How are Jordanians reacting to the recent terror attack on social media?


After yesterday’s terrorist attack which lead to the deaths of six Jordanian military personnel and the injury of over a dozen more, Jordan declared the area along its Northern border a “closed military zone”. For the Syrians stranded along the border this further complicates the process of entering Jordan, and also greatly restricts the ability of outgoing aid to travel to the war-torn nation. This, coupled with the government’s decision to suspend building new refugee camps or expanding on old ones could have deep ramifications for the Syrian refugee crisis.

It’s also raised important questions: What should Jordan do to protect itself? Should Jordan continue receiving refugees from Syria? Many Syrians and Jordanians took to twitter to share their thoughts:

Some Jordanians argued in favor of accepting refugees from practical standpoints:

@jordanSw306 في هذه المرحلة التوقف خطيئة فيصبح حتى اللاجئيون داخل الاردن مشروع وبيئة حاضنة للأرهاب

“A t this point stopping refugees from entering the country would be wrong, it’d create an environment that incubates terrorism even for the refugees inside Jordan.”

Others, equally as practical yet with an opposing view:

Some Syrians responded to attacks against them. User @syriaassadgirl1 rose to the defense of her countrymen, posting two pictures of a now-deleted account in which a Jordanian allegedly wrote “A curse upon Syria and all Syrians” in a series of posts.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

سوريين و النا الشرف نحنا سوريين
مع احترامي لشرفاء الاردن
اناشدكم اعزائي:
معليش ضبو حيواناتكم ولا تفلتوهم بين البشر.

“Syrians are honored to be Syrian. With my respect to the honorable Jordanians, I impore you my dears: Control your animals and don’t release them among humans.”

In the same fashion, some Jordanians went on defense.

مش فاهمة كيف في سوريين بتشمتوا بموت حرس الحدود طب مهوة هاد الي بتتشمت فيه يمكن منقذلك اخوك جارك ابن خالك قريبك و هوة هربان من الموت!

“I don’t understand how there’s Syrians happy about the deaths of Jordanian soldiers, maybe someone whose death your celebrating saved your brother for you, your neighbor, your cousin, or any relative when they were fleeing for their lives!”

Some Jordanians boasted about the army’s capabilities and even suggested going on the offensive:

“May got rest their souls and accept them [the killed soldiers] in Heaven… I don’t want to belittle anyone who loves the country …. Open the borders and we’ll liberate all of Syria from Daesh and the others in two days. Attacking is the best form of defense… However many thousand thugs they are… With my congratulations and appreciation to our Arab Army.”

To the dogs of Daesh your hopes of entering Jordan are like the hopes of Satan to enter Heaven, forget about division between Palestinians and Jordanians we’re all brothers who eat and drink from [the nation’s] goodness. God protect us, our King, and our soldiers … ”

In many cases, the appreciation of the army extended to their treatment of refugees.

اخواننا المرابطين على حدودنا، القائمين على أمننا وسلامة ارضنا، لكم المجد، ولعدوكم الخزي والذل والعار. بخير.

“Our brothers stationed on the border, protecting us and our lands, glory to you. Shame and humiliation to your enemy. Our Jordan is great.”


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