ISIS-chan 英語説明テンプレなど: Counter ISIS…Japanese Style

ISIS-chan in English 英語説明テンプレなど
This includes the same content with the Japanese version.

The goal 目的(検索汚染)説明
The ISIS-chan is a personifying character to disturb the propaganda of ISIS through google bombing.

It’s not what ISIS currently is, but it is what ISIS should be.
Is the page of the search results for ISS full of grotesque and propaganda?
Let’s fill with Moe!
Our weapon
Google bomb with MOE
ISIS-chan is a counter-terrorism movement on the cyber space by disturbing their search engine optimization (SEO) profile of related keywords with images of a cute character.

(元の文章はISIS-chan was conceived as part of an online effort to counter terrorist propaganda by disrupting the search-engine optimization (SEO) profile of relevant keywords with images of a moe character.)


It is completely legal to spread ISIS-chan.
We don’t intend to promote any kind of anti-social action and hate crime.
This is counter-terrorism!


ISIS-chan guidelines
DO NOT insult Islam
DO NOT use Quran, Allah, Muhammad and other Islamic religious symbols in illustrations
DO give enough respect to hostages
No violence
No porn


The main aim of ISIS-chan is not to be violent, sexual, or even insulting to the ISIS.
We should totally respect Muslim and their religious beliefs.
If you draw violent, sexual, or insulting ISIS-chan, it is absolutely out of our official ISIS-chan.



We do NOT affirm any war and weapons

The detail of ISIS-chan
Name: ISIS-chan
Costume: A black terrorist suit which is used in the video of Japanese hostages
Hair style: Short
Hair color: Black
Age: 19
Skin color: Brown
Bust: Relatively big
Height: Short (about 150cm)
Eye color: Greenish
Favorite food: Muskmelon

How to take part of this movement?
A. Draw your ISIS-chan or spread images of ISIS-chan in any way.
・The rule of this movement
Targets ISIS, not Muslim or Islam.
Please, do NOT use any symbol of religion such as Quran, Mohammad and Islam itself.
English sub

Feel free to laugh at this and go WTF Japan all we want but this may actually be a stroke of genius.
The ISIS wants everyone to regard as a serious matter and a huge threat, because they’re terrorism after all.
It’s kinda a hard challenge to consider a group serious if the first thing you find is a cute little anime girl when you google them.
Terror is hard to pull of then.
FAQ Questions:

  • What’s the goal of this? To disgrace IS?
  • What’s the connection with muskmelon?
  • Why no porn?
  • Why no religious symbols?
  • What’s google bombing?

1. Disable the propaganda with MOE.

2. ISIS-chan + melon = kawaii

3. To fill the google it must not be R18.

4. ISIS-chan is not a muslim, but she doesn’t insult any religion.

Religions should be always respected.
Politics and Religions should not be used to spread hate.

Please don’t put political or religious hostility (hate) into your drawings, discussions, or activities to spread ISIS-chan to let more people accept our movement!

Q. Is she Muslim girl? (She’s so “haram”? She shows bare skin! She is not dressed in hijab, etc…)

A. What people draw as ISIS-chan is not a Muslim girl, but
a character personifying the “jihadist” group.

You know what it means, right?


Q. ヒジャブ被ってなかったり、素肌見せてたり、イスラム的にNGじゃねーの。
A. 皆がISISちゃんとして描いているものはイスラム教徒の女の子ではなく、
ISIS-chan action! (ISIS ちゃんアクション )

ISIS-chan is a character personifying ISIS. The main aim of this campaign is to disturb propaganda for ISIS on the Internet. They recruit their solders with their “cool” images. (ISIS ちゃんはISIS の擬人化キャラクターであり、彼らのネット上のプロパガンダを混乱させることを目的としています)
The goal (目標)
Filling up Google search with ISIS-chan pictures instead of the ISIS’s intentional propaganda.
(ISIS の意図的なプロパガンダ画像の代わりに ISIS ちゃんの絵でグーグル検索をいっぱいにすること)
Expelling the violent pictures of ISIS from the search engine with ISIS-chan pictures.
(ISIS の暴力的な写真を駆逐すること)
The achievement (今までの成果)
Occasionally, the paintings of ISIS-chan are suggested at the
Some Arabic media have covered ISIS-chan
A Thailand web TV spread ISIS-chan
ISIS-chan supporters occupied some twitter accounts of ISIS supporters suspended by Anonymous.
(ISIS ちゃんの支持者がアノニマスが凍結した ISIS 支持者のツイッターアカウントをのっとったこと)
ISIS-CHAN operation is under the legal order. IT doesn’t NOT intend to commit any kind of anti-social activity and hate crime.
Violations of the ISIS-chan Guidelines
We can’t control all drawings of ISIS-chan. It depends on painters how ISIS-chan will be drawn. When you watch ISIS chan who is out of our guideline.

We can’t control all drawings of ISIS chan. It depends on painters’ perceptions how ISIS-chan will be drawn.

When you see ISIS-chan who is out of our guidelines, please just pass it. We strongly recommend to draw ISIS-chan under the our guidelines.

The below URL are to the pictures which are painted in compliance of our guidelines.

ISISchan wiki

ISISchan pic



最終更新:2015-07-26 10:57:38


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