Muslims Working in Federal Security Agencies Proving Troublesome



On Tuesday, TruthRevolt published a story about a Muslim-American who used his own example in an attempt to counter Donald Trump’s assertion that Muslims won’t turn in other Muslims who may be up to some bad things. The man said he did his part when he alerted the FBI to Omar Mateen sometime before Mateen killed 49 people in the deadliest terror attack on American soil since 9/11.

But while this may be one exception, other stories are emerging that show the complexities of Muslims living in the United States, especially when a member of that community works for federal law enforcement.

The Washington Post interviewed several Muslim CIA agents and learned that many in their own community remain hostile to a country that is actively engaged in a war against Islamic terrorists:

But Muslims at this clannish organization [the CIA] also described being caught between two worlds: the agency they serve and the communities from which they come. Across the Muslim world, and in U.S. Muslim communities, many people remain hostile to an organization identified with the detainee abuse and drone strikes primarily directed at Muslims since the 9/11 attacks…

Muslim officers acknowledged that the CIA is viewed with suspicion in their communities. Many would like to push back but usually don’t, for fear of revealing themselves as agency employees.

It’s common knowledge that CIA officers stay hushed about their top-secret positions except with close family and friends, but these Muslim agents say members of their own families have a problem with them working for a government they perceive is out to get them.

Currently, Muslim officers only represent 1.1% of the CIA’s total workforce. Whites/Caucasians have the clear majority, at 78.8%. The Obama administration has continually pushed for greater diversity amongst federal ranks under the guise that foreigners would be more comfortable with their own kind when being interviewed or interrogated. While that may be an advantage overseas, it’s here in the homeland where this diversification might be causing more problems.

WaPo describes an in-house incident that appeared to be a “microaggression” against Muslim agents:

Last year, the agency held a cake-baking contest and posted a photo of the winning entry on its internal website. The cake’s frosting was decorated with the black flag used by the Islamic State, engulfed in flames. The photo showed a knife cutting into the cake’s flag.

Although most Westerners associate that flag with the Islamic State, it displays the Shahada, a holy creed, whose desecration would be offensive to Muslims. People called to complain, and the photo was taken down. [The Post notes, however, that none of the complaints originated from Muslim employees.]

What’s even more troublesome is how fast these immigrants are given high-security jobs within our federal government almost as soon as they land on our shores.

“Many of the agency’s Muslims are naturalized Americans, who said they are proud that the U.S. government has trusted them with its most closely-guarded secrets, even though some had barely obtained U.S. citizenship before entering the CIA,” the report notes.

And now that they’re here and following election coverage, many have become concerned how they might be treated under a President Trump. One said, “Would your clearance be [affected]? Would it be harder for me to get access to certain programs? Those are real concerns.”

Further clouding the issue is this story presented at, which brings into question where a Muslim’s loyalties lie.

When Gamal Abdel-Hafiz was in the FBI, he vehemently refused to wiretap a fellow Muslim under investigation.

“A Muslim doesn’t record another Muslim,” he had said.

Abdel-Hafiz was not fired for his refusal, but in fact, was later promoted and has now climbed even higher up Obama’s diversity ladder, all the way to the Department of Homeland Security where he is an adviser to the president on how to deal with terror threats. As a presidential consultant on CVE programs (“countering violent extremism”), one of the first orders of business for this Egyptian immigrant is pushing for a national gun registry.

“So we know who has what,” he said.

Abdel-Hafiz’s success can be attributable to the administration’s diversity efforts that have not only provided job security for a Muslim that doesn’t want to properly interrogate another Muslim, but also ensured he keeps a prominent position of power and influence.



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