DABIQ ON REFUGEES FLEEING: “Leaving Dārul-Islām For Dārul-kufr Is a Dangerous Major Sin, As It Is A Passage Towards Kufr And A Gate Towards One’s Children And grandchildren abandoning Islam for Christianity, Atheism, or Liberalism.”

…………………………The repeated events of Syrians and Libyans dying on the shores of Turkey, Libya, and Italy, or even on the highways of Austria, is one that should awaken the heart into reflecting upon the issue of hijrah.
{Indeed, those whom the angels take [in death] while wronging themselves – [the angels] will say, “In what [condition] were you?” They will say, “We were oppressed in the land.” The angels will say, “Was not the earth of Allah spacious [enough] for you to emigrate therein?” For those, their refuge is Hell – and evil it is as a destination. Except for the oppressed among men, women and children who cannot devise a plan nor are they directed to a way – For those it is expected that Allah will pardon them, and Allah is ever Pardoning and Forgiving} [An-Nisā: 97-99].
Rasūlullāh said, “Allah does not accept any deed from a mushrik after he accepts Islam until he departs from the mushrikīn and goes to the Muslims” [Reported by an- Nasā’ī and Ibn Mājah on the authority of Mu’āwiyah Ibn Haydah].
Although the obligation of hijrah is clear, a mistake is regularly committed by claimants of Islam, and that is in choosing their destination for “hijrah.” They always choosethe lands of the Christians for their destination. But after  the establishment of the prophetic state, hijrah was to al- Madīnah not al-Habashah. And during the Umawī and ‘Abbāsī rule, hijrah was to the lands of the khilāfah not Rome and Constantinople. And with the revival of Islam’s state, hijrah is to the wilāyāt of the Khilāfah, not to Nusayrī, Rāfidī, Sahwah, or PKK territory, nor to America, Europe,
and their tāghūt allies.
Hijrah is an obligation from dārul-kufr to Dārul-Islām. Ibn Qudāmah, for example, said, “Chapter on Hijra: Hijrah is to abandon dārul-kufr for Dārul-Islām.” He then quoted the verses referenced earlier and other
proofs. He then said, “The ruling of hijrah will remain and will not cease until Resurrection Day” [Al-Mughnī]. Ibnul-Qayyim said that “if the laws of Islam are not See also pages 28-29 of issue #8 and pages 25-34 of issue #3. implemented somewhere, it is not Dārul-Islām” [Ahkām Ahl adh-Dhimmah]. This is evident, as the Sahābah did not consider the lands overcome by the false prophets or the resistance against zakāh to be anything but dārul-harb.
The fuqahā’ after them did not consider the lands ruled by the Tatar or ‘Ubaydī rulers to be Dārul-Islām, for although these rulers claimed Islam and ruled by some of its laws, they committed apostasy by abandoning some of its laws or teachings. Accordingly, moving to the lands of Āl Salūl
or the Sahwāt is not hijrah, as the rulers of these lands – in addition to them allying with the crusaders and apostates against Islam – abandon and resist many of the laws of the Sharī’ah. There is no wālā’ and barā’ there except on a nationalist basis.
Sadly, some Syrians and Libyans are willing to risk the lives and souls of those whom they are responsible to raise upon the Sharī’ah – their children – sacrificing many of them during the dangerous trip to the lands of the war-waging crusaders ruled by laws of atheism and indecency.
Although most of these families leave from dārul-kufr– Sahwah, PKK, or regime territory – to the crusaders’lands, the possibility of families leaving the Khilāfah for America or Europe in pursuit of the Dunyā is a matter that should bring focus to the ruling of abandoning Dārul-
Islām for dārul-kufr.
Therefore, it should be known that voluntarily leaving Dārul-Islām for dārul-kufr is a dangerous major sin, as it is a passage towards kufr and a gate towards one’s children and grandchildren abandoning Islam for Christianity, atheism, or liberalism. If one’s children and grandchildren
don’t fall into kufr, they are under the constant threat of fornication, sodomy, drugs, and alcohol. If they don’t fall into sin, they will forget the language of the Qur’ān –Arabic – which they were surrounded by in Shām, Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere, making the return to the religion
and its teachings more difficult.
There are several narrations in the Sunnah on the prohibition of going back to one’s homeland after hijrah, a case similar to that of abandoning Dārul-Islām for dārul-kufr.

Ok. Moving on.
In this month’s edition, the publishers at Dabiq have published an article in which they explain how they blew up Metrojet Flight 9268. They say at first they planned on targeting one of the NATO “coalition of the willing” members, but for some unknown reason, decided to shift gears and blow up a Russian jet instead. That is a nice touch. Brings it back home to the Western audiences I suppose.
“After resolving to bring down a plane belonging to a nation in the American-led Western coalition against ISIS, the target was changed to a Russian plane”.

No explanation as too why they changed targets is offered.

They claim they did it with this: the Schweppes Bomb of Doom.

Yes, that is a metal can with a metal detonator and a toggle switch made of metal components. ISIS™ says they “smuggled it onto the plane”
This is what we are scared of? This is what we are at war with? We have to spend trillions of dollars fighting this? Are you kidding? It’s a can from recycle bin in the green-room at some photography studio. Is this a joke?
Unfortunately, it’s not a joke or at least, the MSM isn’t taking it as one. They are all over this “breaking news” from this credible source, ISIS™

(I wonder how many dimwits are out there pouring their Ginger Ale down the drain right now. I’m guessing a lot.)

Of course, keep in mind, the first time ISIS™ tried to take credit for downing Flight 9268, they implied they took it out with a shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missile.

Of course, people soon found out that a shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missile couldn’t hit a target at that range so ISIS™ posted a video supposedly showing Flight 9268 blowing up and crashing.

Turns out, that was a lie as well. The plane in the video is not Flight 9268.

After repeatedly lying about their role in the downing of Flight 9268, one might think that folks would take any new claim by ISIS™ with a grain of salt especially when one considers that the Russians estimate the bomb contained at least a kilogram of high explosives (2.2 pounds) and that stupid can up there couldn’t hold more than a quarter or so of that.

The high explosive that is the most dense is probably C-4. It’s a military grade explosive. Here is a picture of a 1.4 pound charge. It’s about 9″ long.

If you packed that stupid little can with this crap, you might get about half of it in there. Maybe a little more. I don’t know. I don’t make bombs.
Other high explosives are less dense and therefore you would get even less in the can. PETN for example, which is also considered a military grade high explosive.

Schweppes Bomb of Doom.
As ridiculous as the ISIS™ claim is and given their history of lying about other events and specifically, this event, you would think the MSM would be a little cautious about taking them at their word on such matters.
And… you would be wrong.
Yep. Chris Cuomo did an overly lengthy segment last night going on and on about the ISIS™ story, making sure to give credit to the terrorist’s magazine (as you can see in the upper right corner)
Chris brought in some “experts”, Josh Rogin and David Soucie, and they all sat around pondering the diabolical nature of the ridiculous Schweppes Bomb of Doom.

If you go over to 21st Century Wire, Patrick Henningson has a good write-up on the spectacle of the CNN production.
First the shoe-bomber, then the Diaper of Doom featuring Umar Fizzlepants, then the amazing pressure cookers that seem to deflate when inserted into a backpack… and now this. And these are the guys who have been beating ObamaGod in Syria for the last 13 months?
And to make it even sadder, we are now having to watch as our complicit corporate media cites these idiots as valid sources of information while they continue to erase comments left by readers linking back to websites like mine or 21st Century Wire because we aren’t credible.

Issue 11 – From the battle of Al-Ahzab to the war of coalitions



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