Los Angeles, California:
1300, 1600 local time: MacArthur Park &#8211 two separate rallies

Oakland, California:
0730-0930 local time: MacArthur BART Station &#8211 rally and blocking action
0800 local time: Port of Oakland &#8211 rally and march by port workers

Salem, Oregon:
1030 local time: Oregon State Capitol &#8211 rally

Seattle, Washington:
1800 local time: Seattle Central College, 1701 Broadway &#8211 rally and march

Madison, Wisconsin:
1530 local time: Brittingham Park &#8211 march along W. Washington Avenue to the Wisconsin state capitol building, then rally

Denver, Colorado:
1200 local time: Colorado State Capitol Grounds, 1492 Lincoln Street &#8211 rally

Chicago, Illinois:
1200-1330 local time: Haymarket Memorial, Des Plaines & Randolph &#8211 rally
1430 local time: Union Park &#8211 march to Mexican Consulate, then to S. Loomis and S. Blue Island, then to the Cook County Jail

Memphis, Tennessee:
1200 local time: 444 N. Main Street &#8211 a protest targeting Bass Pro Shop

Boston, Massachusetts:
1200 local time: Boston Commons &#8211 rally
1400 local time: Boston Commons &#8211 march to Haymarket Station
1600 local time: Chelsea City Hall &#8211 rally

Newark, New Jersey:
1600 local time: Military Park &#8211 rally then march

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
1400 local time: Clark Park, 43rd & Baltimore &#8211 march
1800 local time: Clark Park &#8211 rally

New York City, New York:
1530 local time: Union Square, 14th Street & Broadway &#8211 rally
1700 local time: Union Square &#8211 march


Collecting, translating, producing, and disseminating open source information that meets the needs of policymakers, the military, state and local law enforcement, operations officers, and analysts through-out Governments.
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