KGB SILANTYEV: Calls For ‘Total Eliminations Of Wahhabis’


A notorious Islamophobe Roman Silantyev said that the bombings in Volgograd required “defensive measures against terrorism”.
“The third attack in two months in Volgograd has become a serious challenge to our society. Defensive measures against terrorism, despite the professionalism of the security services and heroism of ordinary law enforcement cannot provide adequate protection”, said Silantyev for news agency Interfax-Religion on Monday.
According to him, it’s time to go “in a global attack, changing the law so that all kinds of Wahhabis were outlawed and would find themselves in intolerable conditions for the stay on the territory of our country”.
“We need to involve specialists in the elimination of the Wahhabis from Chechnya and Dagestan, Syria and Egypt and to borrow successful legislative decisions and tactics from abroad”, called the Islamophobe.
According to him, “tolerance of ordinary people to inter-ethnic violence and attacks had fallen to zero, so now either the authorities will implement total destruction of carriers of terrorist ideology, or it will be done by the people, guided by their own ideas about who the Wahhabis are”.
The Islamophobe also urged residents of Volgograd to express their anger carefully, pointing out that “all official Muslim organizations in Volgograd region are part of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims lead by Mufti Ilyas Biktimirov, who is subordinate to the Supreme Mufti Talgat Tajuddin – old and trusted friend of the Russian people and Orthodox Christians”.
“I urge Volgogradians not to attack local mosques, that we observed after the first terrorist attack, since their parishioners are consistent opponents of the Wahhabis. Threat to peace and tranquillity in the region does not come from them but from visiting terrorists who unfortunately chose Volgograd as their priority target”, added Silantyev.
It is to be recalled that earlier Islamophobe named the number of “Wahhabis” that should be all killed – 700,000 Muslims-Salafis. Silantyev is sure that unless 1 million Muslims are killed, the threat to Russia will continue.
“We need to stop thinking about that in a peaceful manner and try solve something by negotiating. We simply have to eliminate them. We should not be ashamed, it is necessary to kill all the Wahhabis”, concluded the KGB “specialist in religion”.

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