#7 – Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler: The Striking Similarities

Aimeelikesbigbooks  blog Feb 26, 2016
The American presidential election is in full swing, causing many interesting characters and views to be brought into the spotlight. Several of these views that have been shared are original and set the Presidential nominees apart from the rest of the competition. However, one of these contender’s goals seem very similar to those of a past world leader. The candidate we are referring to is Donald Trump, a businessman from Queens, New York.

Trump shares many striking similarities with a twentieth century ruler, whose name is Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a German politician who lead the Nazi Party to victory and became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Their similarities is what we will be discussing within this post. This topic relates to both of our novels through one strong similarity. Each of our books are based in Germany during the second world war. Meaning that both of our characters are affected largely by Hitler’s reign. We connected these novels to our current time because it seems as though history is repeating itself. These terrifying similarities are why we decided to write this post.

First, we have decided to give some background information to the reader on both of these men. We will start with Adolf Hitler. He was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria in the year of 1889. During his youth, he showed great intellectual potential when in primary school. However, once he entered secondary school his grades plummeted which resulted in him failing his exams. Instead of re-doing his failed school year, he dropped out of school to pursue his passion of art. Hitler applied to attend the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, but his application was rejected. After his art dreams were ruined, he volunteered to fight for the German army during the first world war. When the war ended, Hitler became very interested in politics and created his political party, the Nazi’s. Many people agreed with Hitler’s outlook on life, and loved reading his popular biography, Mein Kampf. By 1930, the Nazi’s were polling more than 6.5 million votes, however, when the elections happened in 1932, Hitler’s party only came in second place. After the Nazi’s had an overwhelming popularity, President Hindenburg decided to appoint Hitler to Chancellor of Germany. Due to the popularity of the Nazi party, the other political parties were intimidated into disbanding, meaning that the Nazi party was now the political party of Germany. A main Nazi concept that Hitler wanted to introduce was “racial hygiene”, meaning that Germany would have to be cleansed of Jewish people. Communists, homosexuals and trade unionists were also targeted groups. Between 1939 and 1945, the Nazi party was responsible for approximately twelve million deaths, six million of those deaths being Jews. Once World War II started, Hitler started to become erratic with his troops, sending three million men to fight in the Soviet Union. Once Hitler realized that Germany was going to lose the war, he committed suicide with his wife on April 30th, 1945.

Next, we have Donald John Trump. Trump was born in New York to a large family of four children. His dad was a wealthy and popular real estate developer, which was a job that Donald aspired to have when he was older. He was sent to a boarding school as a child, due to his energetic behavior. After excelling at his boarding school, he then attended Fordham University and transferred two years later to the Wharton School of Finance to pursue a degree in economics. After graduating, Trump joined his father’s company and ended up being given the Trump Organization in 1971. Trump continued to grow his company for the next twenty-six years, by purchasing railroads, hotels and casinos. After these major changes were made, his net worth was then sitting at two billion dollars in 1997. His next large move was trying for the presidential race in 2000, although he ended up dropping out early. However, it did not quell his political aspirations. In the meantime, Trump starred in a reality T.V. show called “The Apprentice” that was quite successful. Later on in 2012, Trump tried to get into power again yet, but like before, he did not win. During this time of 1991-2005, Trump was married four times and divorced three, ending up with five children. Now, he is leading the polls in the presidential race following the same party platform as one before, Adolf Hitler.

Though these two men grew up during very different times and in very different circumstances, they still share the same viewpoints as one another. In our table below, we address similarities that they both share, whether it be in their political views or what they have done in their life.

Hitler (1889 – 1945)  Trump (1946 – Present)

Attacked Jewish people because of their “otherness”, saying that Germany needed better “racial hygiene.” Consistently calls out Muslims in his campaign speeches, saying that they are the root of America’s problems.

Best selling author, having written more than ten novels. His most famous being “Mein Kampf,” a book about his struggles. He then wrote a sequel to this book called, “My New Order.” Has written more than fifteen books, many of them written about how to succeed in business. Besides just reading books, Trump’s ex-wife claims that he used to read Hitler’s, “My New Order” in order to get inspiration for his speeches.
Promised to make Germany great again by getting rid of the “unwanted people,” and “restoring order.” “Make America Great Again” is Trump’s slogan, something that he constantly repeats during speeches and is plastered onto his Trump merchandise.
He was a part of the Catholic religion, although it was said that he may have been excommunicated. A member of the Catholic religion, though his faith has been questioned by the leader of the Catholic religion, the Pope.
Believed that Jews should wear special ID’s, so that everyone was aware of whom they were and what “crime” they were committing. Commented in a interview saying that he would consider requiring Muslim-Americans to carry “special identification cards” that note their faith.
Very against being any part of the LGBT* community. Hitler had tiny, pink triangles on homsexuals for “identification”, but also so that he knew who to kill. Donald disapproves of gay marriage. He claims to be more of a “traditional” guy. However, every so often he flips back and forth between opinions, but ultimately opposes.


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