Prosecution against the journalists and the media-staff in Syria, Continues


November (Photo credit: Cape Cod Cyclist)


Human Rights NGOs condemn the escalation of the violations conducted by Syrian regime against the journalists, media-staff, Syrian or foreigner, working in Syria.  NGOs, call the international society to protect the journalists and the media-staff on the Syrian territory, by practicing the pressure on the regime.


“Hisham El-Mosly”, family, the Syrian who works in the national TV, have received his body in Damascus on October 15 from the authorities. As he was killed by the regime executioners who tortured him for two months in the detention of the Syrian military intelligence.


In the same week, on October 20, 2012, the two journalists were killed, Omar Abdul Razik  El-Lotof and Mohamed Gomaa Abdulkarim El-Lotof, after they were stopped by the elements of the regime near Aleppo. While they were in their way back to Hams from Turkey with three persons from their families. It is worth to be mentioned that “Omar El-Lotof, was among the founders of the general authority of the revolution and members of the media office. In this capacity, a news room in Hams was established to transfer the news of the revolutions.


In the first of this November, the journalist “Sahza El-Medad” was arrested after she was being called by the internal branch of the security of the state, and her destiny is still unknown until now. She was investigated twice after she returned from the USA as she was their in the frame of the journalist visitor program. Then another one after she resigned from the news website “Damas Post”, they have warned her as her resigneation would cause a division. It is known that this website is funded by the Security of State.


In the next day, the second of November 2012, the security forces stopped the writer “Zaher Atiah”, his relatives or friends did not receive any information about him since then. It is worth to be mentioned that the writer, 46 years, works in the hight artistic institution in Damascus, Scenarist and director know for criticizing Asad’s regime.


NGOs, find no point in their call or request direct to the regime is in vain. The international security is incapable to protect or help the civilians and the journalists or it does not want to provide it. But we will keep reporting about the violations conducted against them in a cold blood which reach most of times to murder. We refuse that their sacrifices and suffer in doing their duty will not be forgotten. We hope that the regional and international organizations and particularly the media freedom and protecting of the journalists to press the different governments to play an active role to push Asad’s regime and opposition to stop its repeated violations, release the detainees, pressing a specific charges against them in addition to reveal the place of their existence and to let their relatives visit them”.



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