Bloodshed in Cairo. Putschists burn demonstrators alive (video)

Today at 17:16 Emirate time

In response to the massacre perpetrated by the military putschists in Cairo, the EU did not find anything else but to call “the Egyptian authorities to show restraint”. Let’s recall that earlier, the US Secretary of State Carey announced that the Egyptian army “have restored democracy in the country”.

The massacre began on the night of Wednesday, August 14, and continued in the morning. By noon, the toll of demonstrators killed by putschists exceeded 500, ,ore than 7,000 were injured.

Meanwhile, according to the Egyptian Anti-Coup Alliance, which refers to doctors of a field hospital at the Rabaa al-Adawiya Square, the total number of killed exceeded 2,200 people. The wounded are more than 10,000 people. The same was reported by the emergency room doctors. And these numbers are only from Cairo.

Information about the killings of protesters come also from other cities in Egypt. The Western media, meanwhile, are trying to distort the events in Cairo. Thus BBC News calls massacre “a dispersal of camps of Islamists”. And the American TV channel NBC – “sweepings” of Cairo’s squares.

Photo and video facts points to the horrific war crimes committed by the putschists. Facts of burning alive of peaceful demonstrators by the military junta have been documented. Mass killings are continuing. Cairo is under siege.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood continue to hope for the help of so-called the international community and abortively call to urgently intervene in the events in Egypt. However, the call of the Brotherhood get response only from Turkey and Qatar.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan asked the UN to immediately stop the massacre in Egypt. He called the use of the army against peaceful demonstrators unacceptable. Qatar also condemned the massacre.

The representative of the Brotherhood el-Beltagy said that the army used snipers for targeted killings. Doctors say that the putschists do not let ambulances reach the wounded who are in the field hospitals at the Rabaa al-Adawiya Square.

The putschists forced out protesters from the Ennahda Square, however, the protesters gathered on the street outside. The troops, meanwhile, laid siege to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Cairo, which is near the Ennahda Square.

As a result of gun fire, opened by the putschists within the Faculty building, dozens of people have been killed and injured.

There are reports coming from Alexandria. There are hundreds of thousands of protesters urge to go to Cairo. In response the military putschists stopped all rail traffic, including freight and passenger ones.

Egypt plunged into chaos. The economy is completely frozen. Sporadic fightings are taking place in Sinai. In the Suez Canal troops broke up a protest strike, arresting hundreds of protesters.


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