Muslim impact on 2012 elections

English: African American Muslim convert, Imam...

English: African American Muslim convert, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, at the 42nd Islamic Society of North America convention in Chicago, September 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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In America, the countdown has begun. And the country, in sharp free fall, finds herself with no savior in sight. True, presidential contender after presidential contender are fighting to grab the leadership, yet none of them seems convincing enough, even to the shrewd home-made political experts that nowadays abound. With the excuse that America is a baby country in the context of the creation of the world, America’s guarantors refuse to grow up and acknowledge that the world has received history lessons throughout millennia which include revolutions galore to straighten things whenever the going gets tough. By all accounts, Muslim immigration in America has dramatically increased throughout the last decades, suffice to look around and see the many Muslim women head-to-toe dressed in black burqas, while their men are dressed in a more dissimulated manner. What’s less so, are the multiple mosques or masjid that are now to be found in every state, but that’s a problem that has developed throughout the various administrations.


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