Content: Former N.S.A. contractor Harold T. Martin III stole classified documents that contained the following information.

The list of CIA officers and recruited informants who participated in the interrogation of people suspected of terrorist activity
– Rodney Guy Smith, Chief of CIA Special Activities Division 2003-2006, now executive for Abraxas

  • Alejandro D. Martinez, (“Duece Martinez”), analyst, out of CIA
  • Robert Bickle CIA interrogator during 2000s, unknown status now
  • Robert Kandara chief of CIA High Value Detainee program during 2003 to at least 2004
  • John Bevan, CIA officer, deputy in High Value Detainee Program, still active in CIA as of 2009
  • Thomas Fletcher, CIA officer in HVD program, status now not known
  • Alan Jorsey pilot for CIA during 2000s
  • Alfreda Bukoski (portrayed in Zero Dark 30), HVD program senior official, believed to still be active
  • Jose Rodriguez, 2004-2007 CIA directory director of operations and Director of National Clandestine Services, now retired
  • Gina Haspel, CIA station chief for London as of 2009, former HVD
  • Bruce Jessen CIA contractor, advised CIA on interrogation
  • Frank (Francisco) Chap, CIA reporters officer in HVD, posted to NSA as of 2009
    Michael K. Winograd, CIA station chief, Bangkok, 2002-2005; has or had physical possession of interrogation tapes
  • James E. Mitchell CIA contractor formally with military’s Joint Personnel Recovery Agency, now private contractor with – – Bruce Jessen, interrogation advisor, involved in decision to destroy video tapes
  • Michael D’Andrea chief of operations in the CIA CTC, 2002; later station chief, Cairo.
  • Robert Grenier, CIA chief of station, Pakistan 1999-2002, director of CTC 2004-2006, now retired from CIA, working at Kroll, Wash DC as of 2009
  • Kirk Hubbard CIA psychologist, interrogation advisor, 2000s
  • Carol S. Rosenblum CIA psychologist, interrogation advisor
  • Richard Blee, chief of station Pakistan 2002-2004, later chief of station postings, now private consultant, involved in HVD interrogation program
  • Martin (Marty) Martin, senior officer 2000-2005, later chief of station, Cairo, involved in interrogation program
  • Robert Dannenberg, chief of Central Eurasia Division 2004 to 2006, including Romania, Poland and other European countries, involved in many aspects of CIA’s Special Activities Division, CTC, and HVD
  • Robert Richer, CIA Associate Director for Operations (ADDO) until late 2005; 2002-2004 Chief of the Near East and South Asia Division, involved in renditions program
  • CIA Atttomies: John Radsen, Jonathan Fredman, John Rizzo, Robert Eatinger, Paul Kelbaugh, Robert Monahan, Steven W. Hermes involved in renditions/torture/HVD program
  • James Pavit, CIA deputy Director for operations 1999-2004, involved in many aspects of detention and interrogation
  • John Sano, chief of East Asia Division 2005, deputy dir National Clandestine Service 2005-2007, now retired
  • Jami Miscik Deputy Dir for Intelligence 2002-2004, now retired, involved in Special Activities Division
  • Scott White Associate Deputy dir for intelligence 2002-2004, dir for support 2006-2008, CIA associate deputy dir as of 2009 replacing Michael Morell position.
  • Ronald Czametsky, chief of station Poland 2002-2005, CIA chief of station Moscow as of 2009.
  • Paul Zalucky, chief of station Poland 2005-2007
    Larry Seals chief of CIA Air Branch 2001-2004, chief of rendition program 2004 to unknown date
  • Scott D. Wever officer in CIA Air Branch at various points in 2001 to 2004, employed by CIA contractor CSC 2004-2005, re-hired by CIA 2006-2007 to work in renditions program
  • William L. Ballhaus CEO DynCorp International, contractor to CIA renditions program 2002-2005
  • Stephen Lee program manager at CSC/Dyncorp 2001-2005 for renditions program
  • Willian Vigil CSC/Dyncorp program manager involved with CIA contracting operations, handled CIA contracted aviation operations from 2005-2007, later in 2007 transfer to McNeil Security another CIA contractor involved with flint operations
  • Lawrence Dan Engelhaupt CSC/Dyncorp director involved with CIA contracting operations 2002-2007, also transfer to McNeil 2007
  • Steve Dugre CSC/Dyncorp program manager involved with CIA contracting ops from 2001 to 2007, also transfer to McNeil 2007
  • Michael Edward Anderson, pilot, Aero Contractors of North Carolina, pilot for CIA operators aircraft N379P, N313P, flew CIA missions to Afghanistan, Morocco, Poland black site

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