The Spreading of Salafism and the Future of the Islamic Thoughts

Turkey Pose

Turkey Pose (Photo credit: WBUR)


Turkish Intelligence Analysis Report


We can not think as separate issues the Salafies attacks to Sofi’s graves and madrasahes in Libya and the Syria issue. This is because, Syria issue begun to be perceived as a Sunni – Shiah conflict by the powers in the region. The idea of Islam war motivated the Sunni and Shiah in Turkey and Middle East since 1980 and this has a huge impact in the current situation.


It is certain that USA has supported the Selafi’s jihad thoughts against both Afghanistan and Caucasia. The most important alliance of USA formed by Kuwait, Qatar, Bahreyn and Saudi Arabia has been against Iran. Because, if we eveluate carefully houndreds documents about the Al Qaeda’s leader Bin Laden’s allience and its financal sources, it will not be missed out that Western’s strongest link with Salafi, meanwhile conflicted relations with each other. [2]


Because, lobby of war is more effective than West and USA’s governments and civil society. Selafi government which is the strongest allience and most profit joint with this lobby. Modern islamic thinker Tarık Ramazan who is the grandchild of Hasan-el Benna attent the same sitiation and he said, “The United States and European countries have no problems in dealing with the Islamism in which have encouraged many types of petromonarchy where is found the literalist.”[3]


If we think that the Gulf countries, who export the petrol, has obtained 4 trillion dollars trade profit since 2000 and also during the global economic crises, it seems that Selafies has acquired a strong advantage against the West and the USA.[4] It explains why the Western countries are still supporting the Salafia’s regime. Because, Selafi has revealed the allience in such a great area aqnd particularly, USA and UK. So, that it is not exeggration that Salafia has reached the USA’s capillary.[5]


Study of “Khalil Marrar, The Arab Lobby and US Foreign Policy” lay bare that Saudi Arabia is effective in social society, finance and academic area of USA even if this study is to be thaught as biasness because of its jewishness. Maybe its time to investigate how and with which corporations lobby of Salafism effects U.S. policy because, study of The World’s Muslims: Unity and Diversity of Pew Research Center established in august 2012 gives crucial information about Muslim identity in Middle East and Turkey.


Below some title of this research :


A. Denominational differences: %42 of people in Egypt dont recognize Shias as Muslim, %44 don’t recognize sufics as Muslim,


B. Islamic interpretation: Question is so interesting, Islam has only one interpretation or different Islamic interpretation is, possible? In Turkey %66, In Egypt %78 of people says that Islam has only one interpretation. It shows their strong denominationalism.


Actually this research confirm another research which is prepared in Sabancı University and called as “Religiousness in Turkey : An International comparison.” Both of these shows that there is a strong division between Sunnis and Shias, not only in Turkey but also in other Islamic countries. Of course does not mean the substance Hanafism, Malikism, Hanbelism and Shafiism, but that stronger Salafism. Obviously, in Turkey and in general, Salafism is getting dominated in Islamic World and religious thinking. In other words that grazing, losing intellectual deepening in Islamic thinking, losing its opportunity and ability to be alternative against West or else, its not deduce like neo-nationalist shortsightedly that Sharia will come to Turkey. Conversely, Turkish people own a fragmented identity of Muslims and its extreme capitalized nature and also a distinction between religion and the rest of the world. This is not a contradiction. New Salafi Islamism means that Islam lose its toleration and  multiplism in strong capitalist way of life. It doesn’t mean that women exclusion in social life or interference to way of lifes. Conversely, in this Salafism, veiled woman must be apparent but compatible with capitalist way of life. Its best example is the Emirate of Qatar Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser. She actively participate in some social project and support for health, women, children; shows how Islam sort together with capitalism. It’s not for nothing that she is choosen as the second best chic woman.[6]


Actually, today, this spreading of Salafi and its lobby action could provide to us to understand what will happen in Syria and the possible situations in the future in our geography. Also, this situation will be threated for the satisfaction of Islamic thoughts. There is no reason why Western world shouldn’t be in alliance with Selafi. Moreover, this alliance is the best way to keep Middle East under the possibility of the Hanehi Turkish Muslim tradition. For second problem, to be glanced at the Salafia’s social and teological structure. Selafia depends on the “lefzi-literal” meaning, it doesn’t depends on the comment which is named “te’vil”. This reason ensure that the religion is fixed and static. It doesn’t allow to understand comment with an other perspective to religion. This comments manner sometimes is accepted strongly non-religional (Siah-Alewite ). It resist to philosophy, critical thoughts, mysticisism, instead of religion. It defines the religion as salt and formel matrix, thus, the philosopy, esthetic and moral areas. It understands from esthetics that the extraordinary consumption which is covered such as pretension. This keenness is realized expilicilty all the wearing and the architecture. It is authoritative. Thus, it never insist to criticise, to intrrogate or to shift during to believe that authority carrys out the Selafia religion. While the Selafia formal is being kept, it obey the authority. On one hand all the kinds of religious contemplation and review processes are rejecting as modernism, on the other all the kinds of thoughts and desires that are based in non-religious practices are easily self-internalized. But at the same time it is believed that it contains a deep religious attitude. The new Salafi Islamism is infatuated by high, great large, huge and glory.  However, Islam values the modest, the harmony, and the elegance. By now we should think the similarities between this social and teological religiousness form and on the religiousness in Turkey. Additionally, it should be regarded that where Kurdish people will take place on the balance of Shiah and Sunni in the Middle East. If, in this balance, we think the Kurdish people will be nearby the Selafia because of both their strategy and ideology, in this situation, who will benefit a Kurdish State which is nearby Selafi and it will be a buffer zone between Shiah and Sunni? Shall we eveluate the Syrian problem in this context?


End Notes:


[2] Steve Coll, Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, The Penguin Press, 2004, s. 173 vd.











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