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Mohammedan poofer, King Sidi Moulay Mohammed. A ‘bottom’.


Dutch national television news’ NOS-Journaal has reported that the new king of Morocco, Sidi Moulay Mohammed (Mohammed VI), is gay, according to the Dutch newspaper De Gay Krant.

The report has led to weekly anti-media demonstrations in the city of Utrecht, which has a large Moroccan population and is 15 kilometers from the TV network’s headquarters in Hilversum.

Mohammed, 36, went to college in Brussels, Belgium, and regularly hung out in gay bars there, De Gay Krant said.

And his homosexuality is “common knowledge” in Moroccan intellectual circles, Marrakech resident Tony Flavel told the newspaper.

“But you better not talk about it,” he said. “The police and the armed forces are against the new king for precisely this reason. They would prefer his younger straight brother, Moulay Rashid.”

NOS-Journaal Editor-in-Chief Hans Brom told De Gay Krant that the program’s journalists are sure of their facts.

“The truth cannot be rectified,” he said “Our correspondent, Robbert Bosschard, spoke with the chief of police and the commander-in-chief of the Moroccan army. They were convinced that the new king is gay and they were afraid of the future under a homosexual monarch.”

Morocco – Home of a Homosexual King and Child Sex Slavery

The newest king of Morocco, direct descendent of Muhammad, is a homosexual. He promised the people of his Country, that he would Reform their Social Ills and provide Social Programs to benefit women and children. Rather, child sex slavery is at an all time high, and young boys are being sold to Italy. Parents of Morocco are selling their young sons for the sum of $3000.

Homosexuality is against the law in Morocco, but this does not stop the rampant practice by the locals. Arrests only occur when “Western Tourists” attempt to gain access to the availability to the ‘boy trade’. Until the 1920′s, ‘boy dancers’ ages 8-16, were readily available throughout this country. Today, this practice is reemerging, due to the push by ‘activists’ for acceptance of homosexuality and pederasty.

 Account of a Western Tourist:  


Moroccan cities are full of female prostitutes. But they are generally for the Moroccans (soldiers and those not yet married) and not for the tourists. AIDS is very widespread.

My male guide, Hamid, walked ahead of me with his male friend. Hamid spent most of the time gently rubbing his friends back or holding his friend’s hand.

According to the experts, Moroccans like spending time with a single friend of the same sex. Same sex friendships are very important for Moroccans all through their lives. There are few limits to intimacy in same sex friendships.

Moroccans ‘usually marry out of a sense of duty.’

According to ‘Culture Shock- Morocco’ by Orin Hargraves (Kuperard), “Homosexual relations among boys and young men are common.”

“Pederasty is exceedingly prevalent” wrote Edward Westermack in “Ritual and Belief in Morocco.”

In Morocco, homosexual sex by tourists is heavily punished; and sex with minors is very heavily punished with long jail sentences. In any case, tourists are not loved by the average Moroccan who sees the tourist as an alien

The hotel, the Gazelle D’or, at around £600 a night, is rather special. Visitors have allegedly included Michael Portillo, Jacques Chirac, Fergie, Rory Bremner, Mick Jagger, hosts of pop stars, statesmen, politicians, personalities, and ‘the world’s wealthiest closet Queens.’

According to Scallywag magazine, “As far as Westminster is concerned, the Gazelle D’or was first “discovered” by the notorious gay MP Sir Charles “Charley” Irving who died from aids in 1993. Irving, who chaired the Commons catering Committee, was famous for his private parties in the Pugin room in Westminster where he outrageously flirted with the male members of staff. Many of the 100-plus gay Tory MP’s who inhabit “The Palace”, often furtively, were fellow guests…….. The REAL attraction of the Gazelle D’or is not just the exclusivity, or the fabulous luxury. It is, quite simply, that they boast one of the most superlative men-only Turkish baths, Sauna and Massage Parlour in the world, manned by hand-picked and specially trained swarthy Berbers who are most willing to accommodate every whim of their customers. The whole concept of the place is designed to be a veritable paradise for gays.”


Some educated young Moroccans admire all things French and Western. But a large number of Moroccans reject all things Western and non-Islamic. The latter group can be very hostile to tourists.

Sorcery plays a big part in Moroccan lives. There seems to be as much belief in ‘magic’ as in Islam. The kid who thinks you are a foreign ‘devil’ may be frightened of the evil eye.

The shoeshine boys troubled me. If I had my shoes shined and paid 30 pence, then six other boys would appear and they would follow me, requesting money.

If I gave money to a kid whose photo I had taken as he sat on a donkey, then six kids, then twenty six kids would appear, all demanding money.

One group of boys threw stones at me after I had refused to give them cash.

There is a law against troubling tourists; but it has not entirely solved the problem!

Moroccans seldom seem to feel guilt or shame. They do not seem to feel guilty when they have cheated you. They may only feel shame when they have been sent to Coventry by their fellows, for example for breaking Islamic rules.

How do I explain the ‘rough’ conduct of moroccan boys?

The Moroccan boy is expected by his mother to be spontaneous, demanding and egotistical. The boy is king. The mother is of lowly status. The father has either gone off with another woman or is out at the cafe or is somewhere else.

“The father typically remains absent from the household through major portions of each day in his child’s life,” according to ‘Images and Self Images’ by Dwyer (Columbia University press). The father and the mother seldom love each other. Their marriage was one of convenience.

Sex Trade

Increasingly, Morocco’s reputation for child sex is luring an international clientele. Sex tourists from the West tout the old slave markets of Marrakech to buy sex with children.

But now an export market has also begun to emerge. Last year, police in a market town in the plains north of Marrakech, bust a network trafficking in 13-year old boys destined for brothels in Italy. Police arrested the dealer, who had – said reports – paid parents $3,000 per child.

‘We are determined to pursue a course of progress and development for all Moroccans, in particular the poor,’ King Mohammed  VI promised his people in his first speech on the throne. Crowds hailed the young monarch as ‘king of the poor’. But after a year on the throne, the problem has only got worse.

His prime minister, the leftist leader Abderrahmane Youssifi, was elected  on a ticket of social reform, but has failed to change the law where vagrancy is treated as a crime, not a social disease. And the credibility of both king and his prime minister are suffering, as they fail to protect the very communities they promised to save.


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