Even with beer goggles, that is one fugly Muslim!

Last time we learned about UK jihadist Abdul Muhid, he was wandering the streets of London with a video camera, harassing people for not following seventh-century rules. Since then, he’s been up to his usual antics, promoting jihad and condemning normal western activities like drinking. Despite owning a store, Muhid spends an awful lot of time bending over with his Mujahideen buddies (for Allah, of course, you perverts!) He uses a fake name on Facebook, Abu Walaa, likely to be less traceable since he posts all sorts of pro-terror material.

Muhid, who is not to be confused with the convicted child molester of the same name and age from the same region, has a history of arrest. At a rally a few years ago, he was arrested for chanting, “Bomb, bomb the UK!” Yep, totally peaceful and innocent. Likely due to a bad experience or two in prison, he now posts constantly about jihadist website, tagging his posts with #FreeMuslimPrisoners. Does he make any mention of whether or not those prisoners are innocent? Nope. Does he care? Nope; in fact, he probably wants the guilty ones released even more. Here are some screenshots of posts he made on Facebook in support of freeing imprisoned terrorists:

Why would you want them to be free if they're violent criminals, and you follow the religion of peace? Something doesn't quite fit...

As you can see, #FreeMuslimPrisoners is not about releasing the wrongly imprisoned; it's about freeing captured terrorists so they can jihad all over everything a second time.

Muhid, as pictured above, took part in an anti-alcohol rally in mid-December 2013. The rally was held by the Sharia Project, a group with the purpose of imposing sharia law upon Britain. The group has links to hate preachers Anjem Choudary and Abu Rumaysah, among others. Muhid stated: “One of the problems in the recession is that people are depressed and some have hit the bottle. My duty as a Muslim is to convince people of the ills of alcohol. In the Islamic teaching, drinking and selling alcohol is a sin.” Uhh, not everyone follows Islam. Not everyone wants to regress back to the 7th century when camel piss was viewed as medicine. Speaking of pre-modern views, here are a couple other gems from Muhid’s Facebook:

The irony here is astounding.

Uhh, read the article, you dumbshit - the religion of peace followers were the aggressors! I'm guessing Muhid considers instigating violence against the kuffar to be a noble act.

Gee, he totally isn't aiding terrorists...

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