First picture of legged rebel commander after the attempt on his life. Bulletins


* – The family of Ahmed Jibril – PFLP fled from Damascus to Amman, Jordan. 
أنباء اليوم عن هروب عائلة أحمد جبريل “الأمين العام للجبهة الشعبية” من ​​عمان وتم دمشق إلى تأمين شقة للعائلة تحت نفقة الدولة 
published a few months ago that Ahmed Jibril himself fled from Damascus to the Syrian coast and continued to fight alongside Assad., but as it looks now last Hflstenim allies of Assad defected with his family and much of his army. 
now Assad will pack the All Palestinians zones control and will try to make everyone leave the country.

– Some 120 dead in Syria.

– A – Siyassa: Syrian rebels kill Iranian Hezbollah weapons had been stolen from Hezbollah in Lebanon. 

newspaper tells us that in the last 3 months of the security personnel arrested dozens of their men Hezbollah arsenals responsible for the organization in charge of selling arms to rebels in Syria million dollars. 
as The newspaper also know to tell that the rebels refuse to do a prisoner exchange with Hezbollah prisoners and dozens of Iranian soldiers arrested them. They claim that after their victory in Syria, they give these prisoners on trial for the blood that

– Lebanese website publishes content Assad sent a letter to Nasrallah: like sending your Son – Hadi die in battle against Israel that you send your son to fight other Joad Syria rebels. Http:// -05-23/24-36/11270-2013-03-25-17-38-11 Comment edge of knowledge: knowing this fact reveals the bitter disappointment of Assad Hezbollah’s feeble efforts to assist the Assad regime in its fight against the rebels. It seems that the Syrians are confident Nasrallah deliberately dragging its feet Syrian army military assistance and involvement in Syria is fighting reluctantly on the verge of refusal.

* – Update the Free Syrian Army commander – Colonel Asaad leg amputated after being injured by a roadside bomb. (Hopefully the picture is not fake).

* – Rebels raise video – First Grad missile firing at the presidential palace in Damascus.

* – Station “Voice of Beirut International” up video – interview with an official from the International Airport of Beirut where he reveals how Hezbollah smuggling Iranian weapons and fighters Woodruff field. Http://



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