On Saturday November 26 a coalition of anti-fascists, blocked the entrance of the Plaza Theatre, a venue that was hosting the white power metal band Graveland.
Montreal cops attacked the crew with pepperspray and rubber bullets, But the Anitfa blockaded the street and held their ground until the concert was canceled.



A group of German antifa invaded & destroyed the apartment of a well known right wing & neonazi activist with the name of Istvan Repaczki in Leipzig, Germany.
An unknown group claimed responsibility for this assault and posted this video + additional pictures online at a German Indymedia. The group claims this being a revenge attack for a coordinated neonazi attack on the district of “Connewitz” earlier this year (11th of January 2016) a well known left-wing & antifa stronghold in Leipzig.
Repaczki got arrested by riot police, together with several hundred other neo-nazis & hooligans, after invading the streets of Connewitz during a nightly assault, destroying dozends of shops, windows and firing fireworks & flares at houses & bystanders.
From the commiqué “While Repaczki was probably at the [local soccer] derby with his comrades, we paid a visit to his home. We took the opportunity to make the apartment uninhabitable with the large scale use of bitumen, the destruction of plumbing / toilet facilities, electrical appliances and other furnishings.




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