Khashogji: King Salman will work with the Muslim Brotherhood in order to stem the Iranian expansion

Jamal Khashogji


Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogji, who has close ties to the decision making circle within the Kingdom, has tweeted that King Salman bin Abd Al-Aziz will strike a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood group, if he deemed it useful with stemming the Iranian expansion in the region.

In an attempt to justify the Kingdom’s policy of dealing with the military coup in Egypt, although the coup authorities have been persecuting the Muslim Brotherhood there, Khashogji said: “King Salman has inherited the Egyptian condition”, pointing to the legacy bequeathed by King Abdullah bin Abd Al-Aziz. He added: “Let us say that so much water has passed under the bridge in Egypt and that there is a certain status quo.”

Some observers have concluded that if Khashogji’s remarks do indeed express the conviction of the Saudi Authorities, this may be regarded as an attempt by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to evade bearing moral and international responsibility with regard to the undemocratic toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Khashogji went on to say: “King Salman bin Abd Al-Aziz has, since assuming responsibility, been pumping a new policy in the region.” He stressed that the King is preoccupied with two main issues: arresting the deterioration in the condition of the Arab east and putting an end to the Iranian hegemony across the region.

Khashogji added: “Stemming the Iranian hegemony and preventing it from spreading further in the Arab region requires freezing all disagreements with the current of political Islam.” He pointed out that should dealing with the Brotherhood be useful for excluding the Houthis and restoring stability to Yemen, Saudi Arabia would do it; and if needed, he would do it in Syria too.

In an attempt by the Saudi writer to evade answering for the double standard exercised by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in dealing with the coup in Yemen and the coup in Egypt, Khashogji said: “Leave the Egyptian case aside, because King Salman inherited the Egyptian condition as it is, and this is not a Saudi priority at the present time.”


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