2014 Cybersecurity Forecasts



On a bit of a programming note, all month long in the month of December, SiliconANGLE will be featuring cybersecurity stories that focus on 2014 and beyond. We have gathered a number of thought leaders, executives and leading engineers to formulate a security picture of the year ahead. Security is as serious as ever. Cybercrime is on the rise. Hacktivism hasn’t gone away. State-sponsored cyberwarfare may have faded from the headlines, but it is still out there and on the rise. As we know, security by its very nature should never be assumed to be predictable, we never know as an industry what threats will emerge in the months or years to come, but we can be vigilant and as prepared as possible with agile business initiatives that feature the technology, policies and education that will be required.

It’s the culmination of all the important work done here this year. Without a doubt, the focus on security in this next year and beyond is as critical as any other IT discipline and is starting to drive business decisions across the industry. We will look at the road ahead, with all the latest relevant technologies and services that will factor into the cybersecurity landscape. We will look at technologies that serve the mid-market, the enterprise and the small business. We will have perspective on mobility, cloud security, app security, identity, authentication, Advanced persistent threats, analytic security, malware and more. We’ll even talk about privacy, Edward Snowden and the NSA. You basically don’t want to miss this series. Our first micro-story will be published in time for holiday reading over the long weekend. Stay tuned.



Collecting, translating, producing, and disseminating open source information that meets the needs of policymakers, the military, state and local law enforcement, operations officers, and analysts through-out Governments.
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