Jihad Magazine INSPIRE Issue 13 Urges More “Lone Wolf” Attacks


The latest issue of the slick jihad magazine, “Inspire”, is devoted to lone jihadi attacks (or as the media calls them lone wolves).

“Cutting the Nerves, Isolating the Head”

Clearly Muslims across the US, Canada and Europe are “inspired” by the Islamic State, al Qaeda and the Qur’an to wage jihad. They are taking their marching orders quite seriously as we have witnessed this past week alone – the cold-blooded murder of two NYPD cops by a jihadi, three distinct “allahu akbar” attacks in France in as many days, and thwarted attacks in Denmark, Canada and the UK.

What’s fascinating is the Asperger-like insistence by Obama, the EU, and the media that these attacks are not Islamic or religiously motivated. It would be laughable if there weren’t so many dead and bloodied bodies.

inspire 13

Today, December 24, 2014, the Al-Malahem media wing of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released the 13th issue of its English-language magazine Inspire, dated Winter 2014.

This issue’s title, “Neurotmesis Cutting the Nerves and Isolating the Head” includes the symbols for the Euro, the British pound, and the American dollar. Much of the content is devoted to lone-wolf attacks, including threats to airlines, with an emphasis on making hidden bombs.


The cover story, which is also titled “Neurotmesis,” states (p. 63): “[W]e have placed a policy, renewing what has already been started. We call it ‘Neurotmesis: Cutting the Nerves and Isolating the Head from the Body’. The nerves of the American war is its economy. Biidhnillâh, we will decapitate America from the rest of the world. Thereupon, we will have reigned supreme in this war. So we have to be innovetive [sic] and creative and come up with new ways of targeting the American economy, and master in choosing the most effective targets.”

The release coincides with the anniversary of the attempted 2009 Christmas Day airline bombing by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, also known as the “underwear bomber.”

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