THE HUMANITY PARTY: Vote Anonymous 2016 – The Solution For Humanity

Vote Anonymous 2016’s first objective is to give the people hope and educate them about the power of their vote. Anonymity offers a united and equal face to each and every person who legally registers to vote and then uses the write-in option to send a clear and powerful message to the balloted candidates. It is Vote Anonymous 2016’s intent to rally the people to show up at voting booths across the country and record a vote of ANONYMOUS.

The Humanity Party™ hopes that ANONYMOUS wins the majority of votes and sends a strong message to the political powers that control our lives. It is our intent to send a message to the governmental authorities that we demand drastic changes; and most importantly, that we provide the solutions and define the change that we desire.

This new constitution is only a proposal and a general outline of desired changes that can be incorporated into the current U.S. Constitution. According to current constitutional law, if enough THumP™ Representatives are elected to Congress, then they can legally rewrite the Constitution. THumP™’s proposed Constitution can act as a guideline and suggestions for the new Congress to work with in establishing a new Constitution.

Full Text of Proposed Constitution final_constitution_of_the_republic_of_america

Proposed Constitution With Notes final_notes-on-the-constitution

American reform movements have seldom been successful at registering a new party and appointing proper leadership to compete with the current and dominant Democratic and Republican parties.

Finding a person with integrity and courage to lead a new party is difficult. Appointed leaders of reform parties can easily be corrupted by power and greed.

The Humanity Party (“THumP™”) has no confirmed leaders.

It is led by the voice of each person who supports its platform. Properly supporting THumP™ consists of legally registering to vote and casting your vote by entering the word “ANONYMOUS” in the write-in option.

Rejecting all of the registered and approved candidates sends a message that we no longer accept the status quo of the current government and that we demand real change.

THumP™ does not appoint leaders nor accept donations—in an effort to protect our party’s intent and purpose by eliminating the possibility of corruption by Special Interest Groups, lobbyists, and corporate PACs (Political Action Committees).

THumP™ has not yet conformed to the expected process of registering a new political party according to current government policy and rules, but this does not prohibit us from accomplishing the purpose for which THumP™ was envisioned: to demand real change that works. If the people respond to our purpose, then by their majority voice we can properly designate our movement as a party in the current political arena. If our vision is embraced by enough people, we will legally register The Humanity Party as a U.S. political party.
THumP™’s Political Platform is defined herein. This Platform acts as the party’s official manifesto that encompasses our views and political points and ideals. This manifesto includes THumP™’s beliefs, but most importantly, their application to real life.
Humanity party line revolves around three basic inalienable human rights: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for all people to dissolve the political bands which have isolated and separated them from each other, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the united and equal station to which the Laws of Nature or of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of humankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to unite.”

Read Full Text of final_thump_declaration



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2 Responses to THE HUMANITY PARTY: Vote Anonymous 2016 – The Solution For Humanity

  1. Rifleman III says:

    They will cause violent revolution if the Constitution is tampered with. Better off if they move elsewhere and be happier. No joke.


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