Published on Sep 3, 2016
Human organ traffickers are allegedly using prostitutes to tempt migrants into selling their organs, while hospitals are helping to cover up the disturbing revelations, a shocking report has stated.
The traffickers are targeting African migrants who do not have the necessary documentation and are also without money, the report added.

“(One pimp) used the services of sex workers as leverage when negotiating fees with both sellers and buyers,” the report said, as quoted by Reuters. “A night with a sex worker was offered as an extra inducement to sell.”The report was compiled by Sean Columb, a law lecturer at Liverpool University in Britain, who spent weeks in Egypt, and talked to brokers and donors.

Legislation is vague regarding organ transplants in Egypt. Purchasing a kidney is illegal, but paying for a transplant procedure is within the rules. Some people have paid up to $100,000 for a new organ, with the deals made in public places like cafes, the report said.

Columb states that the ambivalence of the legislation is shown by the fact that the unlawful removal of organs is rarely reported.

“Should a transplant professional (surgeon) suspect that an organ has been donated illegally there is no legal duty to report this to the relevant authorities,” one broker told Columb, as cited by Reuters. “The doctors don’t want to know anything. They take the money without question.”

One of the donors told Columb that she was detained in an operating theatre while her kidney was removed, and the surgery left her with abdominal pain.

Another donor refused to be operated on, despite threats from brokers, who told her that “it was too late for her to reconsider, as the health checks and surgery had already been paid for” and then warned they would come and get her kidney.The report is not the only evidence of horrifying organ trafficking practices. In July, the Times newspaper reported that African refugees were being killed for their organs in Egypt if they failed to pay their smugglers.

“The Egyptians come equipped to remove the organ and transport it in insulated bags,” people smuggler Nouredin Atta told the investigation following his detention, as cited by the Times.

In April, blood-chilling images of badly scarred bodies of Somali refugees emerged on social media, with the users suggesting that migrants had been victims of organ trafficking.

Egypt is known to be a hub for migrants and is a transit point for those who want to travel to Europe. Around one in 10 refugees arriving in Italy have sailed via Egypt since the start of 2016, the International Organisation for Migration said. The rest went through Libya.

It id not only in Egypt that migrants are being targeted by criminals.

Last month, a report said that refugee children as young as seven were being sexually assaulted in official EU migrant camps in Greece, with children and women too afraid to go outside their tents after dark.

In May, allegations concerning sexual abuse at a migrant facility in the south east of Turkey emerged. A cleaner at the Nazip refugee center was given a 108-year prison sentence for sexually abusing over two-dozen Syrian boys, who were aged between eight and 12.

China: Organ Donation Rate Lowest In World; Where Are Growing Numbers of Organs Sourced?

Chinese media have reported that China’s organ
donation rate is one of the lowest in the world.
It states that only 0.03 per 10,000
people willing to donate organs.
However, organ transplant numbers in China have
increased at an alarming pace during the past decade.
Where are the organs coming from?

During the recent high-profile detention and
torture of lawyers Jiansanjiang District, it
emerged that they were threatened with their
organs being harvested while they were alive.
These threats came from the Public Security Bureau,
and add further evidence to the Chinese Communist Party
(CCP) harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners.

China’s only voluntary organ donation registration
website, the Chinese Human Organ Donation
Management Center, officially launched on April 2.

On the same day, several Chinese officials took the
lead to register their willingness to donate organs.
Chinese media site reported that China’s
organ donation rate is one of the lowest in the world.
Only 0.03 per 10,000 people are willing to donate organs.

Beijing Red Cross reported in 2011 that only 37 people
in China registered to be donors during the past 20 years.

However, in the past decade, numbers of China’s organ
transplant operations have increased at an alarming pace.
Between 1999 and 2005, organ transplants tripled.
Independent investigations indicate that these large
numbers form part of a growing body of evidence of
live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners.

Wang Zang, Chinese Poet: “So many Chinese people’s
bodies were plastinated for exhibitions around the world.
Where did the bodies come from? There is
evidence to suggest that persecuted Falun
Gong practitioners are a predominant source.
The authorities carried out a severe crackdown
on Falun Gong, which is a human rights disaster.
In Jiansanjiang, lawyers trying to represent Falun
Gong practitioners were themselves persecuted.
I believe with more investigations,
the truth will be revealed in the future.”

In the Jiansanjiang District of Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang,
a black jail was set up to detain Falun Gong practitioners.
Police illegally detained lawyers who visited practitioners,
and the lawyers were subjected to beatings and torture.

Chinese netizen: “They (CCP) wants to stabilize the country.
They will do anything and ignore everything
in order to be able to stabilize the regime.
The law is pushed aside, and they
do not care about human rights.
They do not care about what we
say. They detain people at will.”

On April 6, three lawyers who were representing
Falun Gong practitioners, Tang Jitian, Wang Cheng
and Jiang Tianyong left the Jiansanjiang black jail
with injuries sustained from 15 days illegal detention.
Prior to this, lawyer Zhang Junjie was also released.

Tang Jitian spoke during an interview with NTD.
When he and other three lawyers were detained
at Jiansanjiang, they suffered brutal tortures.
The public security at Jiansanjiang also
threatened them with live organ harvesting.

Tang Jitian: “They said they would dig a hole to
bury me in, or take out my kidney while I am alive.
The police also threatened to send me to
brainwashing classes for forced transformation.”

Another netizen expressed: “Kidney harvesting?
Would they threaten people like this if they
were not involved or not aware of such crime.”

Zhang Enguang, Chinese netizen: “Anything
is possibly under China’s the current regime.
It uses many ways to maintain stability
and violates it’s own constitution.
The CCP authorities also know about this.
Without discipline of law, man can do anything.”

Wang Zang suggests that the threatening
from the police provides further evidence
of the CCP’s crimes of organ harvesting.

Wang Zang: “If live organ harvesting was not true,
then the CCP should have allowed an investigation.
Lawyer Gao Zhisheng suffered all kinds of
torture for pushing such a kind of investigation.
It actually indicates it is true.
The international community has indirectly validated over 50



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