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Senators Strike Deal On Cyber Security

THE HILL Leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee have reached a compromise on legislation to help protect the country’s cyber networks and will formally introduce the bill shortly, they said Wednesday. The bill from Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and … Continue reading

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This spring, the Middle East gears up for ‘End-of-time battle’ foretold by the Prophet Mohammed

SPECIAL WORLD TRIBUNE It is Spring in the Middle East. The rising temperatures and the end of rain and snow make fighting more pleasant. The stifling heat and humidity of the Summer are yet to begin.Ultimately, the fighting and trauma … Continue reading

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Al Qaida in Tunisia recruiting young Muslims in urban shantytowns

WORLD TRIBUNE Tunisia has reported the capture of Al Qaida fighters.The Interior Ministry said counter-insurgency units captured nine suspected Al Qaida fighters west of Tunis.   The ministry said the detainees were members of the so-called Takfiri movement, a term … Continue reading

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Iran Hacked U.S. Navy Computers

By Dana Yarkechy Wall Street Journal reported an Iranian cyber attack against the unclassified network of the U.S. Navy. According to the report various sources – including Congress representatives – expressed their concerns about the Iranian infiltration, saying its severity … Continue reading

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Executive Cyber Intelligence Bi-Weekly Report by INSS-CSFI

ISRAEL  Israel well prepared against cyber-attacks   Israel Birthday occurred with no real damage, save for a few minor sites whose webpages were defaced, old credit cards number no longer available, and email accounts containing old passwords from last year. … Continue reading

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  Russia Today’s Disinformation Campaign

BY RICHARD STENGEL Moscow is subjecting Ukrainians, Russians and the rest of the world to an intense campaign of disinformation that tries to paint a dangerous and false picture of Ukraine’s legitimate government. Russia Today, the Moscow-based TV network … Continue reading

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KAJANG: Another Woman Allegedly Linked To militant Cell Arrested, Cops On The Hunt For More Members

NADIRAH H. RODZI Another woman allegedly linked to a militant cell was arrested in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. He said the woman was among 10 suspects, including a widow, detained for … Continue reading

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EUROPEAN TERRORISTS: Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t: The Gordian Knot of Europe’s Jihadi Homecoming

By Zach Goldberg \ Introduction The homecoming of Europe’s jihadi volunteers (or émigrés) from Syria remains an enduring source of public disquiet. That battle-hardened and radicalized Muslim-European passport holders would return to leverage acquired “skills” at home is a … Continue reading

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Guns, Money and Prayers: AQIM’s Blueprint for Securing Control of Northern Mali

CTC SENTINEL\Morten BøåsAl-Qa`ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is occasionally described as an operational branch of the global al-Qa`ida structure. Yet AQIM should not be viewed as an external al-Qa`ida force operating in the Sahel and Sahara. For years, AQIM … Continue reading

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Turkey will benefit from its support for the Muslim Brotherhood

Abdulaziz Bin Othman Bin Saqr \ Chairman of the Gulf Research Centre It has become clear that support for the Muslim Brotherhood gives Turkey a distinct influence, which will be felt both now and in the future. The recent local … Continue reading

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