Kadyrov threatens emigrants from Chechnya Caucasian Knot English

Published on Jun 10, 2016
On June 5, the English translation of Ramzan Kadyrov’s address to the Chechen Diaspora in Europe was published on Youtube by the “Translation service from Caucasian languages”. This is an extract from Kadyrov’s speech recorded by the “Grozny” TV Channel on April 6, one year after the capital of Chechnya had been awarded the title of “City of Military Glory”. It was on that solemn occasion that the Chechen leader decided to address his compatriots abroad with open threats. The Chechen Diaspora in Europe is constantly growing. From January 1 till May 23, 2016, 82.3% Russian citizens applying for asylum in Germany indicated their Chechen origin. Out of 2728 applications filed by Russian citizens, 2244 were filed by natives of Chechnya, the newspaper “Die Welt” reports with reference


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