Bahraini Political Groups Prohibited from Contact with “Terrorist” Hizbullah

Bahrain-based political organizations are forbidden to have any contact with Lebanon-based Hizbullah, which was termed a “terrorist” group by the Bahraini foreign minister on Monday. Following a speech by Hizbullah chief Sheikh Na’srallah in which he vowed victory for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in the civil war, Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa tweeted that Na’srallah is a “terrorist.” Those words were backed-up by Justice and Islamic Affairs Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ali al-Khalifa who, according to the Bahrain News Agency, issued an order stating that, “Political associations are banned from making any kind of contact with the Lebanese Hezbollah organization, for it (is) a terrorist organization.” Sunni-Shiite tensions run high in Bahrain as they do throughout the Arab world. The Gulf state is predominantly Shiite but governed by the Sunni minority. Hizbullah is a Shiite organization. Shaky reconciliation efforts between Bahrain’s Sunnis and Shiites are underway.



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1 Response to Bahraini Political Groups Prohibited from Contact with “Terrorist” Hizbullah

  1. Harry Mahan says:

    I’ve been to Baharain and my concern is with the expatriots there, from all countries. This may help the Sheikh’s expose the current “residents” associated with this and other terrorist groups. Sheikh Zeyed was a good man. His form of leadership in the whole Arab world was progressive, positive, assertive, and bold at times. His legacy, I hope, has been passed to his son. I still remember the story about him ordering 2000 taxi cabs from Toyota so the desert people could come in and have jobs as taxi drivers. He got on the phone, ordered 2000 cabs, and they wrecked 90% of them the first few days racing in the streets. Gotta love an attitute like that towards his people. Best baked custard in the whole world. And I love people who love to race, too.


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