WATCH: ISIS in Hebrew ‘Not One Jew Will Be Left in Jerusalem’


A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows an ISIS militant fluently speaking the historically Jewish language of Hebrew and making threats against Jews. The video was released on October 23 and is titled “A message to the Jews, the first enemy of the Muslims.”

According to a translation provided by The Times of Israel, the ISIS militant says:

This is a message to all the Jews, who are the Muslims’ No. 1 enemy. The real war has not begun and everything you have experienced so far has been child’s play — nothing compared to what will happen to you soon enough, inshallah [God willing]. We promise you that soon, not one Jew will be left [alive] in Jerusalem or across Israel and we will continue until we eradicate this disease [Judaism?] from the world. Look at what has happened to you in a few vehicular and stabbing attacks from our brothers in Palestine. You lost your minds and started fearing every driver that sped up. You were even scared of every person carrying something in their hand. What will happen to you when tens of thousands [of Muslim fighters] arrive from across the world to slaughter you? The borders of Sykes-Picot will not protect you, and like we blurred the borders between Syria and Iraq, we will do so between Syria and Jordan and then Syria and Palestine. This isn’t just talk. We will advance towards you from everywhere, from the north and the south, from Sinai, from everywhere. We see your crimes every day and we will settle score.

“The borders of Sykes-Picot”–Picot_Agreement references the 1916 secret agreement between the United Kingdom and France when they redrew the borders of the defeated Ottoman Empire after World War I.

This is the first purportedly official ISIS video ever to be done in the Hebrew language.


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