‘Scenarios for Third World War’

English: South facade of Church of Saint Simeo...

English: South facade of Church of Saint Simeon Stylites, Syria Français : Façade Sud de l’église de Saint-Siméon le Stylite. Syrie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Intelligence Report
The world is going to third great war over the middle east by double steps. It is better statement that humanity prepare its own ending. In this context, preparation towards to stated war, provocations, crises and risen tensions between both sides has been following with great concern. Particularly, at the time of the tank’s barrel deployed to Syria, at the environment of the statement like that “ Damascus pecked up into 3 hours ”
Abdulbari Atwen, one of the person, has got same concern. Atwen, who is the General Director of the Al Kuds El Arabi newspaper, has expressed about development in Syria and the tensions between Turkey and Syria which was broadcasted as headline that “to enter Syria territory means third world war” previous Monday in our newspaper.
To be mentioned shortly from this expression, “ Turkey should spend more attention and shouldn’t care of the provocation. If Turkey battle with the Syria, It could recover the third world war” following this statement Atwin has remained his statement with that “ I think, tensions in the borders is a provocation for providing the Turkey’s accession the war ” Syria has got anything to lose and it is already into the civil war. Turkey has got so much things to lose so Turkey should be prudential and shouldn’t take care of the provocation” he said.
It is exactly true ! Initially, Esed who has got anything to lose, If evaluate the with that aspects, “after me it is flood ” following this time, there is no way to avoid a new apocalypse in the region.
There is no doubt that it will be great mistake to limited this thought not only Damascus. Two countries which one Russia and Iran which has been expressing to define a domino influence the collapse of “Syria Castle” , at that point, if these two countries back their red line, probably, first address of this cohesion will be Turkey.
For being more clear, If Turkey stamps towards to assault Syria because of the tensions in border, probably, this will be cause why Iran attend the war. If Iran carry out the alliance agreement with the Syria, it means war to Turkey. Following the situation with the Iran, Lebonan through Hezbollah and Iraq trough Sıa groups will attend the war from a kind of way.
An other way explain it, whether Turkey battle with Syria or not to attend, at least Iran and its “instrument” into the its own strategic deeping, high likely, will attend this nonsensical war.
To any assault to Turkey means the NATO. Such a situation, NATO has got two choices, either it will inflect or it will include to war. To attend the war not be limited with Syria. Moreover, it would be question that NATO could to evaluate this situation to assault to Iran which is the main aim of NATO. If it takes risk against the Russia. Despite all of things, NATO assault this country, probably, Russia will counteraction because of its own commitment to Iran. ( Russia already declared the any assault against the Iran as its own red line for several months ago.) In this case, there is no way without the domino influence.
Consequently, after the moment which Turkey deploy its tank to Syria, the button will be pushed for apocalypse war.
This reason, it is the worst scenario, so that, present developments obviously, don’t allow this situation. System will choice the limited and controlled war because of it hasn’t been still lost its own rationality and it predict this war could be disaster for whole world.
Following this situation, we will face one more scenario. It is that NATO and USA will put forward and gun up to Turkey, afterwards, Russia will display the same reflection with USA and NATO. In other words, That Turkey come into conflict with Iran because of Syria and stimulation for long war of attrition that contains some Islamic countries too in this manner seeting in odds for ne dynamism in islamic world and two power these are coming into prominence in this way going to new penetration sharing is possible to these Powers.
This scenario, it is not seemed quite rational because of the present conditions, on the other hand, it shouldn’t be ignored to that examples which has been witnessed in the world history and possibility of the “limited-controlled war”. Particularly, that very “different” cooperation and alliance searching has been started at background amid the region’s states and this has been feeling by “alliance-friendship country”…


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