The caption pic says it all. A user with the moniker Prince Mamuhammad posted it on Facebook at the Black Panther Party Mississippi page. The Dallas shooter, Micah Johnson, frequented the site and wrote a hate filled rant shortly before he committed mass murder.

What is telling is that Facebook has refused to take it down. When queried on this, the comment was “it didn’t violate community standards.”

RBG stands for red, black and green and refers to the colors of the Pan African Flag. (Whatever that is.) The association with Islamic executions is striking. It’s designed to elicit a visceral response.Anyone with a half a brain can see where this is going.

If the present course of our country continues to follow a political pathway charted by the left then the United States as we know it is committing social suicide. The left wants this to happen as well as the anarchy that will follow. Any logical thinking person should start making plans. That means a number of things.


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