Pakistan Hindu Seva: Shopkeepers In Pakistan’s Sindh Province Allegedly Sold Shoes With A Hindu Sacred Word ‘Om’ Inscribed On It

Shoe with ‘Om’ inscription sparks outrage in Pakistan

Some shopkeepers in Pakistan’s Sindh province allegedly sold shoes with a Hindu sacred word ‘Om’ inscribed on it, angering the minority community in the country which described it unfortunate and blasphemous.

The patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC), Ramesh Kumar told PTI they had already lodged protests with the Sindh government and local authorities in Tando Adam Khan after it was brought to the notice of the Hindu community that shoes were being sold with the sacred word ‘Om’ inscribed on them.

“It is most unfortunate that some shopkeepers in Tando Adam Khan are selling shoes on the occasion of Eid ul Azha with the Hindu sacred word inscribed on them and the purpose just appears to be to insult the sentiments of the Hindu community,” Mr Kumar said.

“The pictures of these shoes have been circulated on social media by concerned members of the Hindu community and we demand they be removed from the shops immediately,” he said.

Pakistan Hindu Seva, Reported on FB: “The shoe shop named Zeb shoes , owned by Farman Ahmed in Tando Jam place of Sindh is selling Chappel which is enshrined with Hindu Religious symbol “OM” . This is shameful for the rest of the citizens who use to visit this shop everyday & try this Chappel fabricated with “OM” . The shopkeeper either sells this Chappel intentionally or unintentionally , must be barred from selling because it’s hurting the sentiments & spreading the hatred which might be turning into violent response . No doubt this is blasphemous act but I want to appeal the localists of the area to intervene into the matter & address the issue within the jurisdiction of law to avoid any violence .
As “OM” is the sacred religious symbol of Hinduism which talks about the oneness of God . Let’s protect this oneness peacefully for the progressive & positive face of Pakistan & let’s appeal the concerned authorities to take notice of the matter immediately to override any expected mistrust within the localists .


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