Ansar Jerusalem Member Threatens Egyptian Government, Military in Audio



The Sinai-based jihadi group Ansar Jerusalem released an audio speech from a fighter identified as Abu Usama al-Masri, threatening the Egyptian government and military, and urging Egyptian Muslims to revolt and demand the establishment of Shariah-based governance.

The speech, entitled, “Support Allah, and He Will Support You,” came in a 21 minute, 17 second audio, and was posted on jihadi forums on January 23, 2014. Masri reiterated the group’s position that Egypt is at war with Islam and claimed that government officials are driven by America, Israel, and the “Crusader West” to pursue the conflict. He stated: “We all know that what happened in Egypt would not have happened but with plotting from America and the Crusader West, and this is not a secret. Their senior officials stated that and their agent el-Sisi, the Pharaoh of Egypt, acknowledged that, saying that they will not decide any step in Egyptian affairs except by coordinating with the Americans. So until this silence?! Until when this quietness?”
Masri also attacked the concept of democracy and outlined its incompatibility with strict adherence to Islamic law, and told Egyptian rebels to demand a government based on Shariah and to seek “martyrdom” for that cause. Addressing Egyptian soldiers, he urged that they abandon their positions and disobey orders from their superiors to attack protestors or Muslim areas in Sinai, warning that Ansar Jerusalem will target them. He declared: “It is common sense that the armies are considered to be dealt with as one mass and indivisible. We will target you as we target your commanders, for it is not possible to reach the king except by stepping on his retinue that protects him with their blood and souls. You saw what happened to your brothers in the troop transportation trucks, security directorates, and buildings of the military intelligence, and what is coming next is more cunning and more bitter.”



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