Are specific societies creating domestic terrorists?

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The last days public opinion in Greece has been shocked by the arrest of the 4 members of the terroristic organization ‘’Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire’’, a so called urban guerilla group that have arisen in the past three years as the country is fighting to survive from the economic crisis and social upheaval.

What is worth pointing out and think about it is the new face of these particular criminal activities. The people behind those organizations today show different characteristics, profiles and ideology from the previous known anarchist organizations operating in Greece. The members of the group, are mostly well educated (University degree students), they don’t want to hurt people or cause victims, they are coming from very high profile families (some of them very known in Greece), are not dealing with economical crisis in a personal level and have a specific target group and ideology they support that doesn’t look familiar with any other previous domestic terrorism group in the country.

The fact that all 4 arrested suspects (ages 20 to 25), took immediately the responsibility of their actions and their beliefs although they were aware that the charges they are dealing with are lifetime imprisonment and they didn’t show any regret make us aware that a new war within Greek society is on. These 4 young people, 4 suspects, 4 criminals threw their lives away to support their ideology and fight an already rotten political mechanism.

Of course we do not agree with any illegal activities and we don’t support any kind of violence, however with this article I would like to trigger your thoughts on the fact ‘’ Is everyone a potential terrorist that under specific pressure and circumstances can become violent’’? ‘’Is the society we are living in and we as part of the society responsible too for their ‘’transformation’’?…

Going a little back on time, in 2008, the first appearance of the organization ‘’Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire’’, until today we see that they are responsible for more than 214 attacks, mostly targets such as governmental buildings, banks, insurance companies, press agencies, courthouses and foreign embassies.

What is very important (and we are glad for it) is the fact that none of these attacks had any casualties in victims. That mean they either were very bad in operating (although after the information saying that they operational and training cost per month was up to 50.000 Euros, we could imagine they do get a good training for their purpose and activities, and from the arrests they have been found with finest equipment and firearms), either the authorities were very good in identifying and preventing OR these specific terrorists weren’t interested to take human lives….

Personally I will take the last option….

Going back to our point, if our society is creating terrorists, I would like to highlight the case of one of the arrested suspects, Nikos Romanos, who at the age of 16 he saw one of his friends being shot to death by a police officer. Nikos Romanos was the basic witness for the murder of his friend Alexis Grigoropoulos. A murder which caused in Greece the biggest social turmoil in 2008. The country had never seen so long and multi crowded protests before.

I remember that day, as the majority of the Greek Media was trying to justify the murder as ‘’if these 16 years old kids were night hours downtown in an area such called anarchist neighborhood (which basically is an area that mostly artists, writers and people from showbiz use to spend their time) then they were anarchists or looking for troubles…

I don’t know how the fact of a bunch of kids being out in a specific area…unarmed…can make them a threat for a police officer to point out a gun to them and shoot one to death…However it was this incident and how it was dealt that made Nikos Romanos anger with our society and made him join this organization.

Another case is that of an Albanian immigrant (1999), who took over a bus with hostages. At the beginning everybody was talking for another extremist terrorist, probably islamist. The Medias were trying to identify his criminal motives as he didn’t appear to ask for ransom but had specific requirement, he wanted a specific person to get there to the scene. Unfortunately the bus ended in Greek-Albanian borders, with the failed intervention from authorities which caused many lives of hostages and the criminal as well. We have to mention all victims were shot by the authorities and none from the criminal.

After days, the information regarding the Albanian were coming up together, according to sources he was an illegal immigrant working for a Greek employer and he created a romantic relationship with his employer’s wife. His employer found it out and to punish him put 2 of his friends who used to be police officers, to take him into a fake arrest, drive him in an abandon area, discriminate him and sexual abuse him with a bottle…..

Now I’m not sure how other men would deal with a sexual abuse like this but apparently it was that incident that turned on the button in this person’s mind and drove him to take hostages in order to make his voice heard….

I will mention once again we are not supporting any violence activity, however we have to think as members of the society what is our share of responsibility for turning those non-violent and non-criminal persons to the other side of the law.

Terrorism has been the most used act of violence during human history and for sure it won’t disappear from one day to another. Personally I believe things will be worst in the future as those groups appear to get more powerful and well organized with the technology progress and their international link and financial support. However as we all know the best way to fight fire is taking of one of the 3 necessary ingredients that fire needs to ignite. Can we say in those two people cases, their personal incidents were one of the 3 necessary ingredients that set up their fire? We could probably say it… 

Denida Zinxhiria

Athena Academy Founder Nannyguards Founder


Collecting, translating, producing, and disseminating open source information that meets the needs of policymakers, the military, state and local law enforcement, operations officers, and analysts through-out Governments.
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