Donate Quran – Dawah project
We aim to promote the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah (the way of life of Muslims on the basis of teachings and practices of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH) and tolerance in order to achieve peace and co-existence among all races.



Donate Quran is part of a non-profitable organisation which is part of Mercy 4 All Foundation, a registered charity in the United Kingdom
100 percent of funds donated to us are used on printing a copy of the Quran
The core activities of Mercy 4 all Foundation are charitable activities in Dawah and humanitarian projects. To convey the message of Islam to Muslims and Non-Muslims

Anyone visiting our webpage has online access to a number of Islamic books and Hadiths, With further access to the Quran translation in multiple languages.


  • Provide free copies of the Quran translation in English.
  • We have chosen the translation of Saheeh International and our surah appendices have made it simpler to understand
  • AimS at providing free copies of the Quran translation to Mosques, Community Centres, Dawah Centres, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Prisons, Libraries & Homes.
  • Donors consist of corporate companies, bat usinesses and individuals wanting to help in this noble cause of dawah
  • Dawn target is to distribute millions of copies worldwide. This is the holly book from Allah and there is no limit on how many copies will be distributed Inshallah.
    In 2013, we initially distributed with just 20 Qurans, providing to friends and families and now Alhamdullilah, we have distributed thousands of copies by the grace of Allah.
    It all started by the word of mouth and by the grace of Allah we are contacted by people from around the world for copies.

Dawah looking for people who are an institute or individual who would like to become one of our registered distributors. Start preparing for your hearafter and become part of our campaign.

According to Dawah source, Donate Quran has had positive response of so many Muslims and non-Muslims whom have been able to understand the Quran better, some non-Muslims have taken shahada as a result, how blessed are they MashaAllah.

DAWAH THANKS ” The Quran Project”

For their belief and strong determination in making this campaign a success and we hope to continue growing with the strength of all our believers and followers.

Projects In Prospective
– Pure Health Hospital –Humanity Project modern state of the art hospital in India Gujarat

  • Providing free medical treatment under privileged humanity this area surrounds a population of 2 million people.
  • Working on  social activities such as Free Medical Camps, these activities have made a very good impact in the society and have drawn a positive image of Muslims among the Non-Muslims.

Place: Leicester City centre, England



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