Abd Al-Aziz Al-Saifi, a self-proclaimed child preacher, rants s against Israel and the Jews has become a menace in Jordanian mosques in recent months, where authorities seem torn between their indignation at his conduct and their reluctance to oppose his populist message. Find all his preaches on his personal channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAqHLaRI9YvWbWRNCaPNnSg

In one such speech he accuses the Jews of “plundering a land that is not theirs.” He claims Jerusalem “is crying for help” and calls for resistance against Zionists.

In another he calls the Jewish people “the enemies of all humanity” and urges Allah to “annihilate the Jews and those who help them…liberate our land…protect the mujahideen and the resistance fighters.”………….Videos of his actions show mosque-goers listening to the child, some patiently, some less so. Often officials attempt to silence him and urge him to quiet down, sometimes forcefully. But he appears to ignore them entirely and is at times supported by other worshipers who back his message.

Abd Al-Aziz Al-Saifi, a dangerous voice to trigger “Grand Jihad”against Israel and Arab regimes, including Jordan?  MB hidden agenda unfolds…..


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