Military Special Forces Coming to Brazos Valley This Summer To Train


Special Forces including Navy Seals and Army Green Berets are just some of the military members that will be coming to Texas this summer for a military exercise that is happening across the Southwest.

News 3 separates fact from fiction of a plan some conspiracy theorists claim is a government takeover.

This summer the Brazos Valley will see a surge of troops.

They’re coming for something called Jade Helm 15, a two month long exercise happening in seven states from California to Texas, involving some of the military’s elite forces.

They will be at the Texas A&M Riverside Campus and TEEX for about a week in August.

Brazos County Chief Deputy Jim Stewart served in the Army for 31 years in intelligence. He says the public has nothing to worry about.

“This is something we’ve done for years and years this is nothing new. We’re really happy that they’re coming to Texas. I mean it’s a great honor I think,” Stewart said.

The Sheriff’s Office and County Commissioners have both been briefed on the plan.

Conspiracies are circulating across the internet because of a map showing Texas to be hostile territory for the exercise. Conspiracy theorists worry it’s the beginning of martial law or a government takeover.

“I guess Clay the one word I’d have is it’s a bunch of nonsense. You know that’s not what we do. When I served in the military I was there for the people of the United States not some big conspiracy government,”
Stewart said.

“The only purpose of this training exercise is to provide America with the best trained special operations forces for potential overseas operations,” said Lt. Colonel Mark Lastoria, a Spokesman with U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

Lastoria said while it is a small exercise there will be an economic impact to the area.

“We’re going to need to purchase fuel, food things of that nature and there’s going to be a need for hotel lodging for some of the people that are supporting the training exercise,” he said.

Lastoria added most people won’t notice the activities as they’ll happen overnight on private land and in remote areas.

The entire exercise will run July 15th to September 15th while in Brazos County just under a week.

Other nearby areas that will also see the exercise include Caldwell and Bastrop.


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