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A Case Study of the Islamic State as the Saddam Regime’s Afterlife: The Fedayeen Saddam

By Kyle Orton Saddam Hussein created the Fedayeen Saddam in 1994 as a paramilitary Praetorian unit. The Fedayeen were initially charged with protecting the regime from a repeat of the revolts that followed Saddam’s eviction from Kuwait by acting as … Continue reading

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Afghan to confront with opponents

The line of succession in Islam is contested to this day, forever splitting Islam into Sunni/Shia. Forever may be too permanent, lets say 1400 plus year give or take. Likely only Riyadh can reach some agreement, then lay groundwork for … Continue reading

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IRAN: 2014 Annual Report

The Campaign’s 2014 Annual Report presents some of the main human rights issues throughout the year, detailing major activities, reports and publications, multimedia productions, media outreach, and advocacy campaigns. Click to access ICHRI-AnnualReport2014_PRINT-Spreads.pdf

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The Islamic Judiciary

Hadi Ghaemi (executive director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran) The judiciary plays a vital role in preserving Iran’s Islamic system, often by prosecuting critics under vaguely defined national security laws. The judiciary falls under the authority … Continue reading

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The ISIS Caliphate and the Churches

By: Alberto M. Fernandez*\MEMRI The destruction by the entity known as the Islamic State (ISIS) in August 2015, of the over-1,500-year-old Syrian Catholic Monastery of Mar Elian, in Qaryatain, Syria – and of the even older ruins of the Temple … Continue reading

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How The 2016 Candidates Are Getting Their Money, In 1 Infographic

NPR Jeb Bush is getting all the millionaires, and Bernie Sanders is getting the small donors — those have been two prominent storylines in the 2016 money race for the presidency. But what about everyone in between? The Washington, D.C.-based … Continue reading

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Europe’s NGO Jihad Against Israel

by Susan Warner\ gatestoneinstitute Beneath a vexing tangle of funding operations — most hiding under a pretense of “good works,” “humanitarian aid,” and “public interest” — there is at work a sophisticated, multi-faceted, well-oiled propaganda machine against Israel. A chief … Continue reading

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While Saudi Arabia Goes to War Abroad, It’s Simmering at Home

By Giorgio Cafiero and Daniel Wagner July 4, 2015 An earlier version of this article was originally published by Foreign Policy in Focus To hear Saudi leaders tell it, the primary threat to the kingdom’s stability is the Islamic Republic … Continue reading

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Adam Patterson Despite the fact that al-Qaeda is responsible for the deadliest attack on U.S. soil, and that dismantling the terror apparatus was Washington’s primary motive for occupying Afghanistan, the burgeoning of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is a … Continue reading

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Has Kuwait reached the sectarian tipping point?

Key points in this Outlook: Religious divisions and changing demographics have increased political instability in Kuwait, opening the door for Iranian influence and, in turn, greater sectarian violence. Iranian influence has ebbed and flowed in Kuwait, but Kuwaiti Shi’ites have traditionally … Continue reading

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