Afghan to confront with opponents

The line of succession in Islam is contested to this day, forever splitting Islam into Sunni/Shia. Forever may be too permanent, lets say 1400 plus year give or take. Likely only Riyadh can reach some agreement, then lay groundwork for Peace situation. The timing is now.
When Daesh emerged in Afghanistan few months before, some militants who had separated ways with Taliban joined them. Daesh announced war against those who were still supporting Taliban. These differences led to fighting and left dozens of militants killed from both sides.
Taliban ultimately sent open letter to Daesh’s affiliates in Iraq and Syria asking its leader not to draw a parallel line with them in Afghanistan. The open letter contained that ‘according to them’ Afghanistan’s Emir is Mullah Mohammad Omar.
But this letter did not make any difference in the fight between Daesh and Taliban.
Most recently when Mullah Mohammad Omar was confirmed dead rifts rose within the leadership of Taliban itself which has caused infighting within the militant group.
Some support the new leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour but some others support Mullah Mohammad Yaqoub who is the son of Mullah Mohammad Omar. Now Daesh is fighting Taliban but Taliban are fighting their own comrades and Daesh.
Haji Ata Jan Haqbayan, head of Zabul’s provincial council says that fighting has began between the two sides.
He said around 600 pro-Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour fighters have arrived only in Khak-e-Afghan District to confront with those opposing.
According to Haqbayan, the group of 600 is trying to force those supporting Mullah Omar’s family under the command of Mullah Mansour Dadullah to pledge allegiance with Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour.
Seven militants have been killed from both sides in the fighting so far.


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