TERROR MONITOR: Islamic State Bangladesh (ISB): No One Safe….

IS Statement On #DhakaAttack:”Citizens Of Crusader Countries Will Not Feel Safe As Long As Their Planes Bomb Muslims


#IslamicState Officially Claims Responsibility For #DhakaAttack, Says 5 Fighters Killed “22 Crusaders”.


June 28, 2016 Rohan John wrote in The Diplomat:

“…………………………..Wave of Arrests Reveals Bangladesh Terror Threat Is Home-Grown For three years, secular bloggers, gay rights activists, religious minorities and educators have been murdered by men with machetes in Bangladesh. Until recently these sporadic but highly publicized killings have left the international media guessing who was responsible. The Islamic State (ISIS) has sometimes claimed credit, but recent developments disprove any major link to the international terrorist group. Instead, what we have in Bangladesh, sadly, is the sinister targeting of innocents – probably for political purposes – by home-grown militants………………..”


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