Cyber Attack Against Establishment Media Next Phase in Never Ending War On Terror


Lone wolves, pesky hacktivists and other villains will take down Operation Mockingbird assets.


Back in May, 2010, before Edward Snowden and the unmasking of the NSA, we announced the Pentagon’s preparation for a cyber war against the American people.
“Bush retread Def. Sec. Robert Gates ordered the creation of the Cyber Command in June of 2009 specifically in response to the ‘already significant and growing digital threat’ from ‘foreign actors, terrorists, criminal groups and individual hackers,’ according to the Air Force Times,” we reported.
Now, according to Politico, the aforementioned “foreign actors” – in the guise of the establishment’s latest crop of terrorist bad guys operating out of countries sorely in need of invasion (after a round of CIA sponsored terrorism) – have struck.
On Wednesday, Mackenzie Weinger wrote:
The Washington Post announced that its website had been hacked, “with readers on certain stories being redirected to the site” of a group supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. And the New York Post on Tuesday became another victim as several reporters’ Twitter accounts were apparently hacked by the same group, the Syrian Electronic Army.
It is interesting Bashar al-Assad would oblige the United States with yet another excuse to militarily attack his country, especially now that the CIA has deemed Syria its top threat because of the risk of the government there falling (with the help of the CIA “rebels”) and al-Qaeda grabbing up all of al-Assad’s weapons that will naturally be turned against the United States because they hate us for our freedoms.
CIA second-in-command Michael Morell gave his “assessment” on the al-Qaeda threat to the Wall Street Journal on August 6. Fulfilling its role as one of the establishment’s premier Operation Mockingbird assets, the Journal’s scribes wrote:
Mr. Morell’s stark assessment shows how much the U.S. has at stake as it reluctantly prepares to arm Syrian rebels in the coming weeks while continuing to confront an al Qaeda that has dispersed across the globe. His forecast is all the more worrisome because it comes from a top official who other officials say is skeptical of current administration plans to arm the rebels.
The supposed threat posed by al-Assad, al-Qaeda, “lone wolves,” pesky hacktivists, and other villains conjured up weekly in lurid if not cartoonish detail by the establishment media represent a propaganda vanguard ahead of a probable staged attack.
The engineered targeting of the establishment press – The Associated Press, The New York Times, Reuters and NPR, among others, Politico reports – indicates “it’s high time journalists recognize their vulnerability and adopt more safeguards to protect themselves and the information they have.” Information, incidentally, privy to the Justice Department.
It is important to note what remains unstated in the above argument – namely, that we desperately require NSA surveillance, even if it is uncomfortable (as Obama admits). If we protest too loudly about PRISM and other NSA technologies, the bad guys will shut down not only our trusted official venues of news and entertainment, but also the electrical grid and civilian infrastructure.
Over the past few years, we have reported that the real enemy of the CIA and the government is not al-Assad and al-Qaeda, but the American people. The federal government has expended an extraordinary amount of resources and piles of money shifting the terror emphasis from remote Medieval terrorists in far-flung caves to the Chechen-American kid next door.
It’s crucial, as we reported yesterday and today, that the bomber next door be portrayed as an Alex Jones listener and an avid reader of unofficial conspiracy theories.


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