Have Concessions to Iran Made an EMP Attack More Likely?

Clarion Project – Addressing Islamic Extremism

The Clarion Project hosted a live, online webinar on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 with renowned expert Dr. Peter Vincent Pry titled “Have Concessions to Iran Made an EMP Attack More Likely?”

Dr. Pry is the executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security for the Congressional Caucus on Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and director of the United States Nuclear Strategy Forum, an advisory body to Congress on policies to counter weapons of mass destruction.

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), a burst of electromagnetic energy caused by either solar flares or a nuclear device detonated more than 30 kilometers (18 miles) above the atmosphere, could possibly destroy America’s and Canada’s electric grid.

Among the topics discussed by Dr. Pry:

What is an EMP?
How the Geneva interim agreement affects Iran’s nuclear weapons program
The Vulnerability of the U.S. power grid
Natural occurrences of EMPs by solar flares
EMPs caused by high altitude nuclear explosions
What the government can do to mitigate the dangers
EMET/CSP panel addresses the question “What are Iran’s True Intentions” with Walid Phares, Clare Lopez, Andrew Bostom and Mark Langfan.

The EMP threat is outlined in the following videos where Mark Langfan makes the case that Iran is seeking to control the “Black Gold Triangle”. This area is home to the majority of the Shiite population in the Middle East and 56% of world’s known oil reserves. Barack Obama wants Iran to achieve dominance in the region with a deliverable nuclear weapon to “balance out” Israel and is helping them do this with his fraudulent “Joint Plan of Action” deal. The result will be a nuclear arms race in the ME that will make the world a much more dangerous place, especially with Obama’s “Global Zero” policy – the reckless and truly insidious campaign to take down the U.S. nuclear arsenal, on the bizarre theory that other nations will then follow our example.

Langfan explains his theory that the most probable action from Iran will be to detonate an EMP over Saudi Arabia to gain control of the region and create a Shiite Caliphate.


Mark Langfan is a noted security analyst who in 1991 created a 3 dimensional topographic raised-relief map system of Israel. Viewing the 3D Israel map one can easily and quickly be informed of many of the underlying resource and security issues involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict such as West Bank water resources and Israeli ‘defensible’ borders. Over the past 20 years, Mark has briefed many Congressional and Senate offices, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Israel Desk, and the New York Times Editorial Board. Mark wrote and published seminal articles concerning the Israeli/Middle East region including the 1992 “Demilitarization Risks” warning of future Palestinian Katyusha rocket barrages from vacated Israeli territory, the 1995 “US Troops on Golan Quicksand” warning of the unique topographic dangers of deploying US Troops to the Golan Heights, and the 2006 “Iran: The 4th Reichastan” exposing the Iranian arming of Iraqi Insurgents against US forces, and of Iran’s other regional and strategic goals.
This presentation by Mark Langfan with Erick Stakelbeck shows the maps better:

‘Nuclear Iran’s First Target: the Saudis’ ( Published 11/7/2013)

Arutz Sheva’s Mark Langfan tells Erick Stakelbeck that one Iranian EMP-nuke can knock out Saudi Arabia and lead to a Shiite Caliphate.
An EMP, or electro-magnetic pulse bomb, explodes at high altitude, knocking out the electric grid of a large area and rendering computers and other electronics useless.

Langfan predicted that the EMP nuke could put the Iran in control of the Shiite-majority areas of eastern Saudi Arabia where almost 100% of Saudi oil is located.

He also drove home the fact that most of the world’s oil reserves are located within the so-called “black gold triangle” which Iran can turn into a Shiite Caliphate.

On last week’s The Watchman, Langfan explained that a Palestinian Authority state would render Israel defenseless.

Earlier today, a BBC report claimed Saudi Arabia had arranged to obtain nuclear weapons from Pakistan in the event Iran passes the nuclear threshold. It comes as Gulf state’s confidence in US efforts to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear weapons program – along with relations between Riyadh and Washington – are at an all-time low.

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