajab 1433A.H. and they still continue their campaigns, but so that we not prolong in the notification we return to mentioning some of the gains and benefits that were achieved by Ansar Al-Sharia when they were controlling, from these gains and benefits:


Firstly: Destroying the Kufr of secularism, democracy, Jahili opinions and polytheist domes:


Ansar Al-Sharia raised the banner of Tawhid, and removed and fought secularism and who support it, in a time this Jahili banner was passed on the Muslims forcibly and imposed on them by oppression, even that some of the Ulema saw it as the solution and exit for the problems of the Muslims, and in this very critical juncture when Sharia proofs were given to permit the entrance to the democratic game, calling for the civil state, and they even claimed that secularism doesn’t contradict with Islam, so who used to prohibit democracy and see it as Kufr, became seeing it as permissible, and even an obligation, having construe of removing it by entering it, that is the way the West forced them to this outcome which contradicts the fundamentals of the religion, and deceived them that without the alleged democracy they won’t live in peace, so based on this reality which was deliberately founded the Fatwas continued to permit the entrance political game, but we aren’t going to respond to them it is enough to those who permitted it that it isn’t democracy, but rather it is dictatorship, or it wouldn’t have been imposed on the Muslims, and if the Islamists achieve success the council is dissolved if they didn’t be like them, so in this timing, and in this critical stage of the Ummah Ansar Al-Sharia destroyed the Kufr of secularism, democracy and Jahili opinions, and proved with their work under the banner of Tawhid security and justice in the locations that they ruled by the Sharia of Allah, and that had an effect on the Muslim Uelma, inside Yemen and abroad, since some of them called to reject democracy after they gave Fatwa of permitting it as an exit for the Ummah based on an unreal reality that is deliberately founded and among those Ulema is sheikh Awad Ba’najar who said in his famous speech in the Al-Jamee Mosque in the city of Waqar, in front of huge crowds of Muslims, after he saw destroying democracy by force as it has been imposed on the Muslims: “I was one of the legislators beside Allah, conflicting with Allah in His rule in the parliament, and this is Kufr and I repent to Allah from what I have done”.


When the sheikh saw how the Sharia was implemented away from the democratic game, he called strongly to support the Sharia of Allah, and stand next to Ansar Al- Sharia, so if most of the regions were ruled by the Sharia of Allah, many of those who gave Fatwa that it is permitted to enter the democratic game will change their opinion, because ruling with the Sharia of Allah reveals to these people many of the imaginary reality founded by the Americans, to make the sons of the Muslims enter the polytheist democratic sludge, by the Fatwas of their Ulema.


Secondly: Spreading Tawhid and teaching it to the Muslims children:


There is no doubt that Allah created us to worship Him alone with no partner the Almighty says: (I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me) 56 Surah Adh-Dhariyat – which means make Tawhid, so achieving Tawhid which Allah created us for presented before destruction of the soul and property, Ansr Al-Sharia Alhamdulillah sought to spread Tawhid through giving lessons, speeches and sermons in mosques, and public and special social meetings, and through posters, videos, audios and presentation through modern means, and the people won’t implement Tawhid properly except if they fought what contradicts it from Kufr, polytheism like secularism, democracy and civil state, so Ansar Al-Sharia only achieved that gain it would have been enough, the Almighty says: (And certainly We raised in every nation a messenger saying: Serve Allah and shun the Shaitan. So there were some of them whom Allah guided and there were others against whom error was due; therefore travel in the land, then see what was the end of the rejecters) 36 Surah An-Nahl – so this is the Dawah of all the Messengers, and the numbers of those who studied Tawhid from the sons of Waqar and others, are many, the Muslim children learned the meanings of Kalimah of Tawhid, Lā Ilaha Illela Allahu, Muhammad Ur- rasul Ullah, and learned the Walla and Bara in theory and practice, and when the secular and American campaigns the effect of teaching Tawhid appeared when many of the sons of the city fought next to the mujahidin, and many of them were martyred, and this is a practical application for the concept of and went out with them when they retreated, and many of them were suffered, and nothing made them come out except the correct understanding of Tawhid which the prophet peace and blessing of Allah be upon him was calling for and learned about Tawhid the conditions of Lā Ilaha Illela Allah, its obligations and violations, they learned it without embarrassment or interference from the foreign dictates, under the democratic rule we find many who call for Tawhid finds difficulty regarding clarifying some issues related to Tawhid, like renouncing secularism and fighting its people, disowning from it and its people, and if they explain that it is reluctantly or in fear, or when giving examples he gives examples of those who committed Kufr from the dead and not the living the Almighty says: (whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing) 256 Surah Al-Baqara, but Ansar Al-Sharia didn’t find this difficulty, so Ansar Al-Sharia and their Dai’is, sheikhs and students of knowledge used to clarify the Aqeeda of Ahli Sunnah wa Jamaa, according to the understanding of Salaf of this Ummah, away from the Mazhab of Jahmiya, Irja’a, Mu’tazilah, Kharijite and innovators, without abuse, or dilute, or fear from the authority, or lubricity or compliment, so spreading Tawhid and teaching it as we have been ordered by Allah is considered a gain achieved by Ansar Al-Sharia in the locations that they controlled, away from the dictates and effect of the authority, and that is really what scares the Americans, because who knows Tawhid and Iman automatically fights polytheism, Kufr, its people and who supports it. America is the one that really sponsors the democratic Kufr in the world, so it knows that by Tawhid it will become by the spread of Tawhid a target for a bigger section of the Muslims that increases day by day, and that what really scares it, and even many of its leaders stated so, as Obama have stated more than once of his fear from the growth of Al-Qaeda Organization in the Arabian Peninsula.


Thirdly: Implementing the Islamic Sharia:


Alhamdulillah Ansar Al-Sharia ruled with Islam, in the regions under their control, in the boundaries of their control, so they implemented the Sharia after it was abandoned for years, and it was absent from the reality of the Muslims, under the rule of the Sharia the people were secure on their religion, lives, minds, honors and property, and the Muslims saw the rulings of Allah established on the ground, and its Hudud implemented, so they began to go through their memory about what they read about the rule of the prophet peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his Sahaba after him and now they seeing and living it, the people found the justice that aids the oppressed, and deter the oppressor, in a court where both parties are equal, and the opponents stand before the judge, even if the contender was an Amir, they have seen and lived all that under the rule of the Sharia, and that before it is a gain achieved by Ansar Al-Sharia, even for one year, it is achieving the thing which Allah created us for and with it our Iman becomes right, the Almighty says: (But no! by your Lord! they do not believe (in reality) until they make you a judge of that which has become a matter of disagreement among them, and then do not find any straitness in their hearts as to what you have decided and submit with entire submission) 65 Surah An-Nisa, our rule with the real Sharia is our happiness in the Dunya and our success in the hereafter. Before Ansar Al-Sharia ruled with the Sharia they taught the people the meaning of the rule of the Sharia, through delivering more than 3000 speeches in various mosques, and with different methods, and in less than 8 months from the capture of Waqar, and even three months after the capture of Zinjibar, Alhamdulillah the experience of implementing the Sharia was unique, and the people didn’t see implementing the Sharia before, and until it was practically implemented to lighten for the people their path, in the city of Waqar and its suburbs, and as Ansar Al-Sharia have implemented the rule of the Sharia they also sought during the implementation of the sentences gradation, and understanding the secrets of the Sharia, and its depth and goals, and Ansar Al-Sharia weren’t satisfied with the apparent ruling from the texts, but they took from the model of the rule of the prophet peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and who followed on his methodology from the Salaf an example to be followed in understanding the Sharia, and in how to implement the Hudud and apply it, since it is the first time, in this experience Ansar Al-Sharia contacted with some Muslim Ulema, unfortunately many of whom we contacted didn’t accommodate establishing the Sharia, and ruling between the people let alone to implement it because there is no practical experience in that, and it is worthy to mention that one of our sheikhs in the Shafei Fiqh, one of the murderers were delivered to him, to hear from him and look at the record of the investigation, to know his opinion, unfortunately he didn’t believe that who is in front of him is a murderer, and how could you bring him away from the eyes of the regime, then after that he refrained from saying anything, under the pretext is that is for the courts of the state when he recognized that it doesn’t rule with the Sharia, so Ansar Al-Sharia with their judges and sheikhs establishing and ruling with the Sharia, is considered a gain in a time when implementing the Hudud doesn’t exceed the paper it’s written on, and if it exceed then to study it, so implementing it will open Allah willing a door to many sheikhs and Ulema the possibility to establish the Sharia after it was established by Ansar Al-Sharia, despite fundamentally this difficulty shouldn’t be present with the carries of knowledge, how it is so when many of the sheikhs of the tribes and people of the laws have the guts to rule with Jahili and manmade laws.


The people feared the rule of the Sharia rulers and subjects, Amirs and ordered, an awe that every Muslim found in himself, as soon as when the police or court writes a requisition to anyone, everyone feels the importance of the requisition, either the requisitioned was one of the mujahid personnel, or from the sons of the region – not from the mujahidin, and everyone knows that they were before the ruling of Allah and there is no difference between them, and it is not surprising that two opponents come to the Ansar Al-Sharia court to resolve between them from outside our domain of control, but what is surprising!!! When the complaining person opponent is outside our domain of control, and he is one of the senior elders of his tribe or an official in the state or a merchant but when the requisition paper reaches him from the Ansar Al-Sharia court, he comes according to the appointment before the court regarding what he is accused of, but if the accused official fears to come because there is a war between him and the Ansar Al-Sharia, despite of that he send a delegate to represent him before court, it’s the awe of the Sharia that even its opponents submit to its rule and they cannot escape. The rule of the Sharia found fame with the grace of Allah, and all the inhabitants of Waqar or its surroundings, or passed through it have heard of the governance of the Sharia, and it has been heard of by the people of Aden, Shabwa, Yafee, Hadramout and Sana’a, and others who follow the local and international press and internet.


And many of the contentious issues were resolved before it reached the police as soon as the opponent knows that he has been accused or a requisition paper was sent to him he quickly takes the initiative to solve his problem with his friend, and some of them are resolved between the two sides by peace and reconciliation before it is raised to the court, and a few cases are raised to the court and a judicial ruling is issued which both sides are compel to it, as for the cases of the Hudud, blood and criminal and jurisprudential issues they are referred to decide on it.


From the cases that the opponent took the initiative to solve it before it reaches the court, that one person used to ask a friend an amount of money that he lent him and he reminded stalling for more than five years, and every time he complained to the former government there was no use except increase in his lose from the tax of the soldiers, so the owner of the debt preferred to remain silent until Allah graced him with the arrival of Ansar Al-Sharia, so he reminded him to hand over the debt or he will complain, so he said: “No need to complain, this is your debt, and I ask you forgiveness”, and this isn’t the first time that defendant responds to solve his problem before appearing before the police, it repeated many times and the initiative repeated of returning the rights of the abused people and with no complaining, and hastening to ask for forgiveness from the abused and this is the justice of ruling with Islam and its awe and blessing.


The Islamic Sharia was fair to the oppressed weak, whom their rights were plundered, and from the things to be mentioned in this subject, that one of the women in the Al-Hisin region that neighbors Waqar, said to one of the elders of her region, after her relatives deprived her from her inheritance: “Let me catch Ansar Al- Sharia before they go, only they will give me back my right”.


The implementation of the Sharia had divine tangible blessings, from the blessings of implementing the Sharia, is that every time a Had is implemented Allah favors the people of Waqar and its surroundings with heavy rain, and not in its season, and this rain was a reason which Allah exploited to revive the Waqar farms, and return of life to its lands, especially after deliberate continuous disruption for diesel to the city of Waqar, and from the abundance of the rain the earth saturated and benefited from the water, and vegetation covered large areas of the city of Waqar and Al-Tariya desert, – which is located between the cities of Waqar and Shaqara -, and the western sand of the city of Waqar, all that because of the blessing of implementing the Sharia (And that if they should keep to the (right) way, We would certainly give them to drink of abundant water) 16 Surah Al-Jinn, (And if the people of the towns had believed and guarded (against evil) We would certainly have opened up for them blessings from the heaven and the earth, but they rejected, so We overtook them for what they had earned) 96 Surah Al-Araf.


Fourthly: Teaching Elim and spreading the Dawah to the Book and the Sunnah:


Spreading Elim and Dawah is considered a gain achieved by Ansar Al-Sharia, since with the guidance of Allah sessions were held for memorizing the Holy Quran, Sunnah and lessons of knowledge, and many of the ordinary Muslims learned how to recite the Quran correctly, and there were who couldn’t recite Surah Al-Fatiha properly, and they learned Aqeeda and rulings of some worships, and many of them have benefited much from the Dawah and Dawah Weeks and cultural festivals were held.


Fifthly: Administering the region in the light of the Islamic Sharia:


Some used to doubt the capability of the mujahidin to administer the controlled region, and even some because of the confusion thought that the mujahidin only know the language of bombing and destruction, that was the image of the mujahidin, and these doubts began to be convictions in the minds of some of the righteous who are considered on the right methodology, and even those considered to be mujahidin, and the debate increased about the incapacity to administer, which took the shape of talk about strategy and there were many questions about this point in particular, but when the mujahidin began to administer the seized cities, many of the doubts recede about the ability of the mujahidin to administer the areas they control, and appeared the capability of the mujahidin to administer the regions, and the grace is only to Allah that He gave success to the mujahidin to administer the region, from more than one administrative aspect, under continuous successive military campaigns, which often makes the minds busy from administration, but in general Allah gave success to the mujahidin to administer the region, an administration that achieved many successes on the ground, and some journalists witnessed to that, so the administration was as follows:


A- finding an official to every location seized, and the official takes charge of administering the affairs of the area in all aspects.


B- dividing the administrative tasks as follows:


– Administering the security of the region by forming a police station, the police station is considered the body that receives people complaints, curb the disputants and reconcile between them, but if their case wasn’t solved in the police station then it refers the case to the court of justice which decides between them according to the Book and Sunnah.


– administering security and providing it in the region, by creating a security committee, and another military, it administers security in the city, where people are guarded, and providing security to them, by activating patrols that do their work in day and night, and conducting the security tasks that maintain the lives of the people, and their property. Creating posts in the entrance and exit of the city, and on the public roads from the city of Waqar to Shaqara, Al-Mahfid, Qarn Al-Sawda and Azzan, which its distance by car is almost six hours, this long distance the Muslim traveler is safe to go on it, also it is safe for the owners of commercial goods carriers, buses and public transportation, and there were many owners of carriers and cars change their road during their travel to the regions controlled by Ansar Al-Sharia, seeking the security which is lost when Ansar Al-Sharia are gone, and may Allah reward those mujahidin who stayed the night to secure the Muslims from the bandits, and returned their plundered and seized rights, and many of those who were affected made Dua for Ansar Al-Sharia for victory and success, for what they have found from safety and security, and you can ask about the taxes which the bandits used to take by force from the passers or they would be plundered, and once I was with one of the elders of the Ba’kazim region, and the talk was about the security which the passer in their land enjoys under the control of Ansar Al-Sharia, when there used to be many bandits in Ba’kazim, some of the elders of Ba’kazim began to hide his surname from the identity card because of the disgrace, it even reached that the family cars and especially the expatriates cars are exposed to plunder and looting even the bracelets in the hands of women and that really happened, and that elderly sheikh said that we didn’t find this security in the time of Britain or in the time of the socialist party or during the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh, until this small group of Ansar Al-Sharia came and secured the road, Subhanallah it is the power of Allah!!! Unfortunately many of the gangs are related to the former secular regime and the later continued to deal with them and rented them to fight the mujahidin, and cut the road on them, and those are most of the mercenaries of the popular committees, which the Suhail TV praise them, and are funded by the Saudi government, it’s a brutal gang war from regular states, which take from the worst people in behavior, soldiers to fight Ansar Al-Sharia, and can imagine how these wolves will deal with the Muslims after the departure of Ansar Al-Sharia, when it is more armed by the enemy and used them to fight virtues, it is the moral of wolves and hyenas, moral of the jungle.


– Administering the Dawah and media work:


Ansar Al-Sharia formed a Dawah media committee that is concerned with making Dawah to the people, and educating and teaching them, by activating the role of the mosque in the process of directing the Muslims towards knowing Islam and its purposes, by opening Dawah media offices that are concerned distributing Dawah cultural posters, and distributing the information materials clarifying Tawhid and the reality of the going on conflict between Tawhid and polytheism, and Iman and Kufr, through modern means, blue tooth, USBs, CDs and DVDs, activating festivals, showing projectors and other old and new means of Dawah and media.


– Administering the work of the Hesbah (Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice): Ansar Al-Sharia administered the work of the Hesbah starting with gradation, and proffer of the priorities in the Fiqh of denial, and calling the people to Tawhid, and establishing the Salat and the rest of the rites of religion, and then to help the people to establish the Salat by guarding their shops and encouraging them to close the stores, and who doesn’t respond then he is dealt with according to certain procedures like pledges and commitments that make him convinced to close the stores during the times of the prayers, Alhamdulillah all people responded and closed their shops, and who look at the people leaving their businesses and heading to the mosques groups and individuals, old and young, remembers the life of the first generation of Muslims how they neither merchandise nor sale beguileth from remembrance of Allah and constancy in prayer, and it is worthy to mention that one of the fathers came from a far place searching for his son who joined the mujahidin for the sake of Allah, while he was searching for his son to bring him back, he saw several Islamic stances that made him stand with himself and entered with it in conflict, and while he was in a conflict with himself, he saw the people heading towards the police of Waqar the complainant and the defendant, he sees ending them ending their problems in a few minutes, then he sees the shops suddenly close, and the people disappear from the streets slowly after they hear the Azaan, and at this moment when his soul is struggling with him, he found himself the only one waiting between the police and mosque, at that moment he felt that he was in another time like everything he saw he heard of it in the time of the Sahaba, so he headed with the people to the closest mosque, then he said to one of Ansar Al-Sharia elements after he was impressed from what he saw: “My son as long as he is with you won’t be lost. I will greet him and as for his mother I will go to her and convince her”, this is what the father said after a brainstorming from what he saw of beautiful models that show the real image of Islam that has been excluded for years, under the Western or Eastern secularist rule, which was imposed on the lands of the Moslems, and it is worthy to cry upon these beautiful days where there was no authority for anyone except the authority of Allah, the days of glory that we spent under the rule of Allah and His authority.


From the works entrusted to the Hesbah educating the people and warning them from vices, and help them to get rid of it, and finding Islamic alternatives, especially in weddings, and the people were very happy with the role of the Hesbah and its role in saving the people from Kufr, polytheism, and sins, and directing them to Iman, Tawhid and Halal.


– Administering and directing education:


Ansar Al-Sharia formed a committee that is concerned to direct the education, by setting conditions to adjust the educational level, and the most important of these conditions it that the teachings don’t contradict with the principles of the Islamic Sharia, and the teacher be the most suitable in efficiency of and knowledge, and is practicing his job, as Ansar Al-Sharia have supervised the education they have they also participated in education, by teacher training, and instructing the students, and providing places for learning, and supervising on the distribution of bags, papers and stationery to the students, and opening a women education center or what is called women literacy, which is run by an integrated women team, also the committee coordinated with the Dawah committee in the mosques, by opening sessions to reach the Quran and Tawhid, and this was the first educational stage conducted by Ansar Al-Sharia under their unstable conditions, and the next stage for Ansar Al-Sharia was to open general education more broadly and free of charge, by opening centers, institutions, scientific, administrative, professional, medical courses and others, but as you can notice from the succession of the fierce campaigns continuity wider than before was an obstacle to carry out many of the educational programs and systems, and this brutal act from them, is only for that this wonderful Islamic model in governance, administration and education isn’t repeated.


– Administering the affairs and services of the people:


Ansar Al-Sharia formed a social committee, that is concerned in the first place about the affairs of the people, administering their markets, and providing services for them free of charge, and the work of the committee included distributing food aid, and for the first time in Yemen the aid reaches its beneficiaries fully under the rule of Ansar Al-Sharia, and from the social committee branch several committees that consist of an official and members, and most of the members of the service committees are ordinary people, who have former experiences and are specialized in their work, where we benefit from them and activate them in what they are fluent and know well. These committees that branch from the social committee are:


– Committee concerned to follow the water projects, and provide water and deliver it to the homes of the Muslims, by activating water projects foundation, and repair the wells and run them, encourage and motivate the employees to conduct their work, solving the water troubles you-go, and during the cutoff of water projects and stop of the service, finding alternatives for the people, and from the alternatives in the beginning forming water storage tanks and distributing them on the residential neighborhoods, then constantly filling them with water until the trouble is repaired, and it is worthy to mention that this time the enemy attempted with the water tanks, when the enemy lost the humanitarian mind, and began to show the inhumane mentality and moral when its warplanes tried in several flights, – which seems to be Saudi warplanes – tried to poison the big water tanks located on the Khanfar mountain in the city of Waqar, and these tanks through them water is discharged to several regions, in Zinjibar, Waqar, Ba’tis and others, in one of the aerial raids of the enemy the water tank was poisoned, by launching a rocket carrying a poisonous substance, Alhamdulillah the Protector is Allah, and this substance was noticed and the locals were warned, and the poisoned water was disposed by cooperation with some of the experts working in the committee, and the tank was cleaned and returned to service and barriers were kept on it to maintain it from destruction by shelling and poisoning. There is no problem introduced by the enemy to delay and obstruct the people services, with the grace of Allah guides the mujahidin to get rid of it, from the problems for example the enemy used to send who mix sewage with the water network, which caused the death of Muslim children and spread of disease, and the last thing committed by the enemy which indicates that this enemy knows no war ethics, or principles of Islam, during his recent campaign it hit the electrical wires to disable them, which are through them the water generators run, the committee tried to follow this malfunction and fix it, even that some ordinary Muslims went and risked themselves to fix it on the enemy side, but the enemy prevented them and refused, and Allah facilitated after that to find generators that run some of the wells to cover the needs of the people from water and does the job.


– Administering committee to follow up delivering electricity, and repairing malfunctions, by following up with the electricity corporation, and encouraging and stimulating its staff to work, and overcoming the cunning of the enemy and its orders of the repeated turning off the power one way or the other, which led to the continuity of the power most of the time, and Allah guided Ansar Al-Sharia to extend electricity wires and connect electrical transformers, to locations that never knew electricity since it was created by Allah until Ansar Al-Sharia delivered it to them with success from Allah, and that will be present in the mind of their generations and they will speak about it generation after generation, and all of them will speak about the rule of the Sharia, which under it they knew the two lights, light of the hearts, and light of the country, and removed the two darkness, darkness of Jahilia, and darkness of the night, this is a glory that every Sunni who belongs to the Sharia is proud of, and there was a program to find future projects for the continuity of the electricity, and make it work on a permanent basis and without interruption, and it was going to be by using large generators, which were present in the electricity corporation in Waqar, and this project started but in a simple form and this project only cost the continued provision of diesel, and maintenance of some old generators, and giving incentives to some employees, so if there wasn’t enough time to achieve it, but it remains from the projects which Ansar Al-Sharia were seeking to achieve it fully, if they were stable and weren’t busy with the fierce crusader campaigns.- the administration of municipality and the sewerage prepared a specialized committee to administer cleaning (municipality), and sewerage (wastewater) where the committee used to supervise on the cleaning of the city an unprecedented or known cleaning, during the rule of the regime of Ali Saleh according to the testimony of everyone from the foe before the friend, and the grace and success returns only to Allah, and that committee was a reason to get rid of the diseases that were spread because of the dunes of the accumulated waste and rubbish which reach to two years and some even more than that and especially in the city of Waqar, these accumulated amounts of rubbish became a shelter to dogs, rats and harmful insects, but under the rule of the Sharia there is no stay for these rubbish and dogs especially in Azzan. It is worthy to mention, that one of the inhabitants of the city of Waqar was an expatriate in Britain, when he heard about the changes in the city even the cleaning and the sewerage he couldn’t believe, so he decided to assure himself, and when he arrived he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a secure clean city, people submit to the ruling of Allah, and the strong and weak are equal in it, and before it was contrary to what he saw, and he began to express his feelings, by talking to the mujahidin about that feeling, which he didn’t expect or it is hard to occur in this time this is the state of despair which the regime brought the sons of the Muslims to but quickly the despair disappears and its replaced with good omen under the rule of the Sharia (Whoever does good whether male or female and he is a believer, We will most certainly make him live a happy life, and We will most certainly give them their reward for the best of what they did) 97 Surah An-Nahl.- administration and arranging of the markets


Ansar Al-Sharia formed a committee to administer the markets, their people affairs and demands, organizing traffic and arranging taxis, all that free of charge, with keeping the taxes that were imposed by the former government on the traders, since in the basic principle of our Islamic Sharia taxes are prohibited, and this principle doesn’t change except with a special Fatwa according to the necessity, and the reader could visit the areas that were controlled by Ansar Al-Sharia, and ask the people how did they live with Ansar Al-Sharia? And how were their conditions before the presence of Ansar Al-Sharia and after they left? He will get the answer and know the difference, in general the people in the areas that were ruled with Sharia of Allah, that the Sharia came to achieve their interests and live with their concerns, which deepened in most of them the belief of the Sharia, and understand it in a proper way which was absent from many Moslems, because there has been no engaging in the rule of the Sharia, and delaying its implementation, the businesses even the small shops before the arrival of Ansar Al-Sharia were exposed to plunder and extortion from the consumers of illegitimate money and thugs, once under the pretext of taxes, and once under the pretext of cleaning, and once under the pretext of local council, and once under the pretext of the alleged arranging, and once under the force of arms, all that under the eyes, ears and sponsoring of the government, and there were many stories of extortion and plunder told by the owners of the shops to Ansar Al- Sharia, all the manifestations of plunder and looting disappeared under the rule of the Sharia which ensured for the people their rights, and preserved their souls and property. From the works conducted by the committee is following up expired goods which have been many in the Yemeni markets, and Ansar Al-Sharia were thinking and aspiring to find a way to create jobs for the people of Waqar, and help them in facilitating and spreading agriculture, and how to improve the manpower of Waqar city and develop it to create jobs for them in the cement and cotton factory, and how to contribute in delivering the fisheries to the homes with cheaper prices and what is suitable for the living conditions of the people, and even arranging began for some of these projects, with our trust in Allah that He will aid us for that, where a project have been studied to benefit from it in the drainage channels of water in the city Waqar, and another project was studied and in brief it is to help the farmers by a non interest-based loan distributed on the farmers, to help them cultivate large areas of land which if they were taken care of most of the people of Abyan and Shabwa will benefit from its products, and if this project have succeeded the owners of the ready farms which are estimated of over ten thousand farms will also benefit from it, let alone the large unexploited agricultural areas, in a location prepared or farming, and is located on two water streams between the Hassan valley and the Bana valley, which is called delta, in general these are the projects of Ansar Al-Sharia, security, safety, economy, and building infrastructure, all that under the rule of the Sharia, this is what scares the West and Israel, that’s why America brought the Gulf states, Yemeni government and the parties to eliminate Ansar Al-Sharia, and unfortunately they are forwarded in that by some parties considered to be Islamic, since the West doesn’t want this prosperity for the Muslims, and that it be in their hands, but rather they want to make the Muslims accustomed on living with foreign aid to ensure that their schemes in the region pass and according to the aid is estimated according to the response, and know brother reader that the reason of malnutrition in a country where most of its lands are suitable for agriculture, and located over a Lake of underground water for good drinking and irrigation is only because of these crusaders and agents who supports them inside and abroad, and Ansar Al-Sharia were seeking within their future projects is exploiting the mineral resources, a proper exploitation especially gold, and distributing it properly, but these projects remain in the minds and will come out whenever the people cooperate with the mujahidin and cohesion with them when they return, Allah willing if the people went out and called for the strongly for the return of the Sharia, and were steadfast on that, then these preliminary projects will come out to reality and then the rest of the projects will follow it.


– Committee of distributing the food stuffs:


This committee formed from locals of the region took over the gathering of aid and food stuffs, and distributing them on all the people of Waqar, Shaqara and its surroundings, and Ansar Al-Sharia participated like other relief societies in this aspect and from their private money, by buying large quantities of food stuffs, and took over distributing it on the locals and displaced, and they even conducted Iftar Al- Saim Project, when it is they who are the strangers and far away from their lands, and normally the stranger is the one who Iftar is offered to and not he offers it to others, despite of all this strangeness and severity of the war, Ansar Al-Sharia conduct a Iftar Al-Saim Project to the people of the land, in a lurid stance that captures hearts.


The people of Waqar and those displaced to it benefited a lot from the charity projects, and free services, offered by Ansar Al-Sharia which are estimated of three million dollars, and the rest at the expense of the humanitarian relief societies like the Red Cross with our very strict surveillance to them, and they are only distributed by the trusted good people of the region, with our serious hard seeking to find alternatives, so that the people of Waqar can do without these societies, which is suspected, and from the alternatives was activating the role of the Zakat since there was an effort to open an office to collect and distribute the Zakat and Sadakat which acts as a Bayt Al-Mal but there wasn’t enough time to implement it in the best way on a large scale.


There are some matters that are related to the field of internal departments of the mujahidin in the conduct of war and its requirements of acts of Sharia, military, medical, security, purchases, nutrition, maintenance and gathering and distributing of the war spoils and the mujahidin have benefited from this stage leaderships and personnel a lot, and the experience and benefits of this stage will be reserved with its negatives and positives for the coming generations, and who sees the mujahidin conducting their war acts and its other requirements from nutrition, treating the injured and others of logistical support sees them like a beehive but they work day and night constantly tirelessly and without falling down.


Sixthly: Building the mujahid individual in science, Iman, Aqeeda, education and military:


Taking care of the mujahid individual from all aspects during this stage is considered a gain and one of the benefits of the control, since the locations of Ribat and battle positions were used in building the mujahid individual by delivering Sharia lessons, scientific, educational and military courses, and even the mujahid lived the meanings of Aqeeda in the field like putting his trust in Allah and being certain of Him, and the true believing of His names and attributes like the Strong, the Supporter, the Preserver and others, when the meanings of these attributes manifest when the mujahid lives it in his combat matters, and there were many battles that the mujahidin resolved it by putting their trust in Allah, then of what they have from Kalashnikovs, while their prepares all what it owns from weapons, even warplanes, and that is an indication for the importance of the Iman training and deeds of the hearts like working sincerely only for the sake of Allah, keeping the trust in Him, resorting to Him and others, and there are many stories that indicate on the importance of this training, and here is the secret of the power of the young mujahidin, which shattered with the power of Allah the American military administration in this war, whenever the Iman of the mujahid rises, he increases the immersion, storming and circumvent on the enemy, and inflicted heavy losses in it by intensification of skirmishes, even for more than one day, while the enemy doesn’t resist for more than two hours, either he runs away and leaves his position, or changes his shift, or siren all his powers and forces, it even sirens the American and Saudi warplanes, and warships in the sea, to shell all its various weapons, this the mathematical formula memorized by the mujahidin, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that the skirmishes of some of the mujahidin is with firecrackers and stones, and sometimes the skirmisher is one mujahid while sirens all its personnel, and in all the positions that even they shoot at each other, and even long clashes occur between them specially in the last days, because of the fear and confusion which Allah have thrown in their hearts, the messenger of Allah was right when he said: “I have been supported with fear as far as a month’s journey” (narrated by Bokhari), the individual doesn’t reach this stage of courage and embarking except if he built his soul and raised and prepared it with Iman training and the education has to be from reality and comprehensive, as the companions of the prophet peace and blessing of Allah be upon him Badr, Uhud, Ahzab and in the mosque, comprehensiveness of the education not making it limited on one side without the other, but rather they learned knowledge and action in the same time, they were raised and raised others on it, and from the gains of Ansar Al-Sharia is that Allah chose from them martyrs, the Almighty says: (If a wound has afflicted you (at Ohud), a wound like it has also afflicted the (unbelieving) people; and We bring these days to men by turns, and that Allah may know those who believe and take witnesses from among you; and Allah does not love the unjust) 140 Surah Aal-e-Imran, and revived with the blood of the martyrs tens of fighters, the Almighty says: (And reckon not those who are killed in Allah’s way as dead; nay, they are alive (and) are provided sustenance from their Lord) 169 Surah Aal-e-Imran.


The numbers of the fighters from the relatives of the martyrs increased, yet they are alive and Dai’is even if they are killed, so it is no surprise that the number of the conquerors of Zinjibar didn’t exceed 120 individual, while the number of the retreating from battle or who attended it in Abyan were tens of times that number, as the battle offered martyrs who didn’t exceed 500, they were recompensed with the grace of Allah tens in the place of one, and here the leaderships are recompensed and experiences built more widely, Alhamdulillah Allah recompensed the mujahidin with new leaderships and more than before (that is the grace of Allah: He gives it to whom He pleases, and Allah is the Lord of mighty grace) 21 Surah Al-Hadid.


Seventhly: Military experience:


From the gains and benefits of achieved by Ansar Al-Sharia is building the field military cadre, who has extensive specialized experience, the mujahidin of Ansar Al- Sharia have fought a long fierce war, for one year and 25 days, without interruption, a war with more than one enemy, but rather with several enemies of several experiences, nationalities, religions and approaches, as much as the enemy’s military experiences varied the mujahidin from the combat operations, and the mujahidin confronted all the specialties of the enemy in land, sea and air and their intelligence methods, and through the confrontation the mujahidin benefited in improving their combat abilities and skills, and military culture in the clashes, storming, and excelling in the use of IEDs, explosives and bombs and its methods of detonation, and how to control and resolve the battle with several technics, it is an experience added to the credit of the power of the mujahidin, this experience which the academic cannot get in the Military College except after four or six years according to the specialization, with the grace of Allah most of the mujahidin received this experience in one year, and in all the specialties, when you find the mujahid is good in more than one specialty in military sciences, it is true that some mujahidin finished advanced military courses before our control, but this war benefited them also, especially the practical military matters, and in general the mujahidin benefited from how to manage the storming, raids and ambushes operations, management of the guerrilla warfare, repeated circumvents, and sophistication in building fortifications, barricades and digging tunnels and trenches, and in this wide regular war the mujahidin mastered the use of the various seized weapons from the enemy, by mastering the use of tanks, heavy artillery, Katyusha rockets launchers, heavy machine guns and how to blur it, repel it and get rid of it, and the grace of all that is to Allah, and the mujahidin fought the war with two methods, guerrilla warfare and regular warfare, and the later methods is fought for the first time by the mujahidin against the hordes of the secular enemy, government and opposition, under the administration of the Americans and the West, and even their participation in land, air and sea, financed by the Saudi government, and supported by the mercenaries of the Committees and the Sahwas, regrettably headed by the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party, and some of the alleged Salafis, all those engaged in a war against Ansar Al-Sharia, the repelling of Ansar Al-Sharia to these people gave them a wide military experience, previously who wanted from Ahli Sunnah to learn military sciences he had to travel to Afghanistan or Iraq to be trained by his mujahidin brothers, but today Abyan has trained and taught and is still training and teaching many of the new entrants from the sons of the Muslims, sons of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, many of them have learned under the continuous confrontations, many arts of war, in a few months, which made the Americans unable to explain the secret of the power of the mujahidin, and the reason of the defeat of their successive campaigns several times from Dofas, which forced the Americans to attend the battle and participate in it, and they were defeated and fled from it, so they resorted after that to widening the operations with the Yemeni fighter, military and Sahwas in Lawdar, Al- Harror, Sakin, Eis, Al-Rawa, Ba’tis, Al-Arqob and Al-Wadee, as well as repeating the intense attack from Al-Kud, Zinjibar, Ba’jdar and Hassan post, and from the sea, and attacks coincide with a frantic distorting mass media campaigns on Ansar Al-Sharia, and the characters that combines these channels are lying, slander, misinformation, demoralization and agitation, and unfortunately these campaigns were headed by Suhail Channel, and some mosque preachers, and despite of all this military force and media halo they couldn’t control the locations of Ansar Al-Sharia, until Ansar Al- Sharia left it in a tactical withdrawal, that surprised and shocked everyone, and the enemy only woke up from its shock after days, and the enemy still see that the withdrawal has many mysteries and questions, but it is the power of Allah (and you did not smite when you smote (the enemy), but it was Allah Who smote) 17 Surah Al- Anfal, and the Almighty says: (When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them) 12 Surah Al-Anfal.


And from the gains and benefits earned by the mujahidin from fighting this long war is that they became a real hidden power, where it is hard for the Americans to identify them, and this what the Americas fear, since the Americans were eager to open files to follow and identify all who trained in Afghanistan or Iraq or participated in any front, then if he returned to his country he is pursued and exposed to accountability or torture or prison or at least kept under surveillance until they make him return to their religion if they can, all this because of their fear from the spread of the military culture among Ahli Sunnah, then they would turn to a strong force that rules with the Sharia, liberates Palestine, expels the occupier and threatens the interests of the West, so engaging in wars in this size and secrecy missed the opportunity for the American intelligence to identify the new fighters, who have specialized experiences, and gave the participants military experience, and with the grace of Allah that most of them have participated and made Ribat from the Amir of the organization to smallest soldier in the organization, and the obtainers of the wide military experience and various combat skills are in large numbers, and they will Insha’Allah play with the American cards, and there is a large number whom you observe in them improvement in understanding the military strategy, and how to draw plans that are suitable for the terrain of the region, and sophistication is using tactics in executing the plan on the ground, and even they combined between the old and new experience under the new scientific developments, and this experience Allah willing will make this Sunni army which preserves it force capable of fighting the enemy, and rescuing Al-Aqsa, if its path was empty from the agents, hypocrites, military of the secular state and who stood with them, since it is them who are impede the movement of the mujahidin in confronting the crusader and Zionist occupier, Ibn Abbas said: the messenger of Allah said: “An army of twelve-thousand will come out of Aden-Abyan. They will give victory to Allah and His messenger; they are the best between myself and them”. (narrated by Ahmed, Al-Tabarani and Abu Ya’la).


In these ferocious confrontations, there is no comparison between the equipment, armament and number of the mujahidin, and the equipment, armament and number of the enemy, not even by one percent, the mujahid feels the company of Allah, and His protection and care, yes the enemy marched with all its vehicles, armored vehicles, canons, rocket launchers, machine guns and huge numbers, supported by local and foreign air force, warships from the sea, but with the grace of Allah must of the victories were for the mujahidin which is an indication for the company of Allah, and His support, aid and protection to the mujahidin as well as the repeated Karamat that delight the mujahidin, and Karamat used to steadfast the mujahidin, strengthen their determination, scare the enemy, and was a reason for its defeat, since the individual from the mujahidin with his Aqeeda and Iman is equal to one of the detachments of the enemy, and even he stands before several detachments, and I do not exaggerate in that, in the battles of Dofas the numbers of the mujahidin reach seven individuals and sometimes fifteen before more than five brigades, and the number of the mujahidin sometimes reaches in some of the locations that besiege a brigade thirty or less, and the reconnaissance of the enemy might monitor that, but when they attack the locations of the mujahidin are surprised to see larger numbers that they expected, and this has been told by who was in the ranks of the enemy then Allah graced him with repentance and return to the ranks of the mujahidin, which made the enemy think carefully if it advances against one mujahid and even the mujahidin hear and see when the campaigns intensify the shells fall from the sky on the vehicles of the enemy, and they see it blow up, they are Karamat from Allah to steadfast His Awliya (When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe…), (for to Allah belong the Forces of the heavens and the earth) 4 Surah Al-Fath.


There are many Karamat that happened to the mujahidin, and this isn’t the place to list them, but let us only mention two, once one of the mujahidin was aiming that enemy in Dofas with a mortar, as usual the shooter only aims after directing of the observer but during the observing the observer said to the shooter: “Stop firing”, and the campaign on that day was the most intensive from Dofas, suddenly the observer in the made Takbir in the communication call and says to the shooter: “You aimed at the target”, but the shooter said: “I didn’t aim”, he said: “You did, and hit the tank and the nearby soldiers”, I was told this by both the shooter and the observer, the Almighty says: (So you did not slay them, but it was Allah Who slew them, and you did not smite when you smote (the enemy), but it was Allah Who smote) 17 Surah Al-Anfal.


There are things which the soldiers talked about and was seen by the mujahidin, is the fighters coming out of the city, and gunshots were seen coming out from the sea, aimed at the enemy campaigns, even I was told by one of the elders of Waqar that one of his friends told him that he heard the wounded soldiers in the Ba’sohaib hospital in Aden, and the hospital was full of their dead bodies and wounded, they said: “we saw fighters who came out from the sea, and attacked us”, and when I told this to my brothers who attended the battle in Dofas, they told me that they saw many times the gun barrels of the enemy directed to the sea the opposite of the mujahidin direction, like they are fighting an army coming out from the sea, whenever the mujahidin saw that used make Takbir and a lot of Thikr, and when they heard what the enemy told they made Takbir once again, and the enemy believes to this day and mention in their talks about the continuous attacks of the mujahidin from the sea, and justified their defeat in the Cuttting the Tail operation the use of the mujahidin of boats from the sea, and know brother reader that there wasn’t any attack from the sea but they are (and none can know thy forces of the Lord except He) 31 Surah Al-Muddathir, we heard a lot about whom Karamat occurred to them, or witnessed it, and some of them recorded his testimony before his martyrdom, these Karamat are a glad tidings, steadfast and delight for the mujahidin, in a time when the close one before the far one let them down, and were fought by the friend before the foe, and were demoralized and doubted them in the correctness of their path by some of who claim to have Sharia Knowledge, and callers for the good and preachers of the mosques, these Karamat had a affect on the mujahidin and a motivation that drives to continue fighting, and to be sure of the credibility of the path, and be steadfast on it, especially that this war cannot be compared with the power of the enemy, since Allah’s steadfast to His Awliya, and His aid to them by the Karamat, are from the secrets of the power of the mujahidin which broke the power of the enemy, even after the complete withdrawal of the mujahidin the enemy is still declaring the continuity of the skirmishes, and the fall of dead in its ranks in Al-Harror and Ba’jdar, (for to Allah belong the Forces of the heavens and the earth) 4 Surah Al-Fath.


After this brief presentation of some of the gains and benefits that Allah guided Ansar Al-Sharia to achieve, but we don’t claim infallibility and perfection, since it is normal for any human action to have right, wrong and shortage, and there isn’t any Ummah that doesn’t make mistakes, Anas may Allah be pleased of him, said that messenger of Allah peace and blessing of Allah be upon him said: “All sons of Adam are wrongdoers, the best wrongdoers are those who constantly repent”. (Narrated by Ibn Majah, Abu Ya’la and Al-Bayhaqi).


As there are positives there are also negatives, and the practical worships often have many mistakes, especially in implementing it or repentance and Sujud Al-Sahu in Salat wouldn’t have been prescribed, or we would have been angels, and the people differ in indentifying wrong from right since there is a clear wrong and a clear right, so in general wherever there was a mistake we disown to Allah from it, refuse it, seek forgiveness from Allah from the mistake, and seek to correct it, since knowing the mistake during the work and warning from it which is considered a gain to Ansar Al- Sharia, when they gained experience to deal with the mistakes, and how to prevent from falling in it, and dealing with the mistake after falling in it, and some have made Ansar Al-Sharia responsible for causing the displacement and exodus the people of Zinjibar, and makes that the biggest mistake caused by Ansar Al-Sharia, so we say to these people the issue of the displaced was cared very much by Ansar Al-Sharia, despite that everyone agrees with Ansar Al-Sharia that the 25th Mechanised Brigade is the one who shelled and destroyed the city of Zinjibar with all kinds of shells and explosives, in a brutal way that forced its people to displace, this is their ethics in war, as for Ansar Al-Sharia they controlled from the first day the city completely and the people supplied them with water and food, and then remained the attack on brigade – which was outside the city -, so when the mujahidin besieged it and began to clash with it outside the city, but the brigade insisted to transfer the battle to the city to empty its rage on the people of the city, and they didn’t show mercy to a child and woman, and didn’t differentiate between a combatant and non-combatant, and the displaced witnessed that, so it was the army which forced the people to displace after it killed from them, and destroyed their markets, as for Ansar Al-Sharia they helped the people in their exodus and moving, treating their injured, and rescuing them from continuous intensive shelling, then Ansar Al-Sharia consulate them and treated their injured, facilitating places for them, delivering foodstuffs and some financial contributions to them, especially to Waqar and Shaqara, and Ansar Al- Sharia wished that the displaced return but will this barbaric brutal army allow them and settle, and once the government tried to put pressure on Ansar Al-Sharia by the return of the displaced, but Ansar Al-Sharia didn’t consider that a pressure but they were happy with that very much and were received in a popular eventful receiving, ceased fire, made them enter their city which the government army expelled them from it, and provided to them water and food, and militarily the first front lines should be secured and only entered by the fighters and despite of that they were received in a majestic stance which was broadcasted by the media, and after the return of the army the army couldn’t wait to express its hatred, and repeal the cease fire agreement, by shelling the displaced once again, and caused them to depart once again, here it was clear that the army is the one who destroyed Abyan, and the irony is that some are mistaken and makes Ansar Al-Sharia responsible for destroying Abyan and displacing the people, and forgets or ignores that that is from the army, but he doesn’t ignore that in Al-Hasbah, Ahrab, Bani Jarmouz and Nahm, so if it was Ansar Al-Sharia who destroyed Abyan and displaced its people, then who destroyed Al-Hasbah, and the villages of Arhab, Bani Jarmouz and Nahm and expelled its people from it are Islah Party, Al-Ahmar sons, and Ali Mohsen brigade, because they caused it, since if who caused the displacement of the people and the destroyer is the army then also in Abyan it is the army, that is who has reason and justness, despite that the fighting of Ansar Al-Sharia is for that Allah be the only ruler, while the fighting in Al- Hasbah and others is for democracy and the civil state, and the accord government, so how could they permit the destruction of the regions for the democratic and secular rule, and prohibit that for implementing the Sharia, and it is decided in our Sharia that preserving the religion, and destroying Kufr and its idols, takes precedence over the preserving of the soul, money and real estate, even if that led to the destruction of homes and displacement of Muslims.


Many used to ask then why did you enter Abyan?


And what is your proof from the Sharia regarding that?


Like there is a difference between rebelling against the secular regime and our entrance to Abyan, or that Abyan isn’t under the rule of the secularists, then I used to be surprised from who used to ask for a Sharai proof to be written!! Will he really answer the call of jihad in Abyan, if he knew the evidence for entering Abyan, or it is to make the minds busy, and repeating words said by many, and doesn’t know who is behind it, while when seizing Al-Hasbah and some of the camps of the regime and regions of Taaz no one asked for a proof regarding that, at all events what the reason was if I wrote the evidence then despite they were clear we would have been surprised by another matter, which preempt the event and repel the evidence, but now it is the appropriate time to mention the proofs which we based our entrance to Abyan despite they were explained in more than one publication, so we say after guidance from Allah:


Firstly: The evidence that makes it obligatory on us to overthrow the Kaffir ruler are the same evidence which we used to enter Abyan, since Abyan is a province belonging to the secular regime, which it imposed in it its Jahili rule and Kufri oppression, and the Ummah has agreed on the obligation of fighting the Kaffir ruler and who stands with him, which is represented today by the ruler and his army and the condition set


by the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him to fight and rebel against him as in the authentic Hadith: “Except when you witness clear Kufr about which you have clear proof from Allah”.


The secular ruler whether his center and power was in the capital or in the province, fighting it is legitimate for several reasons each of them is enough to make fighting it and those who fought with him obligatory: including his Kufr, and Kufr itself makes fighting obligatory for the Almighty saying: (O ye who believe! Fight the Unbelievers who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you; and know that Allah is with those who fear him) 123 Surah At-Taubah, and His saying: (And fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah; but if they desist, then surely Allah sees what they do) 39 Surah Al-Anfal, and peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: “I have been ordered to kill the people until they testify that there is no god except Allah, and I’m His messenger…”, and in the Musnad of Ahmed with a good narration chain: “I was sent with the sword just before the Hour so that Allah is worshipped alone without partners”, and in Muslim (Shahih) from the Hadith of Suleiman bin Burayda from his father: “Go for the sake of Allah fight who disbelieved in Allah”, and Imam Al-Nawawi mentioned in his explanation of the Sahih of Muslim from judge Ayyad that rebelling against the ruler if he becomes Kaffir is unanimous. He said: “Judge Ayyad said: “The Ulema are unanimous that the Imamat isn’t given to a Kaffir and if Kufr appears on him after that he is removed like if he neglected establishing Salat and calling to it”. (and Judge Ayyad said) if Kufr appears on him after and changed the Sharia or a Bida’a then he is out from the rule of governance and he is no longer obeyed, and the Muslims are obliged to rebel against him and overthrow him and install a new just Imam if they are capable and if only a group is capable of that they are obliged to rebel and overthrow the Kaffir and it isn’t obligatory for the Mubtadee (innovator) except if they believe that they have the capability so if they are unable rebelling isn’t obligatory and let the Muslim migrate from his land to other and flee with his religion”. (Al-Nawawi explanation of Sahih Muslim: volume 12, page 229).


The Ulema and the Mufasirin educed from the Almighty saying to Sayyidna Ibrahim peace be upon him: (He said: Surely I will make you an Imam of men. Ibrahim said: And of my offspring? My covenant does not include the unjust, said He) 124 Surah Al- Baqara, that the Imamat isn’t given to a Kaffir, and they also educed from the Almighty saying: (and Allah will by no means give the unbelievers a way against the believers) 141 Surah An-Nisa, that Allah will not give the Kuffar over the believers authority, subdual and control. And from the greatest authority the governance of the ruler, which the great Imamat, since installing the Muslim Imam and rule of the Sharia is an obligation on the Muslims, Al-Hafiz ibn Hajar said in Fath Al-Bari fi Sharh Sahih Al-Bukhari: “Any Imam is removed for Kufr which is a unanimous rule, so every Muslim should do that, and who has power to that he will have reward, and who flatters will have a sin, and who is unable migration from that land is obligatory”. (Fath Al-Bari volume 13, page 123)


Abu Ya’la said: “If anything occurs that detracts his religion, we see if he made Kufr after his belief then he is out of the Imamat, and there is no confusion regarding that because he has gotten out of the religion and killing him is an obligation”. (Al-Imamat Al-‘Uzmá, volume 1, 434)


Sheikh Abdulkadir Udah rahimahullah said in his book (Islam between the ignorance of its sons and inability of its Ulema): “The Sahabah of the messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and the scholars and Mujtahids of the Ummah are unanimous that obeying the rulers is obligatory only in obeying Allah, and there is no disagreement among them that there is no obeying in disobedience to the Creator, and legitimizing what is prohibited by unanimity like adultery, drunkenness, permitting the revocation of the Hudud, disabling the rulings of the Sharia, and legitimizing what has not been authorized by Allah, is a Kufr and apostasy, and rebelling against the Muslim ruler if he apostate is obligatory on the Muslims, and the least levels of rebelling against the Rulers, is disobeying their orders and prohibitions that contradict with the Sharia”. And from the reasons that makes it obligatory to fight the ruler: is apostasy, since in the Sharia fighting the apostate is obligatory after it has been proven on him the apparent rule of Islam, and if he was a hypocrite then he declared some of his hypocrisy, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: “If somebody discards his religion, kill him” (narrated by Bukhari), and it has been proven from the Sahabah that they killed groups of apostates in the life of the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and after his death. The order to do jihad against the apostate ruler and his supporters enters under all the Ayat and Hadiths that order to do jihad against the Kuffar and apostates, and today who stands with the ruler certainly the ruling of fighting will fall on him Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said when asked about the Tartar soldiers: “Any group that refrain from adhering to any apparent continuously recurrent part of the Sharia of Islam from these people or others, then fighting them is obligatory until they adhere to the Sharia (as a whole) even if they said the two Shahadas and adhere to some of the Sharia as Abu Bakr As-Siddiq and the Sahabah may Allah be pleased with them fought those who withheld the Zakat. And the Ulema after them are unanimous on that after the debate between Omar and Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with them. So the Sahabah may Allah be pleased with them are unanimous on fighting for the rights of Islam according to the Book and Sunnah”. (Majmu Al-Fatwa 28/501-502)


Abyan was one of the strongholds of the secular ruler, and his abstaining group which with it he imposes Kufr, and prevents the implementation of the Sharia, and the opportunity was ripe to spread the Dawah and rule with the Sharia in Abyan, and the government of Ali Saleh or Abd Rabbuh Mansur is fallen in apostasy and Kufr that drives out of the religion, the Almighty says: (And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers) 85 Surah Aal-e-Imran. And we have mentioned above the saying of the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him: “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: “I have been ordered to kill the people until they testify that there is no god except Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and they establish prayer and pay the zakah. If they do that, their blood and wealth are protected from me save by the rights of Islam. Their reckoning will be with Allah”.


Sheikh Hamad bin Atiq rahimahullah said: “These three pillars peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ordered Muaz when he sent him to Yemen to call to them and notified him to the most important then the important as have been mentioned in the Hadith. The caliphs – may Allah be pleased with them – took that so Abu Bakr fought those who withheld the Zakat when they were saying Lā Ilaha Illela Allahu, Muhammad ur-rasul Ullah”. (“Risalat Ijabat Al-Saol” from the book “Absorption of the evidence of the obligation of implementing the Sharia” by Abu Assim Al- Ghaznawi)


The biggest and greatest Fitnah that incurred in the land of the Muslims is referring to these Jahili systems, and submission to its Kufri laws and this is from the biggest arguments that jihad has been legitimized for, even if it resulted from the rebelling killing of the souls and destruction of the homes who looks at the Sharia rulings and its purposes sees that there isn’t any mischief greater than the Fitnah of Kufr, the Almighty says: (and Al-Fitnah is worse than killing …) 217 Surah Al-Baqara, and Takfir of the ruler doesn’t mean the Takfir of his supporters in general just because they committed the Kufr, since it is conditioned to who fell in the Kufr and committed it whether he was a ruler or his supporter the affirmation of the of the conditions and absence of any barriers, and that is present in implementing that on Ali Saleh and who took over after him, as for his supporters this is an issue that have been mentioned in detail in the thesis entitled “Legitimacy of targeting the soldiers of secularism”, in summary the issue is Ijtihadia in implementing it since among them are who are Kaffirs as individuals, and who are Kaffirs as a group, according to the presence of the conditions and absence of any barriers.


Secondly: The Sharia ordered us to demolish Kufr, and fight it and remove it, the Almighty says: (So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful)  5 Surah At-Taubah, no one doubts that secularism and democracy is Kufr, and that they have been imposed on the Muslims as an alternative to the Islamic rule, so it is obligatory on the Muslims then to fight and remove the Kufr, and comply to what has been ordered by Allah, through Dawah, explaining and combat, that is what happened in Zinjibar, and it wasn’t the only region where the Kufr was demolished Alhamdulillah Allah guided the mujahidin to demolish the secular regime in Azzan, Al-Mahfid, Waqar, and Shaqara.


Thirdly: Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him in his wars used to punish the tribes allied with the enemy, on the battle of Al-Ahzab he didn’t lay down his weapon until he attacked Banu Nadir for standing with the army of Al-Ahzab, this is how he acted with who stood in the way of delivering the message, and rule with it,


even if they supported them and stood with them with words, but today the status of the armies of secularism is one, belonging to one regime, mutually supporting Kufr, and passing it over to the Muslims, so fundamentally fighting them is legitimate, and when setting priorities in action it depends on the Sharia policy, the Amir neutralizes whom he wishes, and begins to fight whom he wishes, according to setting the priorities on the battlefield, depending on the benefit and harm in advancing and delaying even if it was comparative, most of the campaigns that used to attack the mujahidin in Waqar, Lawdar and Mudiyah used to come from Zinjibar, so if we came to the root of the issue the basic principle is the obligatory of removing these armies that fight Allah and His messenger, and attacking them in Zinjibar is from the most important priorities, and even it is an important matter to break one of its wings in the region, for that there was an emphasis to enter Abyan, and attack its military centers, and security dens, if most of the directorates of Sada’a province was left in the hands of the Houthi then Abyan isn’t left for Ahli Sunnah.


Fourthly: Most of the regions that the mujahidin seized, the rights of the Muslims in it were plundered, their money stolen, people services were disabled, their businesses exposed to looting and robbery, the strong eats the weak, all that under the eyes, ears and patronage of this secular regime, if it was a participant or one of its thugs or followers, this was the situation before the control of Ansar Al-Sharia, and now it has returned to what is was after the departure of Ansar Al-Sharia, to a shameful tragic situation, and under this situation the voices in Zinjibar and others calling to rescue them and implement the Sharia increased, I swear to Allah that is what happened, so if the mujahidin entered Zinjibar only for that then it would have been a sufficient excuse, and it is legitimate in the Sharia, so how it would be when the Sharia of Allah is disabled, and day after day the people are tempted in their religion, and they are being manipulated by the agendas of the Kufr, apostasy, and people of approaches that are belligerent to Allah and His messenger.


Fifthly: What indicates more that the battle was run in Abyan by the Americans, is the entrance of the American ambassador to Abyan with his bodyguards from the Marines after the withdrawal of Ansar Al-Sharia as have been seen in the media, like he is saying: “There is no place for the Sharia of Allah with the presence of democracy, secularism and civil state”, so after this American scene will anyone doubt the legitimacy of what Ansar Al-Sharaia did, as well as the statements of this ambassador that suggest that he is the de facto ruler of Yemen, and the head of operations against Ansar Al-Sharia. As Abdo Al-Janadi said that visit of the ambassador comes in the framework of a war the he sees as international.


Finally I wish to end this review with two messages: the first message is to the Ulema, Dai’is, students of knowledge, and I wish that it teaches them, and that it be uploaded to their websites, or distributed on them, O’ Ulema, this war has taught us that conquering Palestine and liberating it from the Jews is a hard matter, as it has been pictured to us by the media and intellectuals, since the campaigns of the enemy were defeated one after another before 200 or less mujahid, and with them in the beginning locations were seized where you could drive with a car for more than one and a half hour in length and breadth, so how will it be if similar number joined them, Allah willing there will be expanding more than the boundaries of the first expansion, the more the Muslims join with their equipment and money, the rule of the Sharia will be longer and wider, until we reach Palestine, this is a fact stemming from a practical reality which was practiced in the ruling and control, as we have said in the beginning, and we have learned from the wars that the enemy whether it was the crusader or its agents, cannot stand before the Sunni mujahid who has the prophetic Aqeeda, who sold himself so that Allah may be the only ruler, we see flee leaving most of their equipment or surrender, so what is obligatory on us O’ Ulema is to call all who stood with these campaigns from the sons of the Muslims as individuals, parties and preachers to repent and return to Allah, and then we unit our power and words on the Book and Sunnah, and stand as one rank to repel the crusader schemes, and confront the Houthi Shiite Rafidi tide, which penetrated more broadly at all levels, in the Sunni lands, let us learn a lesson from what happened to Tarik Al-Hashimi and his fellows in Iraq, who presented himself as a representative of an Islamist party which is considered to be Sunni, he and his party began to ally with the occupier and the Shia, and they were a reason for forming the Sahawas – awakenings (Ghafawat – naps) financed by the Saudi government, and a reason to form the army and police, they made this to stand with the American occupation against the strikes of the mujahidin, after that the Americans handed them over with the Ulema of Ahli Sunnha and sons of Ahli Sunnha to the Shiite predator Nuri Al-Maliki and his party, under the supervision of Iran, the same matter and scenario is being repeated in Yemen, this is the scheme of the Sahwas and the mercenaries of the Committees is serving the Americans, with a Fatwa from some of you, while the Houthi is penetrating and encroaching in an army which most of its members are considered to be from Ahli Sunnha and is converting it to Shiism, and we saw and heard a lot of them in Abyan shouting the slogan of the Houthi, and insult the honor of our Mother Aisha – may Allah be pleased with her – and even the Houthi is also penetrating among the Sunni peoples, by giving them space in the Square of Change, the leaderships of the (Southern) Movement and the (General People’s) Congress throwing themselves in his hand, and the entering of some of the Islamist parties and groups into a peace and truce with him, and by spreading hid Dawah under the name of Ahl Al-Bayt – may Allah be pleased with them -, and no one objects, and even he has financial support from the state, as have been reported in the media recently that the Yemeni Minister of Oil supported one of the Houthi summer schools with five million – Yemeni Riyals -, and it isn’t strange that this happened. What is obligatory on you Ulema towards this bitter reality as we have said is to return to Allah, sincere repentance, impartiality from the subordination to any human being, working together to unite the ranks of the Ahli Sunnah, against the Western and Eastern scheme, and the American, Iranian, and Russian scheme, serious seeking to educate the people towards the dangers that is woven against them, and abandoning the secular government and boycotting it, if you did that sincerely no doubt will return the control of the Islamic rule, more broadly that before, as for the mujahidin of Ansar Al-Sharia they are your son, but they found themselves before a Kufri secular rule as you know, and before officials who wasted their responsibilities towards their people and Ummah, so they did what you saw, but the enemy hit them with one strike, and benefited from the silence of some of you, and support some, and what left of you didn’t respond and worked to ease the campaign as much as he can, and from his perspective, and Allah knows what is in the hearts, in general Ansar Al-Sharia only wanted from the rule and control to please Allah, and you saw who stood with the enemy from you, but will that mistake of some of you be repeated, or we will review ourselves and study what happened from gearing up the efforts for the interest of the enemy, and benefit from the past, and educate the sons of the Muslims so that the previous painful scene won’t be repeated, and we have to line up in one rank against the enemies of the Sharia, each according to his ability, albeit by leaving their boards and parties, clarifying their errors, and explaining the call to the necessity and obligation to rule with the Sharia, then we will be a hand that strike against the enemy, and a protect our honors from the Houthi wave.


Regarding my message to the sheikhs of the Sunni tribes: I say to the sheikhs of the tribes that you are the people of Islam, chivalry, magnanimity, generosity and courage, as you have pushed your sons from the members of the tribe to support the Sharia of Allah, it is an obligation on you to continue what you began, and you are obliged today to host the mujahidin in your land, search for them and shelter them since they are part of you, and your striking hand to confront the Houthi wave, and Allah knows that people like those mujahidin who carried for you and the Ummah the jihad against the crusaders, Zionist and apostate agents, and ruled with the Sharia of Allah, in a time when the Sharia of Allah is fought, by those who claim to belong to the Sharia of Allah, let alone fighting those who deny the Sharia of Allah, people like those are worthy for the Ummah to kiss their heads, and raise them above, since they are its crowns, and its highest pride and glory, and provide to them the secure location and shelter, and not lead the enemy to their locations, and know O’ sheikhs of the tribes that there is a project run by National Security, that aims in the first place to corrupt your sons and employ them as lackeys and agents, and they even make them fall in what harms their religion and honor so that they be their obedient slaves, so beware from that and beware yours sons and tribe members.


My Muslim brothers, if Allah guides us to overcome this stage of testing and distinguishing of the ranks with patience and steadfast, we hope that the more we work together and joined our forces Allah will give success to the mujahidin to return more broadly than the first time, and even He will suffice us from returning by new mujahidin, who take the responsibility of fighting the secular regime on their own, and in regions that were not on the mind, and from the signs of this bright dawn is the people of the city of Waqar going out in demonstrations calling for the implementation of the Sharia, and return of Ansar Al-Sharia, and some of them have expressed his regret for turning his back to Ansar Al-Sharia, and some of the regions are still holding to Ansar Al-Sharia and prevent them from leaving its territories.


In conclusion what have been done by Ansar Al-Sharia, is what has been ordered by Allah that every Muslim do, so if Ansar Al-Sharia did something right then it’s from Allah, and if they made a mistake, then it’s from themselves and from Satan, so we ask Allah to forgive the sins and lapses, and guide everyone to sincerity.


Written by: Abu Waqar Al-Athari (sheikh Adil Al-Abab)


Friday 16Shaban 1433A.H.


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