“Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad:” TERRORISM: Blame It on “Arms Trading,” And Muslim Governments’ Policies…

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On 17th October, 2016,, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, delivered a historic address at a special reception at Canada’s National Parliament in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.


Nonetheless, irrespective of differences of background, I believe that on the basis of humanity, we are all joined together, and should therefore be united. All people and all organisations must collectively endeavour to uphold human values, and strive to make the world in which we live a better and far more harmonious place. Consequently, if human values and human rights are not upheld in one country or region, it has a knock-on effect upon other parts of the world and such wrongdoing can spread further afield……n this age, when the fear of Islam is on the increase in much of the world, let me reassure all of you that Islam is not what you commonly see or hear portrayed in the media. As far as my knowledge of Islam is concerned, I only know of that Islam whose teachings are based on its name. The literal meaning of the word ‘Islam’ is peace, love, and harmony and all of its teachings are based upon these noble values. However, unfortunately, it cannot be denied that there are some Muslim groups, whose beliefs and actions are in total contrast to this. In complete violation of Islam’s fundamental teachings, they are perpetrating the most horrific violence and terrorism in its name………..where you have courageously invited me, is not a house of religion and probably there are many amongst you who are not personally interested in religion. However, in your capacities as lawmakers, you will sometimes have to deal with matters that affect the followers of religion. In this context, the Holy Qur’an categorically states in chapter 2, verse 257, that “there should be no compulsion in religion.” What a clear, comprehensive and unequivocal statement that enshrines freedom of thought, freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. Thus, my belief and my teaching is that every person, in every village, town, city or country has the undisputed right to choose his or her religion and to practice it…..


……….Furthermore, every individual has the right to peacefully preach and propagate his or her teaching to others. These freedoms ought to be guaranteed as basic human rights, and so legislative assemblies or governments should not unduly involve themselves in such matters, otherwise there is a risk that their intrusion could be viewed as a source of provocation and lead to frustration and resentment. Sadly, in today’s world, we are seeing how Muslim governments are themselves interfering in such personal matters and this is a root cause of the instability and conflicts in those countries….However, it is not only the fault of the Muslim nations, but other countries living in this global village of ours, have also contributed to the disorder. If the major powers had acted equitably and sincerely at all times we would not have seen such discord and we would not have seen the emergence of Daesh or extremist rebel groups in countries like Syria and Iraq. Regrettably, some major powers have not played their role in establishing peace, and have instead enacted unjust policies in order to serve their own interests…The only beneficiaries are extremist religious clerics and militants who are taking advantage of the frustrations of people by promoting barbaric violence and senseless conflict……..Laws are occasionally created that contradict the view that every person in the Western world is free to believe whatever he or she desires and to have the liberty to live peacefully according to his or her faith. It is not wise for governments or parliaments to place restrictions on the basic religious practices or beliefs of people……….Certain Western countries have always had an interest in the oil reserves of the Arab world and this interest has motivated their policies over a long period of time. Further, they have sold huge stocks of weapons to Muslim countries without considering the potential consequences. For example, a recent report by Amnesty International published in December 2015 states that, “decades of reckless arms trading” had contributed to the terrorism conducted by Daesh. It stated that the majority of weapons being used by Daesh were originally produced in the United States and Russia.

Furthermore, Patrick Wilcken, a Researcher on Arms Control at Amnesty concluded the report by stating:

“The vast and varied weaponry being used by ISIS is a textbook case of how reckless arms trading fuels atrocities on a massive scale.”

Certainly, it is well known that Muslim countries do not have sophisticated arms factories that could produce the state-of-the-art weapons used in the Middle East, and so the vast majority of artillery being used in the Muslim world is being imported from abroad. If the major powers ceased to trade arms and ensured that the other supply lines of the warring governments, rebels and terrorists were cut, such conflicts could be brought to a swift conclusion………….

ON “Rising of Extremism” IN CANADA

There have also been lower-level terrorist incidents here in Canada over the past couple of years of which you will all be well aware. Furthermore, despite the fact that Canada lies thousands of miles away from the Arab world, still we find that Muslim youths have travelled from this country to join extremist groups in Syria and Iraq. Of great concern is the fact that, according to the Canadian government’s own statistics, twenty percent of those who have gone to Syria or Iraq have been women and this means they will not only have been radicalised themselves but will also be indoctrinating and brainwashing their children.

In order to tackle radicalisation and extremism, we must also assess what are its causes and symptoms. Regrettably, most radicalised Muslims who are living in the West have no knowledge or a basic understanding of Islam’s teachings. Thus, their radicalisation is a result of their personal frustrations and not due to any ideological convictions or beliefs. Apart from online radicalisation or hate preaching in mosques or the spread of extremist literature…Major cause of the radicalisation of Muslim youths living in the West has been the economic crisis and many published reports corroborate this. There are many young Muslims who have gained qualifications, but in spite of their education, have not attained suitable employment and so have become marginalised and frustrated. Due to economic difficulties they are vulnerable and easy prey for extremist clerics and terrorist recruiters. Due to economic difficulties they are vulnerable and easy prey for extremist clerics and terrorist recruiters. Hence, if young people are given fair opportunities to better themselves and to enter the workforce it will be a means of keeping one’s country safe and secure. At a global level, if only the major powers and the international institutions, such as the United Nations, had truly acted upon their founding principles, under all circumstances, then we would not have seen the toxic plague of terrorism infect so many parts of the world… And we certainly would not have witnessed the huge refugee crisis, which now confounds and frightens the people of Europe and other developed countries. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have fled to Europe, and thousands have also come here to Canada, in order to seek refuge from the terrorists who have poisoned their own nations…….Time has proved Canada’s decision not to take part in the Iraq War as the right one and its decision to halt its airstrikes in Syria until the circumstances of that particular conflict and the means to resolve it become much clearer……


Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Caliph of the Messiah

– Amir al-Mu’minin


Khalifatul Masih V

-Reign 22 April 2003–present
– Predecessor Mirza Tahir Ahmad
– Born 15 September 1950 (age 66)
– Rabwah, Punjab, Pakistan
– Spouse Sahibzadi Amatul Sabooh Begum (m. 1977)
– Issue 2 children
– Full name
– Mirza Masroor Ahmad
– مرزا مسرور احمد
– Father Mirza Mansoor Ahmad
– Mother Sahibzadi Nasira Begum
Signature 250px-unterschrift_von_hadhrat_mirza_masrur_ahmad


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