Someone allegedly mailed Donald Trump’s Taxes to the New York Times. At the same time, someone else sent”RealTrueNews” what are allegedly transcripts of a board-room meeting with the senior executives of Goldman Sachs and Hillary Clinton in 2014. This was happening in late October (she did address GS that day) and apparently, after her private address of the firm, repaired for a secret address of the most senior executives and Managing Directors.

What she describes is, in the run-up to the campaign, a possibility for a 3rd Party or an insurgency in her own party to possibly seize the White House. She wants to squash it with the help from her Wall Street allies. Worse, she describes the Republicans as a failed party, doomed to a repeat of their 2012 performance or worse.

According to her formulation, a coalition of societies “losers” could come together to form a potentially winning team.

These are:
– Out of work, out of school, online outcasts

  • Privileged overly idealistic white kids
  • Men who (apparently) use “female logic patterns” and are involved with Social Justice as a social activity
  • According to the transcript, Clinton informs the room that they must combine forces as the Republican candidate will likely be so weak (she cites Herman Cain) that an actual “ungoverned” leftist might actually be elected president.
  • The transcript has some very strange notation and we cannot confirm it beyond the documents provided. But they’re doozies.


  • the-political-impact-of-social-trends-gs-presentation





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