Anonymous describes the current sad condition of the American people after decades of preparation, of being made dumb and exploitable, and then offers up a view into the United States of the future. It’s a look at what they see unfolding over the next eight years and beyond under a Clinton dictatorship.

They cite five pillars of the Hillary Clinton’s vision, noting that Satanism shares that same number in its goals. Clinton plans to dismantle the government, take over child care, neutralize religion, sell off the United States to make trillions in profit for private entities and erode our moral values. Their recently completed handover of the Internet is proof that they can get away with selling off American assets without so much as a peep from Congressional leadership and only a spattering from its members.

The anonymous spokesman identifies the first point of attack to be the Constitution of the United States. The Supreme Court will be her tool. They predict that Justice Thomas will retire and be followed shortly thereafter by Chief Justice Roberts.

They predict that the feds will then sue the states to force their agenda upon us. They’ll use gerrymandering to guarantee a House advantage and control in the 2018 election. By that point the Supreme Court will have struck down any requirements for voter ID and our fate is sealed. It then becomes a matter of just going through the moves on the chess board as the queen gobbles up defenseless pawns, knights and bishops.

Anonymous goes on to tell how she’ll incorporate daycare centers as the new parents, with a mandated loyalty to the father of government that will be at the heart of every facet of their instruction. Christianity will be driven underground and replaced by a set of virtual idols. The system will ultimately be formed into one which permits two choices, the state run “feel good” robot gods of false, fabricated apparitions in the sky or Islam.

Our assets will be sold off through an arrangement with the United Nations acting as an effective pawnbroker between us and the other nations around the world that are our creditors. Anyone who’s ever been forced to use the services of a pawnbroker knows that this act of desperation is very expensive and not likely to end well for the United States. “America will be sold for parts,” they warn, as the Federal Reserve and other exploitative organizations become obscenely wealthy at our expense.

Social deviance marks the fifth and most disgusting prong of the Hillary Clinton future.

The warning from Anonymous is clear and the possible result of a Clinton victory they lay out are horrific. He reminds us there are but 36 days left before the election. “Unless you want this future for you and your children, you better make sure you and everyone gets right on this election and votes Trump.”


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