All 8 SIMI Terrorists who escaped Bhopal Central Jail Killed within hours


It took only eight hours for the Madhya Pradesh police and its Anti-Terrorist squad (ATS) to chase and kill the eight Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) terrorists after they broke out of Bhopal Central Jail early this morning, having killed a head constable and scaling the walls of the ‘high-security’ premises using prison bed sheets.

They were cornered and gunned down 10km away from the prison, on the outskirts of the city, in a joint operation of the city police, a counter terrorist group (CTG) and an ATS team led by IPS officer Sanjeev Shami.

Following information they received from villagers in the area, police located the terrorists near Manikheda, which comes under the Gunga police station.

The terrorists were identified as Mohammad Aqeel Khilji alias Abdullah s/o Mohammad Yusuf, Mehboob Guddu alias Malik s/o Ismail of Khandwa (MP), Mohammad Khalid Ahmad s/o Mohammad Saleem of Sholapur Maharashtra, Mujeeb Sheikh alias Akram alias Wasim alias Nawed alias Nitin alias Faizan alias Chintoo alias Yusuf s/o Zamal Ahmad resident of Juhapura (Ahmedabad) Gujarat, Amzad s/o Ramzan Khan, Zakir Hussein Sheikh alias Vicky don alias Vinay Kumar s/o Badalul Hussein and Abdul Majid s/o Mohammad Yusuf of Ujjain (MP).

Most of them had been charged with terror and other heinous crimes, as they were linked to home-grown terror outfits like the Indian Mujahedeen.

Of the eight terrorists who escaped today, Zakir Hussein Sheikh, Mehboob Guddu and Amzad were involved in the October 2013- Khandwa jail break incident in which four others – led by SIMI’s MP chief Abu Faisal – used iron bars to dig a hole in the toilet wall from where they got out of their cells. After that, they also used prison bed-sheets to scale the 20-foot high boundary wall.

This morning, SIMI operatives took along five other members. Their modus operandi was very similar to the one used in Khandwa.

“Eight SIMI activists escaped around 2-3am by killing a jail security guard,” DIG Bhopal Raman Singh told the media early this morning. Most of the escapees has been charged with terror and other heinous crimes and many of them were linked to home-grown terror outfits like the Indian Mujahedeen.

Home minister Bhupendra Singh called the jail break “unfortunate”. During a recent coordination meeting chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had asked jail authorities to be more vigilant , said the home minister.

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