Pakistan is ‘Economically Weak’ and ‘Internationally Isolated’

By Darshil Patel

Pakistan is lagging behind economically and has become internationally isolated and the Govt. of Pakistan needs to re-examine their national policy which has been centered around India since independence in 1947.

India and China, are two countries that have progressed economically and grown stronger militarily leaving Pakistan way behind.

Pakistan’s economic growth rate has been a shameful 3pc for the last 10 years and compare this with that of India the economy of which has been growing by 8pc, while China’s economic growth rate has been 7pc over the same time.

Pakistan has been left far behind, even by Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Bangladesh which gained independence in 1971 has $30bn in Forex Reserves compared to Pakistan’s $20bn.

The Govt. of Pakistan have successfully failed to uplift their economy and further plunge the country into a chaos of Islamic Terrorism.

Since the dawn of the Modi Govt., India has effectively pursued an aggressive Foreign Policy and successfully isolated Pakistan in Asia and internationally. Starting with Afghanistan and followed by Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, the United States and Europe have gradually drifted away from Pak and moved closer to India. The only country that has moved closer to Pakistan or vice-versa is China.

India’s Foreign Policy makers have used the title of the world’s fastest growing major economy and the world’s top FDI destination as a weapon, forcing ‘Friends of Pakistan’ to either choose between ‘Economic Prosperity’ or ‘Islamic Brotherism’. India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has been hosted by all these countries with grand red carpet welcomes and investment pledges worth billions of dollars.

The Pakistani government has been watching helplessly as their country gets internationally isolated because of India’s aggressive diplomatic maneuvers. The United States that was once considered an ally of Pakistan has withdrawn all Financial and Military Aid and continues to bomb terrorist with Predator Drones against the will of the Pakistani Govt.

Pakistan continues to overinvest in their military more than they can afford and underinvest in human development areas like education and infrastructure which is very crucial for creating a strong, healthy, productive society—and Pakistan will face the same fate as Syria or Somalia.


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