“MB is about a distorted theology that is based mainly on blaspheming and delegitimizing the other and the other, is simply everybody who is not MB”


As expected, and as the mainstream media was raving about the horrifyingly bloody crackdown on the peaceful Muslim Brotherhood ‘sit-ins in Cairo on Wednesday morning August 14, most Egyptians (the decent patriots with a functioning and sane mind still) were heaving a sigh of relief.

The two sit-ins, or to be honest, the terrorist bases in Rabaa and Nahda squares, were not peaceful at all; unless you believe Moltov cocktails, automatic guns, grenades, and RPJs are legitimate tools in protests and occupy movements with a good cause. (Watch video of the confiscated firearms after raiding the sit-ins)Unlike the second mass uprising on June 30, the clearing of the two sit-ins that have been occupied by brain washed Islamists, thugs and potential terrorists was a thing, or better yet a popular demand, that everybody has been asking for over a month now.

The decision to bust up those intimidating sit-ins has been taken for quite some time, only respecting the holy month of Ramadan and the concern about the possible high number of casualties and dead made the interim government leave space for diplomacy. And moreover, the police took all precautions not to turn this evacuation operation into a battle field.

Some might cynically and instantly respond by saying “Well, it turned out to be a battle field after all, didn’t it” … and my answer is absolutely not, if you want to see a real confrontation turning into a battle field, contact your travel agent for a week’s vacation in Sinai, you will not only enjoy the sights, the sun and the blue sea, but you will also get to witness a 3D live thriller of al Qaeda warfare in a very rare and unforgettable close encounter.

Al Qaeda-style children suiciders

And as a matter of fact, the Egyptian police has carried out this operation with the highest degree of professionalism and self-restraint. And while a death toll of a few hundreds out of around 20 000 protesters is absolutely regrettable, but on the ground, and in the presence of MB snipers, I’m afraid this was inevitable. On the other hand 54 police officers and soldiers have been shot dead while on this national duty. (Watch video of sit in aftermath- MB blasting a police station with RPJs- Extremely graphic footage).

Hired orphans herded in a MB sit-in carrying their coffin wrappings as potential suiciders

And even if the death toll was a little higher, the police forces were still to be commended, for the sit-ins crowd harbored considerable numbers of suiciders, including children who were molested into accepting the sick notion of alleged martyrdom. Those brain-washed suiciders were willing to die not under the flag of Egypt, but the black one of Al Qaeda.

And that is the core of the problem; those sit-ins are carried out not by patriots and political activists but by sick-minded militants and potential terrorists. And I somehow, find it hard to believe that anyone could cry over terrorists.

Now, and before getting further into this, and to put the reader into perspective, we need to clarify few things.

This crowd is different
Islamist rally, with fundamentlists holding the Koran


MB rally, with fundamentlists holding the Koran

The protesters you used to watch, on TV news bulletins, occupying the Rabaa and Nahdaa squares are not politically motivated, as a matter of fact most of them are illiterate, politically and literally speaking. Those protesters were shepherded into this sit in, because they were made to believe that, believe it or not, Islam was in danger. I know, it’s funny … and it’s sad … but this is the name of the game, the MB game, in Egypt.

Most viewers tend to sympathize with the scene of thousands of protesters in the street opposing any regime and somehow, and maybe unconsciously, feel related to the angry crowd. But hold your horses, Ladies and Gents, for this crowd is different.

This whole thing is not some political dispute, though carried out under political banners. As a matter of fact, the MB is one of the most politically incompetent organizations all over the world, the rise and fall of that terrorist group has taken less than two years. The political stupidity of the MB Morsi & gang ought to be studied and analyzed by scholars of politics and psychology.

But to spare you the time, I can tell you the decline of the Muslim Brothers was so swift because the ideology of MB ran counter to the true nature of the Egyptian culture and traditions, namely and mainly moderation

The current conflict in Egypt, is not between political rivals, oh no, and unfortunately this is exactly where most of the followers of the Egyptian status quo have gone wrong.

The conflict is between Egyptians and a terrorist group that peddles religion and manipulates the piety of the uneducated, the poor and the gullible.

Terrorist group

PICTURE: Sayed Qutbhttp://ashraf62.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/sayed-qutb.jpg?w=640

MB is the big umbrella that ideologically nurtured all of the current Islamist terrorist groups. All of the militant groups, like Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda have been feeding on the ideology and theories of the notorious Sayed Kotb, one of the leading theorists in the bloody history of MB during the 1950-1960s.

Kotb, for those who are not familiar with the name or his books, is the mentor of Ayman el Zawahri, the current al-Qaeda leader and he is also the spiritual guru for most of the Islamist militants from Afghanistan all the way to Morroco.

Once again, MB is not a political party, as mistakenly defined, it is an international underground group, based in Egypt, with militant theology that endorses resorting to violence and assassination, aka armed Jihad, to overturn governments and replace it with a caliphate-era model.

And it’s not so hard to tell you what a caliphate system looks like, one look at Taliban in Afghanistan or the Shabaab in Soamlia or even Boko Haram in Nigeria will spare me the unnecessary elaboration.

And if you were into history, consider looking up the Ottoman era, may be that will explain why this Erdogan, Turkey’s PM, is so pissed off by what happened in Egypt.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Everybody and mainly politicians know for a fact that whatever happens in Egypt doesn’t eventually stay in Egypt, and considering the bad history with the Turkish military, no wonder Erdogan is having sleepless nights, bed room problems and looking always over his shoulders, not to mention that his party is affiliated with the international MB network.

MB is about a distorted theology that is based mainly on blaspheming and delegitimizing the other and the other, is simply everybody who is not MB.

Now, the imperative question is how could you play a fair game of politics with that kind of extremism and theological perversion?

MB: the enemy from within

Ruling by the alleged holy sword and exploiting the name of god in eliminating any opposition or thought diversity, where could we go from there?

We could do a lot, we could revolt, we could say it out loud and shout “down with the rule of the MB” … Well, even if that sounded like a coup or a bit undemocratic in the eyes of the white House, Washington post and of course Al Jazeera.

The hazy stand of the White House is quite understood, after all, the Egyptian second wave of the revolution that ousted their puppet Morsi, did away with the American plan of signing up yet another proxy government in the new Middle East under the convenient Islamist cloak of MB.

And this proxy government is so valuable to lose that soon, for it is the government that will sell out Sinai to Hamas and Israel and thus relieve Israel and Uncle Sam of the chronic Palestinian headache.

Time was running out, the Brotherhoodization was well underway, Egypt was so close to a longtime national hijack. It happened before; Egypt had been hijacked before, by the Romans, the Turks and the British. But that was beyond control, for that was a foreign invasion. But this time it is more dangerous, and more ominous, because the invasion and the danger is from within.

What is currently taking place in Egypt is politically quite new, it is something that history will forever mark as a model of confronting a malignant tumor in the body of a nation.

Egyptians are not, divided over a deposed president, for god sake that pathetic Morsi hardly had any popularity, not even amongst the Islamists, or even the cats. Everybody knew he was a pale shadow of a marionette on the wall, and the strings were being pulled from the White House and Tel Aviv.

So who are those thousands that have been defiant in over-a-month sit in and who are rallying all over Egypt, if they are not Morsi- supporters? Well, they are the MB loyalists, foreign intelligence agents, Hamas militias, and members of the Salafist groups and yes, the brain washed and the gullible – every nation has its share of those. (watch video of the unreported story of clearing the violent MB sit-ins, showing that the sit-in was militarized, the potesters were forewarned and that the clearance was attended by the press and NGOs).The new Middle East & MB plans

Egyptians are trying to evade the horrible Syrian scenario and If we want to comprehend the Egyptian case, one has to zoom out and take a look at the broader scene from the Algerian and Malian borders in the west all the way across North Africa to the Iraqi and Syrian borders in the east.

You’ll soon discover that Egypt is the only nation, with a strong and unified military, that is still struggling to escape the sweeping power of the so called creative chaos and new Middle East.

The so called Arab spring, a designation currently loathed by many Middle Easterns, has allowed one of the scariest and dormant threats to surface on the region’s political arena, namely political Islam.

And for the sake of accuracy, the so called political Islam has absolutely nothing to do with Islam nor the science and norms of politics, for it’s all about the dominance of their dogma and by the name of their twisted interpretation of the scripture.

And to achieve their goal, MB had a plan of demolishing the main pillars of the Egyptian state, namely the Judiciary, the free media and press, the army and of course the police.

On June 28, 2011, and during the first days of the revolution, all of the police stations were attacked, ransacked and torched down … and as the days went by, new clues and growing suspicions of the involvement of the MB in those attacks and many similar jail breaks began to arouse.

Only after the clearance of the ugly sit-ins did the Egyptians know for certain that the MB were behind those terrorist attacks on Jan 28, for the stupid leaders of the MB gave the orders to their loyalists to attack police stations and also the churches around the country, especially in upper Egypt, copycatting the horrifying Jan 28th’ scenario.

25 churches have been attacked, 21 police stations and 10 major ministerial and municipal buildings all over the country and the chaos is still going on. (Watch video of MB attacking ancient churches in upper Egypt)

And after failing to succeed in plan A and B, I think the MB will resort to one of their old game of violent terrorism and organized assassination. And bearing in mind the obscene petro-dollars finance MB are getting from some of the Gulf Arab countries, it seems that Egypt is in for a long series of terrorist operations and assassinations. All doors are wide open for the creepy wind of orchestrated civil war.

And speaking of terrorism, Sinai that is still fraught with Jihadists cells armed with heavy weaponry and infiltrated by foreign intelligence, seems like a time bomb ready to explode any time. The jihadists’ tactic right now seems to try and involve the Egyptian military in a dreadful confrontation with the Israelis over the rockets they launch towards the other side every now and then. But those Morons don’t understand that Israel is not interested in an all-out war with Egypt, while Egypt could be taken down, like Iraq, by other proxy organizations, e.g., MB & militias

The next president for Egypt


PHOTO: Mohamed El-Baradei

There is a growing belief amongst the wider sector of Egyptians, and amidst the ongoing turmoil, that the next president should be a military man who can pull the country together, restore order and peace and wipe out the terrorist threats of the MB.

What has lately added to these pro-military sentiments is the shock caused by the sudden resignation of Mohamed El Baradei, one of the icons of the Egyptian revolution. El Baradei, by his most foolish timing in submitting the resignation, which was totally unjustified, has deliberately not only embarrassed the interim government but also dealt a painful blow to the secular political front which used to consider him the guru of their movement.

If Baradei was a military, he would have been ordered shot over the crime of desertion; for he abandoned his fellow fighters and left his post and weapon during a fierce battle.

Egypt is facing tough days, and even tougher days loom ahead, but the good thing is that, with each passing day more masks are falling off, and the real ugly face of political Islam is revealed.

As for the US and the European Union, they could carry on their make-believe and keep condemning the use of excessive force and cry over the violation of human rights, but Egypt will never allow their proxy regime to take hold of this great nation once again.



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