Breaking news from Syria as of -19-3-2013: Maher Assad responsible for Syria Scud

* – Resumed shelling the presidential palace. Additional Scud missiles loaded with chemical warheads.

It seems that “God Baha Tliia.” Reports from the heart of the battles in Damascus said that at least eight mortar shells fell at the last presidential palace in Damascus. عاجل :: القصر الجمهوري من جديد: الجيش الحر يعيد قصف القصر الجمهوري بشكل مكثف وحتي الان يسقط 8 قذائف هاون

Reports also began to spread last hour that additional Scud Brigade 155 in Alkteifh chemical warheads loaded.

Is there really a direct connection between the rebels approached the presidential palace and the regime’s willingness to use chemical weapons against Syrian citizens?

* – Al-Arabiya claims by the twin Committee of the rebels that four Scud missiles fell around Deir al – area. العربيه عاجل: لجان التنسيق: سقوط 4 صواريخ سكود على احياء دير الزور

* – Unconfirmed report: Turkey Patriot missile was fired at a Scud missile launched towards the city Alrka.

* – The free Syrian army took over the Battalion and Brigade Company Syrian Golan slice 61. الجيش الحر يسيطر على كتيبة وسرية من الواء 61 في هضبة الجولان

* – Deputy commander of the Free Syrian Army – Colonel Al-Kurd said the Syrian army fired on the city milk Scud missile carrying a chemical warhead.

Click here to view via YouTube * – rebels shelled today the headquarters building and Syrian Defense Ministry building in Damascus. استهداف مبنى الأركان و وزارة الدفاع وسط العاصمة دمشق قرب ساحة الأمويين براجمات الصواريخ

* – Close to Nasrallah’s claims that about 200 thousand Shi’ite fighters enter Syria in the coming days to protect the Assad regime. Interview:

Threat or nonsense? Intimidation name and nothing more!

* – A mortar shell fell near the Iranian embassy in Damascus suburb Almaz. عاجل / دمشق سقوط قذيفة هاون قرب السفارة الإيرانية في حي المزة بدمشق “

* – Report: Turkish military announces that dropped Scud missile approached the Turkish border and caused direct damage to explode in the air. عاجل: نقلا: الجيش التركي يعلن عن اسقاطصاروخ سكود اسدي اقترب من الحدود التركيه وتمت اصابته اصابه مباشره ادت الى انفجاره في السماء

 * – Two more Scud missiles were fired into northern Syria.

Two Scud missiles were fired by Division 155 Balkteifh at targets in northern Syria. First missile was shot at 2143 and the second missile was shot at 2144. Later reports revealed that two rockets fell in Andan milk in the city where there were two explosions.

* – The rebel army has increased its attacks on Hezbollah forces Balsida Zeinab suburb of Damascus. In light of the desperate situation of the forces and their allies Hezbollah Shiite militias who came from Iraq this site and following requests for reinforcements urgently Hezbollah learned that large reinforcements rushed day manpower and weapons to Lebanon.

* – TV reporter filmed the 155th Brigade – the only Division Syrian army shooter Scud missiles at civilian targets – today. The article is based on testimony of an officer who defected division. He also discovers who solely responsible Syria on these missiles. Comes a Major General reports directly Lmahar Assad – the president’s brother. Apparently whoever gave orders direct firing Scud missiles and arming form is Maher Assad (Dae We lost contact with him since he was injured in the explosion in Damascus)

Click here to view via YouTube * – The rebels took control of a large section of the Jordanian length of 40 km after they conquered the 99th Battalion held this boundary line. Http://


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