Palestinian Mujahideen took responsibility for news successful arson fires in America









Palestinian Mujahideen from the Islamic movement Masadat al-Mujahideen reported that they had kept their promise and again attacked America immediately after previous positive arson fires which led to tremendous historical results, reports UmmaNews. The statement reads: 

“We have declared before an unconventional war against the occupation state “Israel” then we escalated this war to reach its main supporter America to get its share from the war that will destroy everything and everybody Allah willing by our hands. 

After we executed and are still executing several attacks against the strategic Israeli targets we executed another attack in the mainland America so that it may understand well and know that we are capable when we warn it and let it be certain that not only our hands have reached them but it hit them. 

We have given them three months to disown from the Jewish occupation for big parts of the land of Palestine and end its alliances with any of the occupiers and with any party that assaults the rights of the Palestinians and the Muslims but despite of the end of that time limit it didn’t respond to our legitimate demands so we were obliged to send another blow that is greater than the previous one maybe it will wake up from its slumber and return to its sense and cease its aggression. 

And today we are declaring another attacks and it won’t be the last Allah willing if America didn’t respond to our demands. 

We declare the igniting of different areas in a wilderness in the centre of the state of Arizona in America. 

Which resulted until now according to the enemy’s the death of 19 Americans from the Elite Fire Fighters Unit and forced the inhabitants of two towns North West of the city to move and destroyed more than 250 houses and 2000 acres of forests. 

Note that we have executed several attacks against the occupation state of Israel and we didn’t declare it then for special reasons and maybe this action will be repeated in the future since the field needs actions more than words. 

This blessed Ghazwa comes within the series of Ghazawat which we declared and began before that will demolish the hateful Jewish occupation edifices and their supporters until the Jews return from where they came from since there is no place for them between us and to dismantle the alliances of the world with the Jews occupying the lands of the Muslims or they will suffer just as the Jews have suffered”. 

General Leadership of “Masadat al-Mujahideen”,
22 Shaaban 1434 AH (corresponding to 1 July 2013)

Kavkaz Center


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