The Global Islamic Resistance Call

(English Translation of Chapter 8 – Section 4, “The Military Theory of the Global Islamic Resistance Call”, a chapter of al-Shaykh Abu Mus’ab al-Souri’s book, “The Global Islamic Resistance Call”, in which he provides a deep discernment and guidance on replacing the training camp with potential of the internet and focus on how every Muslim youth can prepare himself on his own from unskilled individual to special unit highly trained.)

Review of the ways and methods of al-Jihad during the Jihadi Movement (1963-2001):

Jihadi experiences began at the beginning of the 1960s, and continued until September 2001, when a new world started.


The observer of these experiences is able to categorize them based on their method of confrontation, into three schools of al-Jihad. Every Jihad that was fought during this period can be subsumed under one of these categories:

A. The school of secret military organizations (regional—secret— hierarchical)

They are the kind of Jihadi experiences and organizations I talked about earlier. They adopted the Jihadi ideology and conducted organizational work on the regional level, through a secret system and hierarchical network. The main goal was to topple the existing governments and systems, and to establish the Islamic system through armed Jihad.

A summary of the result:

1. Military failure, defeat in the field
2. Security failure, disbandment of the secret organizations 3. Da’wa failure, inability to mobilize al-Ummah
4. Educational failure due to the secrecy
5. Political failure by not achieving the goat


Complete failure on all levels.


The Military Theory of the Global Islamic Resistance Call

B. The school of Open-fronts and overt confrontations

They are the kind of experiences that took place in arenas of open confrontation. Most well-known are the recent experiences in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya. The method used in these confrontations was to confront [the enemy] from permanent bases, and semi-regular guerilla warfare.

A summary of the result:

  1. Overwhelming military success
  2. Security success curtailing the role of the intelligence
  3. Da’wa success, it mobilized al-Ummah behind those issues
  4. Partial educational success in the military camps and at the fronts
  5. Political failure except in the case of Afghanistan, where an Islamic State was established


Generally a success, and a complete success in Afghanistan.

C. The school of individual Jihad and small cell

They are the kind of single operations that were carried out by individuals or small groups. These are some of the operations:

  1. Sayyid Nusayr al-Masri and his killing of the big Zionist Kahane
  2. Ramzi Youssif al-Balochi and the first attempt to destroy the tower of NewYork
  3. al-Daciamsa, the Jordanian who killed the Zionist women on the border
  4. Sulayman Khatir al-Masri, who killed guards on the Israeli border
  5. The single operations during the Gulf War, and the list is long

And the summary:

  1. Military success, making the enemy tremble
  2. Security success, because these are operations that do not lead to the failureof establishing new cells [in the future]
  3. Da’wa success that mobilized al-Ummah
  4. Educational failure due to the absence of a program
  5. Political failure due to the absence of a program that could transform it into a phenomenon


Success in confusing the enemy and activating al-Ummah.

So, we have arrived at the discussion of these three schools, in our search for the best method of resistance today. We find the following:

First: The School of Secret Jihadi Organizations (regional—secret— hierarchical)

As I summarized in the table above, this school led to complete failure on all levels. I do not say these words about this method as a critic from outside. Rather, I have been one of its leaders, agitators, and organizational theorists, (Allah is Gracious and I pray to Him for al-Ikhlas and acceptance).

But I look upon the methods as means, and not as idols. We should use those methods that have given us a proven benefit, and leave behind those methods that have been surpassed by time. Otherwise, we will also be surpassed by time.

True, I have mentioned before that the September events put an end to the remnants of the secret organizations of the Jihadi movements—in particular the Arab ones—the repercussions of those events collectively destroyed what remained of those organizations, and left most of their soldiers killed or captured. But this is not the reason for the termination of this school. In practice, this school terminated ten years before that, with the onset of the New World Order in 1990.

Throughout the last decade of the 20th century, programs for fighting terrorism were able to disband those organizations security-wise, militarily defeat them, isolate them from their masses, damage their reputation, dry out their financial sources, make their elements homeless, and put them in a state of constant fear, starvation, and lack of hinds and people. This was a reality that I knew, as other old Jihadis like me knew as well.

Gradually, those secret organizations vanished and disbanded, and small groups, became homeless and stateless in the East and the West, persecuted, with their families, children, and individuals from their organizations. Keep their religion and thoughts, scorned upon here and there, they hardly produce anything.

The regime of the Dead Pharaoh Hassan II terminated, even before it started, the early attempt to form a Jihadi organization by the Moroccan Youth Organization (Tanzim al-Shabiba al-Maghribiyya) in Morocco at the outset of the sixties.

This is also what the regime of Chadli Bendjedid in Algeria did in the middle of the seventies, when it destroyed the Islamic State Movement (Harakat al-Dawla al- Islamiyya) without much difficulty.

The security regime of the heretic Nusayri Ba’th regime in Syria was able to destroy the Fighting Vanguard of the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Tali’a al-Muqatila Lil al- Ikhwan al-Muslimin), after an armed revolution that lasted about a decade, ten years before the emergence of the New World Order, and twenty years before September events, and it completely annihilated it.

The criminal Pharaonic regime in Egypt under Hosni un-Mubarak leadership—may Allah never bless him or people of his kind—was able to put an end to all the Jihadi organizations in Egypt, one after the other. The last of them were the secret organizations al-Jihad and the Islamic Group (al-Jama’a al-Islamiyya), which were destroyed in the middle of the nineties. Egyptian intelligence disbanded their cells and the government captured most of their members and followers, and this happened years before the September events.

You can say the same thing about what happened in Libya, where Ghadaffi’s regime terminated two major attempts, in the middle of the eighties and in the middle of the nineties.

This was repeated when the Jihadi organizations in every Arab and Islamic country dashed with even the weakest security and intelligence regimes in Arab and Islamic countries! I briefly mention this here, as the details of this have been given in chapter 6-7 in Part One of the book. It culminated in the great cleansing and the most overwhelming success of the Arab security regime, which took place recently in Algeria between 1991 and 1997, in spite of all the propitious conditions for success that this experience offered. Then, the secret organizations’ last Jihadi pulsation in Yemen and in Lebanon faded away at the end of the 20th century.

The local security regimes in our countries were able to put an end to those attempts, due to the Arab and regional system of coordination. Their results came when the coordination reached the international level. Thus, as I said above in detail, this is a summary of the results of our method:

  1. Our secret organizations were militarily defeated in all the confrontations. Yes, we won many of the battles, but we lost the war in all the experiences and confrontations. I do not spend time on discussions with the obstinate, for reality is the greatest witness
  2. Our secret organizations were defeated in terms of security, their cells were exposed and disbanded, and the attempts to build them were aborted. The security system of the enemy reached a level where even attempts to build cells were subjected to abortive strikes, before they were founded, or at their embryonic stage
  1. In those experiences we failed drastically with regards to al-Da’wa for jihad. The Jihadi organizations were not able to reach out to the masses, or to become popular, in spite of the truth they were holding. The number of their supporters did not exceed the hundreds, or maybe tens, in countries with multi-million-size populations
  2. The jihadi organizations also failed on the level of educating, preparing, and training their members for confrontation in the field of ideology, doctrine, program, security, as well as in the domain of politics and military expertise, except in limited cases. This was especially true after the start of the confrontations, because none of these secret organizations were able to complete the programs of preparation and building under the slogan “Building Through Battle”, when the secrecy and the security conditions prevented that. In this way, the cadre and the supporters that had been formed through lengthy education were expended (i.e. killed or captured), and the level of education declined among the succeeding bases of cadre. This has happened in most of the experiences
  3. In the end, and due to the complete failure in the details, the complete failure manifested itself in the inability to realise the goals of the general project

Let us now, on the basis of this summary, turn our attention to the result of these methods, in light of the current reality after the onset of the New World Order, and especially after September and the Campaigns of fighting terrorism:

o If the methods of “the hierarchical, regional, secret organizations” in confronting the local security regimes completely failed over the past decades, just imagine how much more we will fail in confronting the security apparatus of the New World Order, and the onset of the worldwide war to fight terrorism with all its security, military, ideological, political and economic means?! This is no longer possible. Rather, if we insist on using these methods under the current circumstances, it is—in my opinion—like committing suicide and insisting on failure. It verges on the crime of deceiving the simple-minded Muslim youth who are dedicated to al-Jihad. It means assuming responsibility for their destruction on roads that have proven to yield failure. We paid the price of precious blood for this discovery

o The fault was not the methods of the secret organizations, nor the organizations in general, but it was the changes of time, and the premises of the new reality after 1990, which made those methods destructive. During some of the lectures in Afghanistan I gave an example to explain this, and I will repeat it here..

Let us say you have a strong and excellent electric machine, but it only works with the old electric system, 110 volts. Then, as happened in our countries as well, all

sources of electricity are transformed into 220 volts. What will happen if you insist on using it?!

The machine will catch fire, and strike your electric system, and maybe give you an electric shock as well!! It is for certain that the weakness is not in the machine, because it is perfect and suitable for working in its time, but the new surrounding conditions have made it outdated, and its natural place has become the museum! In a corner of a closet, as a monument from the past. Your love for it, your memories with it, and the fact that it is your parents’ heritage will not change a single bit of the reality.

The machine was not any longer suitable for work. The time has changed and the machine has retired from service. This is what the New World Order did with our organizatory machine, “the regional, secret, hierarchical model” in spite of its splendor. As a result, significant phenomena occurred, a summary of which we will mention here:

o The battle between the governments and the Jihadi organizations lasted throughout 60s, 70s and 80s, for many years, until the governments were able to destroy the Jihadi organizations. This happened after devastating battles and large losses for the governments. al-Jihad in Syria lasted for about ten years of confrontation (1973-1983), and in Egypt it was the same or longer. But look at Algeria, where in spite of the perfect premises for al- Jihad and excellent conditions for the Jihadi movement, the attempt was crushed during four years (1992-1995)! And the confrontations and the attempts that took place at the end of the 90s and at the beginning of the 21st century only took a few days to destroy! In Lebanon, the organization of Abu Aysha, may Allah have mercy on him, which was built over several years, was destroyed in five days! And in Yemen, the movement of Abu al- Hassan al-Mihdar, may Allah have mercy on him, was finished in three days, and so on. This confirms that the old machine was no longer suitable, except for destroying itself and its owners, who insisted on working and continuing with it as it was. Here is another comment.

o The regional and international peripheries were closed to the operational activity of the regional and international secret organizations, even the non- Islamic ones, as a result of the emergence of the New World Order after 1990, and especially after September 2001. There were multiple poles in the old international political system. There were two camps; the Eastern and the Western, and inside the Western camp, there were axes, the interests of states, and conflicts. This enabled insurgents in some of the regimes who were client states of a particular international axis, to flee to the territory of a state belonging to another axis, and resume operational activity. Here, the secret organizations received support and felt secure. They created safe zones, flourished and became wealthy. In this manner, the insurgents against Abdel-Nassir in Egypt on the Eastern axis, fled to King Faysal in Saudi Arabia, which is on the Western axis. The opponents of Saddam operated

against him from Syria, as the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Tali’a al-Muqatila operated against the Syrian regime from Iraq and Jordan. So al-Mujahideen, Islamists, and political dissidents traveled from all corners of the world and roamed through many countries, obtaining political asylum and operating secretly across the borders, etc.

However, with the downfall of Russia, and the emergence of a unipolar system (America) most states, and especially the small ones, became client states of one pole imposing a single policy, so the peripheries between the client states and axes disappeared. Hence, the states, the political parties and the small powers lost those peripheries, and were compelled to follow the orders of the politics of the dominant regime on Earth. The weaker the state, secret organization, or front, the greater was the damage inflicted by this New World Order. One of the biggest losers in this turnover was the secret resistance organizations and the opposition parties, as they were forced to cease their activities, dissolve, surrender, or repent and make compromises with their governments.

Otherwise, the other option is to be wiped out. One of the most awful examples is what happened Party to the Kurdistan Worker’s Par [PKK] and its leader, Abdullah Öcalan. It is one of the strongest militant opposition parties in the world, and it has tens of thousands of fighters spread out in military camps and fronts in Turkey, Syria, Northern Iraq and Lebanon, and it has supporters in northwestern Iran. Hundreds of thousands of Kurds in Europe, especially in Germany, provide the PKK with a certain share of their monthly income, revenues amounting to hundreds of millions dollars. It even has a number of satellite TV stations, etc. It is an organizational empire when it comes to the Islamic Jihadi organizations!

When the New World Order emerged, and Syria joined the American axis out of fear and greed, Syria wiped out the [PKK] camps in Syria and Lebanon against its will. The president [of PKK] was forced to emigrate to a number of countries, and then he was kidnapped in cooperation with the CIA, Mossad and the Turkish intelligence. Even Greece, Turkey’s historical enemy, assisted in turning him over to Turkey. So the party was dissolved, and its camps were destroyed. America eliminated the remaining camps in Iraq, and at last, the ones who were left declared that they would refrain from the armed option, and form a political opposition party according to democratic standards and the New World Order!! While its imprisoned leader could only hope to not be executed!

Now the last example: The Irish Republican Army (IRA). It is a militant organization whose history and roots go more than 100 years back in time. It is one of the huge organizations, and it has bonds with Irish communities in America, and receives billions in aid from them. It had excellent training camps in the United States, as well as connections in terms of training and support with oversea countries, like Algeria and Libya, and with a number of Arab leftist organizations, etc. When the New World Order emerged, and Great Britain joined the head of the axis of the American alliance, the Irish Republican Army was forced to accept a peaceful option. Its weapons were surrendered, it was dispersed, and the story ended!

These are some of the glaring examples before us, and there are others. If we did not take a warning from these, we can blame nobody but ourselves when 80% of our forces were eliminated in the repercussions of September 11th during two years only! In order for us to realise that our Tourabouriya mentality has to end.

The times have changed, and we must design a method of confrontation, which is in accordance with the standards of the present time.

So I repeat again, the main weakness is not in the structure of the secret organizations or their internal weaknesses, although they were underlying reasons. The main weakness is caused by the fundamental and revolutionary change of the times and the current premises, which has altered the course of history, the present, and consequently the future.

Second: The School of Open Fronts in the Pre-September World

The meaning of Open Fronts is that there are Mujahideen forces whose presence is overt and linked to permanent bases. They fight the enemy forces on open battle lines, or they fight a guerilla war from those fixed positions. I will illustrate this with some examples from our experience: “The First Afghani Jihad”, “Bosnia”, “Chechnya” and then “The Second Afghani Jihad in the Era of Taliban”. As I said, this method was proven, in contrast with previous methods. Some points are:

1. Overwhelming military success:

This in spite of the enormous difference between al-Mujahideen and the enemy, in equipment, weapons, technology and all material balances. In the first experience the Afghani Mujahideen, the Arab and Muslim Mujahideen who were with them—as previously explained—managed to, in spite of their shortcomings, defeat a great state and have folded its flags forever, Inch’Allah.

In Bosnia, a handful of Arab, Turkish and Muslim Mujahideen were able to alter the balance of power in the Serbian genocide war, and they performed miracles. It is enough to mention that 60,000 soldiers from the American forces were stationed at sea outside the coasts of Bosnia and Serbia, and they put as a condition for entering Bosnia after the Dayton agreement, that 600 Muslim Mujahidun should leave the country! So every man planted tenor in a hundred soldiers from the Great Empire and its allies! As for Chechnya, there is no objection that military miracles occurred that stunned the world, when a handful of men withstood the Soviet military apparatus! From a people whose population is less than a million, in a country not bigger than 50,000 square kilometers!

In this way, the faithful Mujahideen proved that on the fields of overt confrontation, they are exceptional fighters. The imbalance of power between them and the enemy did not stand as an obstacle for them or for the victories.

2. Structural security success:

Considering that the confrontations were overt, the regimes’ intelligence did not have any role worth mentioning, in that they had a role in the abortion of those fronts. Rather, the participation on the battle field was a security bather by which many of the infiltrators and the intelligence agents were detected, so they had to repent or flee, their activity was limited to observing the movement of secret organizations who took refuge on those fronts, and not abortion of the fronts themselves.

3. Da’wa success:

This is the third important matter, because those causes succeeded in mobilizing the Islamic Ummah, with its hundreds of millions, behind them. This is in contrast to the experiences of the secret organizations, since the oldest Jihadi organizations were unable to mobilize the people of the limited region where they were confronting the regimes. Most of al-Ummah had not even heard about their struggle, let alone supported them! However, in the case of the Open Fronts, al- Ummah with its hundreds of millions rose to support and advocate them, and her devoted sons joined the Fronts. The Shaykhs and elders prayed for al-Mujahideen’s victory, and rich Muslims and poor Muslims alike donated their money and supported al-Jihad.

The mobilization for al-Jihad that the Fronts generated was enormous, and the agitation to those causes was successful in a startling way.

4. Educational success:

The Islamic educational theory is based upon direct acquisition of knowledge, and on role models and examples of good behaviour. This has been the case from the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, to his Sababa, may Allah be pleased with them, and from them to al- Tabi’een, and from them to their followers. Then, to the senior clerics and the venerable forefathers of al-Ummah, and then to their students and followers, and in this way throughout history.

This cannot be done today, however, under the conditions of secret education. It is not possible to provide time or space for giving real doses of the education. Also,


The Military Theory of the Global Islamic Resistance Call

the secrecy does not provide any opportunity to become acquainted with the role model, the leader and al-Shaykh, and to be influenced by him and to take him as a model. By contrast, al-Jihad on the Fronts provided all of this, but unfortunately, the leaders who were in command in that period were largely incapable in terms of giving attention to education (al-Tarbiyya) in its various forms, and the troops gave attention to military and combat education only. However, this incapability cannot deny two points: First, that education was possible. And second, that it was conducted in a partial manner and by some people. It had a great impact, such as in the Afghani and Bosnian experiences, and much greater than in the experiences of the secret Jihadi organizations.

5. Political success:

Political success is the realisation of goals and slogans. And the goal of every Jihad has been to defeat the enemy and to establish Islamic rule. In the first Afghani experience, the success was complete. After passing through trials and tribulations, alJihad resulted in the emergence of the Islamic Emirate. The dream came true. Although it was shattered after some time, it will return soon, Inch’Allah. In the case of Bosnia, the goal was to save the Muslims from genocide, and this was realised. However, the rise of an Islamic state in the heart of Europe, and in light of the New World Order, was an impossible matter. I think that whatever was realised, in view of the circumstances, was largely a success. In the case of Chechnya, the political project was not realised in spite of the military successes, because the strategic geographical factors for Chechnya as a country, and the given facts and numbers of its population, makes this a semi-impossible task. The persistence that was realised is regarded as an historical victory.

In general, political success is connected to factors, which are further away than those I teach in this paragraph, which are concerned with the military performance.

Thus, we are able to summarize by saying that the experience on the Fronts is regarded as a successful method of confrontation, when compared with the methods of the regional, hierarchical and secret organizations, which failed completely on all levels, this in spite of the Ikhlas and sacrifice provided by al- Mujahideen, and the achievements and victories that were realised, which in the end were futile, as a result of what we said above. And the command of Allah is a decree determined.

However, the theory of resistance on Fronts has been subjected to decline in the post-September 2001 world. America has employed her stunning technological superiority, and used it for her strategy of decisive air strikes and complete control over space and the electronic world. We will discuss this later, Inch’Allah.


Third: The School of Individual Jihad and Small Cells

This Jihadi school is very old. Maybe its first experience was the unit of the Prophet’s great Sahabi, Abu Basir, and his well-known story when he formed the first guerilla group in Islam, and the great Sahabi Abu Jandal subsequently joined him. A testimony to this method is what happened at the end of the life of the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, when al-Aswad al-Ansi apostatized in Yemen, seized power and suppressed and humiliated the Muslims there. The man who put up resistance, was a blessed man from a blessed family, as the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, described him. He carried out individual operational activity on his own initiative. He assassinated al- Aswad al-Ansi, altered the balance of power, and consolidated Islam in Yemen. Gabriel brought the good news of this decisive victory, to the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, which was won by a handful of enterprising men.

Throughout Islamic history, individual initiatives were repeated. During the Crusader wars, the corruption of the emirs and the disintegration of al-Ummah, groups of Mujahideen fighters resisted the catastrophe, before the rise of the Zengid state, and then the Ayyubid state. Many isolated units and groups performed the religious duty of al-Jihad. In contemporary Arab history, a well- known story is when a single Mujahid was able to alter the balance of power, and to influence the course of a large colonization campaign. This happened when the Mujahid Sulayman al-Halabi, may Allah have mercy on him, fled from Aleppo—my old city—in North-Western Syria to Jerusalem, where he asked one of the city’s clerics to issue a Fatwa on killing Kleber, the commander of the French campaign in Egypt, whom Napoleon Bonaparte had appointed as his successor. He then went to him and killed him, and this was one of the reasons for the departure of the French campaign from Egypt. The only price of this victory was the achievement of Sulayman al-Halabi and his Shaykh, who issued a Fatwa saying that al-Halabi would be a martyr for the sake of Allah, and the two of them were executed, may Allah have mercy upon them.

Since the second Gulf War (Desert Storm) in 1990, and the emergence of the New World Order, this school has been revived. Since then, tens of individual operations have taken place here and there, in various spots in the Arab and Islamic world, and are still taking place. Sayyid Nusayr killed the fanatic Zionist rabbi Meir Kahane in the United States. He was one of the most hardline Jews towards the Muslims in Palestine. He had a program for expelling all Palestinians from Palestine. As a result of Kahane’s assassination his group was dissolved and vanished. In 1993 Ramzi Youssif, one of the Afghan Arabs (he is a Balochi Pakistani), and a group of al-Mujahideen tried to blow up the tower of the World Trade Centre in New York. In Jordan, a Jordanian soldier from the Border Guards boldly opened fire at a number of female Jewish students who were making movements that were mocking the Muslim prayer, and killed a number of them. In Egypt, the heroic soldier Sulayman Khatir opened fire, by independent decision, at a number of Jews at the Egyptian-Israeli border. At the Jordanian border with Israel, tens of border-crossing operations were carried out by young Mujahideen, some of them were not carrying anything except a kitchen knife! For attacking the Jewish patrols on the Western banks of the Jordan river. In Beirut, al-Mujahideen climbed to the roof of a building and fired a number of RPG rockets at the Russian Embassy during one of the Russian campaigns against Chechnya. During the days of the Gulf War, an old Moroccan stabbed ten French tourists in Morocco, and the body of an Italian was found in the Emirates. A youth stabbed a number of foreigners in Amman, Jordan, and fired upon them. In Palestine, many individual operations are carried out by insurgent citizens against the settlers or the occupation soldiers. In Pakistan, al-Mujahideen have killed a number of Americans and Jews. In Egypt, a citizen delivered a letter to Hosni Mubarak, and then stabbed him with a knife. He was killed by the guards. In Jordan, an outstanding group consisting of four men created a cell to assassinate Freemasons in Amman, and succeeded in executing a number of them. They were subsequently arrested after dashing with the police, and some of them martyred, and so on.

As for this spontaneous method, which started to spread with the intensification of the attacks of the American campaigns against Muslim countries, the adoption of the Zionistic project in Palestine, and the spread of news through satellites and communication networks, we may make the following observations:

1. Military success:

This is concluded from the amount of fear and the terror that was planted in the enemy, and its influence on his interests. Some operations in 1994 even summoned more than 34 presidents, headed by Bill Clinton, to the Sharm al- Shaykh conference for counter-terrorism.

2. Security success:

Which means that these spontaneous operations performed by individuals and cells here and there over the whole world, without connection between them, have put the local and international intelligence apparatus in a state of confusion, as arresting the members of aborted cells does not influence the operational activities of others who are not connected to them. I have made use of this observation, to a large extent, when shaping the desired operational concept of the cells of the Global Islamic Resistance Call.

3. Da’wa success:

The issue of individual Jihad was a great agitation success. It had great influence on awakening the spirit of al-Jihad and resistance within al-Ummah, and it transformed unknown individuals such as al-Digamsa, Sulayman Khatir, Sayyid Nusayr and Ramzi Youssif into becoming symbols of al-Ummah. The crowds cheer their names, people’s thirst for revenge is satisfied, and a generation of youth dedicated to the Resistance follow their example.


4. From a political perspective:

It has been observed that these events remained as responses and emotional reactions here and there, but number-wise they never became a phenomenon, in spite of their ferocity and their long history of existence. We will explain the reasons for this when we formulate the organizational and operational theories, inch’Allah.

5. Educationally:

The absence of a common Manhaj for these resistance fighters led to a lack of an educational dimension for this phenomenon. This is a shortcoming, which it is possible to avoid, as we will see, Inch’Allah.

It has also been observed that this method had a partial success, especially with regard to its impact on the enemy, and the fact that the method makes it harder for the security agencies to defeat the Resistance.

From the investigative study of these three schools of al-Jihad over the past period, we deduct some very important principles:

  1. It is no longer possible to operate by the methods of the old model, through the “secret—regional—hierarchical” organizations, especially after the September 11th events and the onset of the American campaigns, where the great majority of the existing secret organizations were destroyed, and the conditions made it impossible and futile to establish other secret organizations after this model
  2. We need to concentrate the research on the methods of the open fronts, and the methods of individual Jihadi operational activity, along with the methods of total resistance in order to develop them, this in order to deduct a military and organizational theory which is suitable for the coming period, this by using methods whose benefit has been established.

And those two are: operational activity at the open fronts, and secret resistance through individual Jihad and small cells.

Before we discuss these two methods, however, it is appropriate for us to turn our attention to an important matter, and that is the necessity of planting the idea of globalizing al-Jihad in all fields. The enemy has forced us to do so, and the conditions help us to move in that direction, in accordance with our principles which are originally universal. This is one of the axioms of our Aqida.

Our new method for Jihadi operations in the Global Islamic Resistance Call is a global method and call. Likewise, the present military theory is also dependent upon moving on a global horizon. This is a basic factor in the military movement, besides being a strategy, political, and religious doctrine.

The Idea of Belonging to the Whole Ummah and Its Necessity for al- Jihad

This occurs on the level of religious belief; it is a personal sense of belonging, a geographical affiliation.

For example, if we go to any Muslim now, and ask him: where are you from? Indeed, he will mention his country; from Egypt, from Syria, from Tunisia, from Saudi Arabia, etc.

He will not mention his city first, and tell you that he is from Damascus, Beirut, Cairo or Tashkent, because he is committed to the borders of Sykes-Picot, drawn in his mind by colonialism.

What we now need to establish in the minds of al-Mujahideen who are determined to fight, is the true sense of belonging and commitment, which is according to this Aya:

“Indeed this, your Ummah, is one Ummah, and I am your Lord, so worship Me (92)” (Surat al-Anbiyaa)

al-Hamdulillha, the enemy’s military attack now has put us within the borders of the same map, it is called “The Middle Area of Operations” and in practice, it includes most of the states and countries of the Arab and Islamic world. It is the same in the political field, with the ideological, economic and civilizational attack. Bush has put us all on one map, which includes the same area, and its political name is “The Greater Middle East”.

Hence, the enemy has globalized our cause by his attack on us, al-Hamdulillah. This helps those who are not supported by belief and understanding, to move towards this universal thinking, which is among the fundamentals of our religion.

One must pay attention to the fact that this universal commitment has an important military dimension, which helps us to understand the military theory of the Global Islamic Resistance Call.

Strategically speaking, this theory emerges from the universal dimension of all parts of the larger Islamic homeland, and it cannot succeed if we take away this global universal dimension.

If we should do al-Jihad at Open-fronts, and decide to confront America at Open- fronts, we will find that in order for al-Jihad to succeed on any front, it requires certain strategic conditions. These conditions are only present in limited areas in the Islamic world. When these fronts need a troop of al-Mujahideen from any Islamic country, reinforcements of different kinds of special expertise from any country, will fill important gaps on those fronts whenever they emerge.

In individual, secret Jihad, the operational activity also takes place on a global and universal horizon. The horizons for this operational activity open up regardless of borders and countries. The enemy occupies Iraq and we fight there, the same in Palestine now. It became a duty for al-Mujahideen in Tunisia, or Morocco, or Indonesia to go to Iraq to rush to his brothers’ aid. However, few are probably able to do that, and it will become harder with time, because the apostate regimes in the areas of confrontation cooperate with America against al-Mujahideen. But any Muslim, who wants to participate in al-Jihad and the Resistance, can participate in this battle against America in his country, or anywhere, which is perhaps hundreds of times more effective than what he is able to do if he arrived at the open area of confrontation.

It is absolutely necessary to have a sense of commitment to al-Ummah and its world, in the geographical, political and military dimensions and in every field.

Whoever looks at these established borders, curved and strangely twisted as they are when they draw the maps of our countries, sees the drawings by the pens and rulers of the disbelievers in the colonial powers’ ministries. It is strange, then, that these borders have been engraved in the minds and hearts of the majority of the sons of this Ummah. It is astonishing that this catastrophe is not older than a few decades only. It happened after the downfall of al-Ummah’s broad political entity in 1924, with the fall of the last of the symbolic Khilafa of this Ummah.

We must open the minds and hearts of al-Ummah’s youth, so that they feel commitment to al-Ummah as a whole. This is a fundament in the religion and al- Aqida, as well as in the politics and the strategic military concept.

Now, let us move on to our military theory.

The military theory of the Global Islamic Resistance Call

The military theory of the Resistance Call is based upon applying two forms of al- Jihad:

1. The Individual Terrorism Jihad and secret operational activity of small Brigades totally separated from each other

2. Participation in al-Jihad at the Open-fronts wherever its preconditions exist 17

The Military Theory of the Global Islamic Resistance Call

We turn our attention to these facts:

The Jihad of individual or cell terrorism, using the methods of urban or rural guerilla warfare, is fundamental for exhausting the enemy and causing him to collapse and withdraw, with Allah’s permission.

The Open-front Jihad is fundamental for seizing control over land in order to liberate it, and establish the Law of Allah, with the help of Allah.

The Individual Terrorism Jihad and guerilla warfare conducted by small cells, paves the way for the other kind (Open-front Jihad), aids and supports it. Without confrontation in the field and seizure of land, however, a state will not emerge for us. And this is the strategic goal for the Resistance project.

This is a summary of the military theory which I already developed into its final forms and recorded in a lecture series in the summer of 2000.

However, the front confrontations happened after that, between us and the American forces in the battles of the downfall of the Emirate all over Afghanistan in December 2001, especially in the battles in North Afghanistan and of Qala-i-Jangi in Mazar-e-Sharif, and the battles of Tora Bora and Kandahar, etc. In addition to some other battles after that, like the battle of Shah-i-Kot, which has the American name “Operation Anaconda”, where hundreds were killed, as well as other confrontations. And the high strategic price we paid in these confrontations, in spite of how the American forces and their allies suffered.

And then, through my continuous following and studying of the development of the method of military confrontation and the American performance during the invasion of Iraq in March and April 2003. And also my studying of some of the battles initiated by some of the armies working as agents for the administration of the American military and security command in the region, such as what happened when the Yemeni Army raided the positions and military bases of al-Mujahiden in the Hatat mountains and other places there.

And what happened during the Pakistani Army’s siege of and repeated storming of the areas of some of the Arab Mujahideen and those who supported them in the tribal areas in the Sarhad province in North-Western Pakistan.

And likewise, what happened when the Americans destroyed the positions of some of al-Mujahideen in Iraqi Kurdistan in Khormal, by using the strategy of intense air and missile bombardment, followed by the advancement of agent forces, supported by American Special Forces, towards al-Mujahideen positions.

And what happened lately in the persistent battles of al-Fallujah, may Allah enlighten the faces of theur sons al-Mujahideen and the faces of al-Mujahideen everywhere.

All of this has confirmed that confronting the campaigns of American and allied forces in an overt way, according to the methods of the Open-fronts, and through defending permanent positions, is still in its wrong time – and time will come, Inch’Allah. At present, this is caused by the unimaginable technological superiority of the hostile forces, especially in the air, and in their control over space, and the enormous abilities of taking satellite photos and directing air and missile strikes. And also, the excellent and incomparable abilities of the hostile forces for air-borne strikes, reaching so far as to being able to bring down motorized and artillery units and command forces in terms of strategic numbers anywhere they want, and at record speeds.

If we accompany these important and current lessons with the lessons from our many tragic Jihadi experiences where we used the guerilla warfare method (fixed defense), such as what happened to us during al-Jihad in Syria in the “Battles of Hama – February 1982”, and the battles of Tripoli against the forces of the Syrian government, and during the defense of Tall al-Za’tar in Beirut, Lebanon, against the Syrian and Lebanese agent forces on the ground and Israeli forces at sea and in the air! And in Yemen, in the experience of al-Mihdar in 1998, Nabatiyya in Lebanon in 2000, etc. We find that all these experiences confirm what we have studied and taught about “The Principles of Guerilla Warfare”, and that “Defense from Permanent Positions” at the wrong time is one of the guerillas’ most vulnerable spots. This is also elaborated upon in the books of and second, in the greatest theoreticians in military art, for example Mao Tse-Tung, Guevara, Giap and Castro, and others.

The conclusion which we have arrived at now is:

That the basic axis of the Resistance’s military activity against America and her allies now, must lie within the framework of “Light Guerilla Warfare”, ‘civilian terror’ and secret methods, especially on the level of individual operations and small Resistance Brigades completely and totally separated from each other.

However, along with this I say: Any alteration of the balance of power in favor of the Resistance and al-Jihad, which cancels the effects of American control in areas which fulfill the requirements of the Open-fronts, which I will present, will return the issue of open confrontation for the purpose of liberating land, centralizing on it, and establishing the cores of a legal and political entity for the Islamic power, a goal that one must pursue whenever the opportunities arise.

Now, let us examine the details of the military theory of the Global Islamic Resistance Call in the field of Fronts, and in the field of guerilla warfare of individual terrorism. I start with the Fronts, because it has few details, and because we do not need it so much now. I will only elaborate upon the basic method in the  current situation, which I think will continue for a long time, unless Allah’s mercy falls upon us so that the balance of power is altered.


First: Open-Front Jihad

While it is possible to perform individual Jihad anywhere in the Arab and Islamic world, even all over the world, because this is not dependent on certain conditions where it takes place, the Open-Front Jihad is dependent on strategic preconditions that are necessary in order to succeed, after success has been granted by Allah Almighty.

Necessary preconditions for success in Open-front Jihad:

Geographical preconditions:
These are the preconditions of the territory. It has to be:

  1. Spacious in terms of area
  2. Varied, and with long borders
  3. Difficult to siege
  4. Contain partially rough mountainous terrain, forests or similar, which helpsin concentrating enemy troops, and in confronting the forces advancing onthe ground. It is best to have tree covered mountains
  5. It is also a requirement of the territory that its food and water sources aremsufficient in case of a siege

Population factors:

They include the presence of a large number of inhabitants whose movements are not possible to register, especially if they are spread out in populated rural areas, and densely populated cities. In addition, the youth of this area should be known for its military stubbornness, fighting ability and persistence, and the fact that sources of weapons are available to them in that area.

Political factors:

These factors include the presence of a cause in which the local inhabitants can believe, in a way that is sufficient for making them fight a Jihad for its sake. Also, that cause must be able to mobilize al-Ummah behind it, so that al-Ummah will help this people succeed, and fight al-Jihad with them, with their spirit, money and other kinds of support. The most suitable cause among the causes that instigate resistance is foreign aggression and an abundance of religious, political, economic and social reasons for revolution and al-Jihad. This is called “Revolutionary

Climate” in books about guerilla warfare, and in our literature we will term it “Jihadi Climate’.

According to these requirements, we may benefit from a study of these factors in the three main examples of Open-Front Jihad that took place in the past:

In Afghanistan, in Chechnya, and in Bosnia. This is outlined in the following simple table:


Geographical factors

o 650,000km2
o Roughness
o Manyresources
o Thebordersarelong,notsubjecttobeingshut,andotherfactors


o 24millionpeople,mostofthemyouth o Enduringwarriorpeople
o Greatabundanceofweapons


o Causes:Occupationandforeigninvasion o Religiousmotive
o Tribalmotive


o Complete success Chechnya

Geographical factors

o Smallarea:47,000km2
o Alotofroughness,partlyopenborders o Abundanceofresources


o Limitednumberofpeople,some850,000 o Stubbornfighterpeople
o Abundanceofweapons


The Military Theory of the Global Islamic Resistance Call


o Causes:Occupationandforeigninvasion o Religiousmotive
o Nationalmotive


o Military success
o Da’wa success
o Political failure up until now


Geographical factors

o Smallarea,veryclosedandrestrictedborders o Alotofroughness,abundanceofresources


o Limited number of people: The Muslims are about 4 million. The people are not fighters, they are not stubborn and sources of weapons are limited.


o Causes:AggressionandCrusader-Westerngenocide o Religiousmotive
o Fightforsurvival


o General failure, except in generating support from al-Ummah

So, if we examine the countries of the Islamic world and its regions according to their political divisions, from the angle of these strategic preconditions, we will find that the regions and countries in which these preconditions are present, especially the geographical and population ones, are mostly weak, and are created artificially in the most cunning way.

Regarding the cause, if it does not provide a feeling of commitment to al-Ummah as a whole, the cause is weak. Regarding the revolutionary climate caused by religious, social, or economic motives for making revolution against the evilness of the rulers and their collaborators, this revolutionary fire was extinguished by the sultans’ scholars and the leaders’ propagandists. Everywhere, they inoculated al- Ummah’s mind that “the one who does not govern by what Allah sent down, those are the devoted ones”!!, and that “the one who befriends the enemies, he is one of us, our ruler, and crown of our head”!!

Therefore, we must search for the keys to revolution, resistance, and al-Jihad under the slogan that fighting today’s American-Zionist invasion is for the entire Ummah. One must take into consideration the fact that the sultans’ scholars and the media will only fall in line with their rulers and their master, America, and oppose this call. This is what is happening today.

Regarding the suitability of the Islamic world’s regions for confrontation on Open- fronts: The most suitable, according to the abundance of factors, if we treat them as regions, and not political entities, are:

1. Afghanistan: Its factors have already been pointed out.

2. The Countries in Central Asia and vicinities that lie behind the river:  It is a large area, close to 5 million km2, and it contains close to 50 million Muslims.

All the factors required for Open-fronts are present, especially with the continued Soviet occupation in some of the area, and the semi-overt infiltration of American occupation in the remaining area, in form of a modern colonization the American way. I have already written a study with the title, “The Muslims in Central Asia”, which dealt with this matter in detail.

3. Yemen and Jazirat al-Arab (Arabian Peninsula): It is a vast area, which in total exceeds 2.5 million km2. The total number of people is about 45 million. Its essential stronghold suitable for open confrontation is Yemen: It contains the religious and economic strategic factors, and the location is well known. I have previously also written a study on al-Jihad in Jazirat al-Arab, and its fundamental pillar is Yemen. It is not necessary to speak at length about this here.

4. Morocco and North Africa: It is also a huge area, with open land borders, long coasts, many mountains and natural fortresses, and an abundance of weapons and necessary resources. It is difficult to besiege because of its many and varied borders. The Arab and Berber inhabitants are historically known for their strength, courage and fighting skills. There are large sources of arms in the region, provided from Central and Western Africa, and its sea connection to Europe provides the region with many favourable preconditions. Say nothing of that, in North Africa, and especially in Morocco, the situation means that most of the preconditions for a Jihadi-revolutionary climate are present. Furthermore, the presence of economic occupation and Western and Jewish control provides a golden key for releasing the spark of al-Jihad.


5. Bilad al-Sham (Levant) and Iraq: They comprise a whole, continuous region with a total area of more than 700,000 km2. It has all the preconditions for the Open-fronts, especially the mountainous regions in Northern and Western Iraq, Northern and Western Syria, and in most of Lebanon, and also in the mountains East and North of the Jordan River. The total number of people in the region also exceeds 60 million.

The now emerging American occupation has declared its determination to remain on a long-term basis. They also prepare to extend their aggression to Syria in order to control the whole Sham Land. After the Jews occupied Syria, the Christians took control over Lebanon, and America seized control over Jordan in all of its affairs. There is an abundance of weapons and equipment in the region, and it also has varied borders, coasts, and passes. Israel creates a motive for a global Islamic cause, and the American occupation adds a revolutionary dimension, which is an excellent key to al-Jihad. There are other similar regions as well, in which there are many suitable preconditions for open confrontations, such as Turkey. It is one of the most suitable countries for Jihadi guerilla warfare, because all the factors are present. Likewise, and even more so, with Pakistan, and some regions on the African continent and other similar. However, the great majority of Islamic states and entities, which compromise more than 55 states, are not at all suitable for open confrontation, due to the absence of all or some of the suitable conditions.

Here, one must pay attention to the political cause, which will be the cause of struggle and mobilization for the confrontation.

As explained, this cause should be driving the American occupation out of the region, fighting the Jews, removing the polytheists from Jazirat al-Arab, oil and resources, the American hegemony, and the injustices and affliction caused by the occupation and its allies in the region.

How to participate in the Resistance in Open-front Jihad: In most Arab and Islamic countries, with their current political divisions and entities, the preconditions for Open-fronts are not present. In most cases, they are arenas suitable for Individual Terrorism Jihad, small brigades, and secret guerilla warfare, as a result of the dense presence of different American and allied interests, and of Western and Zionist hegemonic projects.

Those al-Mujahideen who want to contribute in open confrontations, must head for wherever the Fronts open up whenever they open. They must operate under the field leadership’s command, as long as it fulfills the minimum criteria of being a legitimate banner and legitimate Jihad under the slogan of universal Islam and as long as it is in accordance with the principles of the Resistance, its ideology and Jihadi Aqida.

When al-Jihad on one of those fronts leads to victory for the Muslims, that will be the center of an Islamic Emirate, which should be ruled by Shari’a of Allah. It will be a center and a destination for those around it emigrating to fight al-Jihad in the cause of Allah. The leadership and the Emirate will be for all people of that country. There will be certain inherited social traditions there, and it is of no use violating them or pretending to forget the traces of the past, until the Muslim society emerges which is built upon the universalness of Islam and the nationality of Islam. This requires a long time, and Allah knows the best.

This was a short and general description of Open-front Jihad. But I repeat and say again that…

It is very important for those who carry the banner of al-Jihad to understand their reality and the reality of the Muslims, and the preconditions of the current American era, until Allah removes their country and disperses them.

There is American tyranny and despotism in every field; the economic, military, human and political. It is impossible and of no use to ignore this. Since the September 11th events, we have examples that give clear instructions. All of them point to the fact that one must consider the matter thoroughly before even thinking about confronting this tyrannical power on an Open-front. As long as the preconditions remain as they are, the most suitable method for the time being is to operate through secret resistance according to the principles of urban or rural guerilla warfare, suitable for the current conditions. This implies that one has to rely on Individual Terrorism Jihad and activity by small brigades. This is what we will explain in the remaining part of this section, Inch’Allah, which comprises the following paragraphs.

Second: Individual Terrorism Jihad and the Global Islamic Resistance Brigades

Definition of Terrorism: I think that one of the most important fields of success in the recent American- Jewish-Crusader campaigns is that on the media fields. They have succeeded in imposing terminologies and definitions of people, and in forcing upon humanity a meaning of these terminologies, corresponding with their view.

Among the terms which they have imposed today, in a distorted way, in order to express the ugliest of activities, manners and practices are the terms “terrorism”, “terrorists”, and “counter-terrorism”…

It has even become natural in the Arab and Islamic media, and even the media of the Islamic awakening (al-Sahwa), to reject this description, as if it was an accusation, a vice, and a disaster, which would cause those accused of it to be described by all the characteristics of depravity and everything derived from it in this world and the hereafter…With all simplicity and courage we say:

We refuse to understand this term according to the American description. “Terrorism” is an abstract word, and like many of the abstract words, it can carry a good or bad meaning according to the context, and what is added to it and what is attached to it. The word is an abstract term, which has neither positive nor negative meaning.

Arhaba: i.e., to terrify, and the infinitive is al-Irahab (i.e., excessive fear). The one performing the action is an Irhabi, the one whom the action falls upon is a Murhab or Marhub.

We have two types of terrorism..

1. Blameworthy terrorism:

It is the terrorism of falsehood and force of falsehood; it can be defined as every action, speech, or behaviour which inflicts harm and fear among the innocent without a true cause. This kind of terrorism includes the terrorism of thieves, highway robbers, invaders, and assailants, and the terrorism of oppressors and un-rightful rulers of people, such as the Pharaohs and their servants. This is blameworthy terrorism, and its perpetrator is a “criminal terrorist” who deserves to be punished for terrorism and its crime according to its damage and impact.

2. Praiseworthy terrorism:  This is the opposite of blameworthy terrorism. It is terrorism by the righteous that have been unjustly treated. It removes injustice from the oppressed. This is undertaken through terrorizing and repelling the oppressor.

The terrorism of the security men who fight against thieves and highway robbers is of this kind as is the terrorism of those who resist occupation, and the terrorism of people defending themselves against the servants of al-Taghout (the tyrant). This is praiseworthy terrorism.

Terrorizing the enemies is a Fard (religious duty), and assassinating their leaders a Sunnah: I remember that I was enrolled in a training course for cadres in the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood organization during the days of al-Jihad and revolution against Hafiz al-Assad’s regime. I was 22 years old. This was in the al-Rashid camp belonging to the Iraqi Army in Baghdad in 1980. When the trainer entered — and he was – may Allah have mercy on him — a distinguished man, an elderly Shaykh from the first generation of Muslim Brotherhood, from those who pledged allegiance to shaykh Hassan al-Banna, may Allah have mercy on him, when he was 17 years old. He fought in Palestine in 1948, and was wounded in Jerusalem, and worked in the Muslim Brotherhood’s Special Apparatus. He participated in the secret resistance against the British in the Suez Canal zone at the beginning of the fifties. He became friends with Sayyid Qutb, may Allah have mercy on him. He emigrated from Egypt and lived outside the country for the rest of his life. He was a trainer in al- Shuyoukh camps in Eastern Jordan with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1969, and devoted himself to helping several of the Jihadi movements, which were backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. This was when the Muslim Brotherhood was still following the Manhaj of al-Banna and Qutb, before the plague of democracy and parliaments began.

He was training us in military disciplines and he also ran with us when we had physical exercise — in spite of his old age (over 60 years of age). He held lectures for us. I remember when he first walked in on a troop of 30 young men, the elite of the military wing of the Syrian Brotherhood at that time. The first thing he said to us in his Egyptian dialect, was: “Are you Ikhwanis?” We said: “Yes,”. He said, “Are you sure, my sons?”, We said: “We were sure”. He said, pointing at his neck, “You will all be slaughtered, Agree?”, We all said, overflowing with happiness and joy, “We agree with it”.

He turned to the blackboard, and wrote the title of the first lecture on it: “Terrorism is a Fard, and assassination is a Sunnah”

He drew a line under it and turned in order to start the lesson, and for us to start the work. We paid attention to the lessons, the path was drawn out, and the good news continued. The hope in Allah’s generosity is great for those who fulfilled their pledge from that troop, and for the ones who are waiting.

What al-Shaykh, may Allah have mercy on him, summarized for us in a part of this religion’s Aqida. I begin the following part of my lesson with it.

Allah has given clear orders in His book to terrorize His enemies. Along with it came the Sunnah of His Prophet, the Chosen One consisting of his deeds, sayings and approvals, al-Qur’an and al-Sunnah have established the rules of this praiseworthy terrorism against Allah’s enemies in clear words. Allah Almighty said:

“And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others Callbesides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged (60)” (Surat al-Anfal)

The Aya is clear in its text and unambiguous in its meaning “Make ready” means train for combat. “Against them” means against your enemies. “Your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war” is the shooting, riding and weapons. The prophet Muhammad, صلى الله عليه وسلم, said, “Indeed, The Power is Archery”, repeating it three times.

Why this preparing and training for combat, the gathering of weapons, and making ready the steeds of war?

al-Aya itself has already explained it: “To strike terror” means in order to terrorize, “With it” means with what you have made ready for combat, “The enemies of Allah and your enemies”, they are the ones whom the terrorist act is intended for, “And others besides”, means the ones who support and help them, or the ones who wait in ambush for you in order to attack you. When they witness your terror against the assailants, your resistance, and self- defense, they will “be terrorized” and frightened, and deterred from attacking, without you even knowing about their determination to attack. But Allah knew it, and deterred the enemy through your preparation and through your terror against the assailant enemies of Allah. And Allah knows the best.

Thus, and in short: This generous Aya has ordered preparation for the purpose of terrorizing the assailants’ and Allah’s enemies among the disbelievers and their servants.

The disbelievers have understood this Aya better than many Muslim scholars of this time. America has demanded all the Islamic countries to omit it, and all of Surat al-Anfal, Surat al-Tawba, and Surat Al-i-lmran from the educational curriculum!!

The one who terrorizes others is a “terrorist” without any exception, and hence, there is:

o An evil assailant terrorist
o A righteous terrorist defending himself or other oppressed people

Thus, in the word terrorist we do not find any negative meaning when we use it to characterize the Resistance fighters or al-Mujahideen. They are, in reality, terrorists towards their enemies, Allah’s enemies, and His weak servants. So where are the ambiguity and the blame?!

Yes, we are terrorists towards the enemies of Allah. We have already struck terror in them, and we have made them tremble in their holes, in spite of the hundreds of thousands of agents in their security agencies, Alhamdulillah, and this happened after they terrorized the countries and mankind, and even put fear into the embryos in their mothers’ bellies.


From this it follows that terrorism has been commanded in Allah’s Book, and in situations where al-Mujahideen are repelling their enemy and the enemy’s terror through Jihad al-Daf’ (defensive Jihad). This is one of the most important religious duties. In fact, there is no duty more obligatory than this, except believing al- Tawheed, as has been established by al-Fuqahaa and the scholars. We must grasp this before the enemy’s media terror and ideological terror captures us and makes us disclaim our identity, our Lord’s Book and the duties of our religion.

Allah’s enemies knew that the command to terrorize them is repeated in many of the passages in Allah’s Book, and in the Sunnah of His Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, so Rumsfeld

and others have stated and demanded from the Islamic countries to omit many Qur’anic Ayat from the educational curriculum in the countries of the Arabs and the Muslims, even including Surat al-Kafiroun: “Say, O disbelievers (1) I do not worship what you worship (2) Nor are you worshippers of what I worship (3) Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship (4) Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship (5) For you is your religion, and for me is my religion (6)” (Surat al-Kafiroun)

And: “So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [their] necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bonds, and either [confer] favor afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens. That [is the command]. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken vengeance upon them [Himself], but [He ordered armed struggle] to test some of you by means of others. And those who are killed in the cause of Allah – never will He waste their deeds (4)” (Surat Muhammad)

And his words, صلى الله عليه وسلم: “I was sent between the hands of the Hour with the sword until Allah will be worshipped alone with no partner. My sustenance was made under the shadow of my spear, and humiliation and lowliness were made for those who disobey my order. And those who imitate a people are from them”. And his Hadith, .”Oh people of Quraysh, truly, I have come to you with slaughter” :صلى الله عليه وسلم

The rulers and the Ministries of Education responded to them, and adjusted the curricula several times. There are many examples, and the latest of them is the Pakistani Minister of Culture who went out publicly in front of the press to say that Surat al-Anfal and Surat al-Tawba must be omitted from the curricula because they called for terrorism!!


Eventually, the matter brought America to a point where they gathered a number of the scholars residing in the West and the orientalists, in order to shorten al-Qur’an and omit everything that, by their claim, incites hatred and fighting!! They came out with a new, shortened Qur’an named “al-Furqan al-Haqq” (The True Qur’an). A number of media outlets talked about this, and afterwards I heard it in a press summary on the Saudi-Gulf Iqra’ channel! And so on. Allah said the Truth, and we are warned by His words:

“They ask you about the sacred month – about fighting therein. Say, ‘Fighting therein is great [sin], but averting [people] from the way of Allah and disbelief in Him and [preventing access to] al-Masjid al-Haram and the expulsion of its people therefrom are greater [evil] in the sight of Allah . And al-Fitna is greater than killing’. And they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able. And whoever of you reverts from his religion [to disbelief] and dies while he is a disbeliever – for those, their deeds have become worthless in this world and the Hereafter, and those are the companions of the Fire, they will abide therein eternally (217) ” (Surat al-Baqara)

The most important terrorist actions against Allah’s enemies, their leaders and their chiefs of disbelief, are to combat the chiefs of disbelief, as He Almighty said: “And if they break their oaths after their treaty and defame your religion, then fight the leaders of disbelief, for indeed, there are no oaths [sacred] to them; [fight them that] they might cease (12) ” (Surat al-Tawba)

So the most important of al-Jihad actions is the execution of their leaders, by murder and assassination.

This was confirmed in a number of separate Ayat when He, صلى الله عليه وسلم, sent al-Mujahideen units as teams and special brigades, “commandos” of elite Sahaba to assassinate leaders of disbelief of his, صلى الله عليه وسلم, time.

These events are firmly proven. Among them is when he sent a brigade to assassinate a female poet who was harming Allah, His Messenger and the Muslims by her poetry. So he ordered her assassination, and her tongue was silenced.

This is what the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, did. A prophetic Sunnah which we are proud of, follow, imitate, and we regard those who condemn it as disbelievers.

At the end of his, صلى الله عليه وسلم, life, Fayrouz al-Daylami assassinated the head of apostasy in Yemen, al-Aswad al-Ansi, who had seized power in Yemen. He wanted people to turn to apostasy, so Fayrouz assassinated him. Jibril (Gabriel) informed the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, about the event while he was on his deathbed, and delighted him by the good news. Then the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, informed his Sahaba about it, and it is told that he said to them: “al-Aswad al-‘Ansi has been killed. A blessed man from a blessed family has killed him”.

The assassination of leaders of disbelief among civilians and military personnel, among men from politics, propaganda and media, among the ones who discredit Allah’s religion, and among the supporters of Allah’s enemies who invade the Muslims, is a confirmed Sunnah of the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, and it is one of the most important arts of terrorism and one of its most beneficial and deterring operations and methods.

These are methods, which are also implemented by Allah’s enemies.

The CIA has obtained a license from the American government to assassinate presidents, if that is in the American national interest, and they have used it time after time. In the CIA, there is a special department for that! So I do not know why they forbid us from doing this? Then, the riffraff and hypocrites among our scholars, may Allah fight them, agree with them on this falsehood?!

After this necessary introduction in which we have undressed the word: “terrorism” and its derivatives, in order to use it as a type of and one of the goals of al-Jihad, we will now move on to the next point.

Observations about past terrorist operations and individual Jihad:

We observe that those operations remained limited. They were performed by a few people here and there, as an expression of an emotional reaction following some hostile acts against Muslims. They increase in the places of aggression themselves, and this is because the minds and spirits are still naturally disposed towards a local or national awareness. If the colonialist invades a country, there would be a lot of reactions there, but when the same colonialist, with his military and civilian power of different kinds, is present in neighboring countries, no one threatens their interest.

We also observe that the ones performing these operations are not programmed, in order to become a phenomenon for the sake of setting an example, pushing al- Ummah’s youth to follow it, and building upon it. They are merely emotional reactions.

They have not transformed it into a phenomenon, because they are spontaneous, and nobody has occupied themselves with making them part of a program and presenting them as a strategic operational method. This is what we will adopt as a fundamental strategy at the base of our military theory in the Global Islamic Resistance Call.

Conditions and needs which make it necessary for the Resistance to use the operational method of individual Jihad:

Among the things, that impose this operational method as a strategic choice, are the conditions of imbalance of power between the Resistance and the grand aggressor alliance of disbelievers, apostates and hypocrites, and from this:

  1. The failure of the operational methods of the secret, hierarchical organizations, in light of the international security campaign and the international and regional coordination, which we have referred to above. Furthermore, the need for an operational method, which makes it impossible for those security agencies to abort the Resistance cells by arresting their members, based on torture and interrogation of other members
  2. Inability of the secret organizations to incorporate all of al-Ummah’s youth who want to perform the duty of al-Jihad and Resistance by contributing with some kind of activity, without being required to commit themselves to membership responsibilities of a centralized organization
  3. The presence of the enemy over a wide area, the increased diversity of his goals, and his presence in many spots, makes it harder for battle-fronts to emerge, and it also makes it harder to establish centralized organizations
  4. Decline of the idea of the Open-fronts and confronting the enemy from permanent positions, as a result of the enemy’s use of the strategy of decisive air attacks with devastating rocket bombardments and air strikes, directed by satellites which control the ground, they even see what is beneath the ground, with the help of advanced technology. This is a matter of fact, which must be recognized, and upon which the planning for confrontation must be based

The general principles for the theory of individual Jihadi action in the Resistance Call from a practical perspective:

  1. Spreading the culture of the Resistance and transforming it into an organized strategic phenomenon, and not merely a collection of responses
  2. Spreading the ideology of the Resistance, its Manhaj, its legal and political bases, and its operational theories, so that they are available for al-Ummah’s youth who strongly wish to participate in al-Jihad and Resistance
  3. Directing the Resistance fighters to areas of operation suitable for the Individual Terrorism Jihad
  4. Directing the Resistance fighters to the most important targets which they must target in Resistance operations and al-Jihad of small brigades Spreading the legal, political, military and other sciences and knowledge that al-Mujahideen need in order to carry out Resistance operations, without this being in a direct way that leads to a series of arrests in the networks, as happened in the centralized organizations
  5. Instructing the youth in the armed operational method, in building the cells of the Resistance brigades as “system of action” and not as “organization for action”, as we will explain later in this section, and in the section devoted to the theories on “security, organization, training and preparation”

6. Coordinating a method in which all efforts are joined, in order to combine their result in a mechanism which confuses the enemy, exhausts him and heightens the spirit of al-Ummah so that it joins the Resistance phenomenon

Main arenas of operation for Individual Terrorism Jihad:

Since al-Ummah is vast and so are the arenas in which targets and interests of the invader enemy are present. It is furthermore impossible for all the youth who want to participate in the Resistance to travel to the area of open confrontation. It is even unlikely that such Fronts should emerge in the foreseeable future. Hence, our method should therefore be to guide the Muslim who wants to participate and resist, to operate where he is, or where he is able to be present in a natural way. We should advise him to pursue his everyday life in a natural way, and to pursue al-Jihad and Resistance in secrecy and alone, or with a small cell of trustworthy people who form an independent brigade for Resistance and for the individual Jihad.

Regarding the priority of arenas in which we must strike the enemy, the list of priority arenas is as follows:

  1. Wherever you hurt the enemy the most and inflict upon him the heaviest losses
  2. Wherever you arouse Muslims the most and awaken the spirit of al-Jihad and Resistance in them

Thus, the list of arenas, arranged according to their importance, is as follows:

1. The countries on al-Jazira, al-Sham, Egypt and al-Iraq:

This area contains the holy places, the oil, Israel, the countries encircling her, and the American military and economic presence, and it is the fundamental and final site for al-Ta’ifa al-Mansoura (victorious sect) tell the end time.

2. The countries of North Africa from Libya to Mauritania:

There are Western interests in this region, especially those of the main European countries allied with America in the NATO.

3. Turkey, Pakistan, and the countries of Central Asia:

They contain the second largest oil reserves in the world, and America’s strategic interests, military bases, and main economic investments. They have large and historical Islamic movements, which are regarded as being a strategic depth for the Arab Jihadi and Resistance movements.


4. The rest of the Islamic world:

The Americans and their allies have interests and a presence in this region. The Islamic world as a whole contains the main backbone of the Resistance, which is al- Ummah’s youth sympathizing with its causes and wishing to participate in al-Jihad and the Resistance. It is a backbone consisting of hundreds of millions of Muslims.

5. The American and Allied interests in third world countries:

Especially in those countries participating in the Crusader campaign. This due to their weak security capabilities, compared with the security regulations that the Western countries implement in their own countries. al-Jihad in these countries rests fundamentally on the shoulders of al-Mujahideen who basically reside in those countries, and live a normal life there. This helps them in moving, hiding, gaining knowledge of the targets and dealing with them in an easy manner.

6. In European countries allied with America and participating with her in the war:

This is due to the presence of old and large Islamic communities in Europe. Their number exceeds 45 million, and there are communities of millions in Australia, Canada and South America as well.

Especially in Europe, because of its closeness to the Arab and Islamic world, and the inter-twining of interests between them, and because of all the movement and transportation between the two. The Muslims in those countries are like Muslims everywhere, the religious duty of al-Jihad, of repelling the enemy and resisting him, rests on their shoulders in exactly the same way as for Muslims in their own countries.

Action in Europe and those countries must be subjected to the rules of political benefits versus political harms, judged against the positions of the European governments. At the same time, one has to adopt a strategy of winning the support of the people, and avoiding harming them. I will present this in detail in the political theory of the Resistance, Inch’Allah.

7. In the heart of America herself, by targeting her with effective strategic operations, as will be explained in the following paragraphs, Inch’Allah. She is the viper’s head, as Shaykh Osama rightfully named her. And she is the origin of scourge and the head of the alliance. When defeated, this alliance will break up, and we will move to a new historical era, Inch’Allah.

The most important enemy targets aimed at by the Individual Terrorism Jihad:

The goal of the operations of the Resistance and the Individual Terrorism Jihad is to inflict as many human and material losses as possible upon the interests of America and her allies, and to make them feel that the Resistance has transformed into a phenomenon of popular uprising against them, because of their hostility that stretches from Central and South Asia, the Philippine Islands and Indonesia in the East, to the shores of the Atlantic in the West, and from the Caucasus, the countries of the Crimea, the Balkans and North Africa in the North, to India and Central Africa in the South, all along the Islamic world, in addition to places populated with Muslims.

The arena of the Islamic countries is the basic arena for the Resistance, as we explained in the political theory, and we will clarify this in the paragraph “The Strategy of the Resistance” at the end of this important chapter.

The fundament for the operational activity is that al-Mujahid, the member of the Resistance, practices individual Jihad on his land, where he lives and resides, without al-Jihad costing him the hardship of al-Hijra, traveling, and moving to where direct Jihad is possible. The enemy today is one, and he is spread everywhere, al-Hamdulillah.

If we wanted to mention the most important targets according to their importance, we say that they are:

1. In our countries (The Arab and Islamic world)
2. In their countries (America and allied countries)

3. In other countries in the world

First: The targets in the basic arena (countries in the Arab and Islamic World):

  1. Centers of missionary activity and Christianization, the cultural envoys, and the institutions in charge of the American-Western civilizational and ideological invasion of Muslim countries, without violating the houses of worship and the facilities of the Christians originally residing in our country
  2. All kinds of economic presence belonging to America or her Western allies: Companies, mines, experts, engineers, traders, representatives of foreign companies (except Muslims) residences of the families of these colonialist thieves, etc.
  3. All kinds of diplomatic presence of America and her allies, including embassies, consulates, diplomatic envoys, etc.
  4. All kinds of military presence of America and her allies (Military bases, fleets, harbors, airports, transportation stations and military units, etc.)
  5. All kinds of security presence of the intelligence organizations of America and her Western allies, such as the offices of the CIA and FBI and their likes, overt or concealed under presumed covers
  6. All kinds of Zionist or American delegations, responsible for normalization of relations with Israel, and who are invading our countries today through civilian, national, and governmental institutions: cultural, sports, arts and their likes
  1. All kinds of tourism presence: tourist companies and delegations of foreigntourists, their offices, their airline companies and so on. They are the ambassadors of depravity, corruption, immorality and decadence, in addition to that they are the disgraceful representation of the occupation that took control over our countries and transformed them into a backyard for amusement and recreation for the adulterers and rich people among them
  2. The basic pillars of the apostate regimes cooperating with the aggressor campaigns
  3. The basic pillars of the collaborator forces and the different kinds of normalization with the aggressor campaigns in various fields

In short, targeting all kinds of material and human presence of the Americans and their allies in our countries is the basic arena for the Resistance

Important details:

The economic dimension of the American occupation: The economic dimension of the coming American occupation of our countries is one of the most important dimensions of this occupation and of the Crusader and Jewish invasion, after the religious and civilizational dimensions, which is driven by their Zionistic and Crusader motives, and by their belief in their myths and the fables of their spurious religious books.

The Muslim countries contain the principal oil lakes of the world; Saudi Arabia and the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council have the largest known reserves in the world, and Iraq has the largest unexplored reserve in the world, amounting to a minimum of 300 billion barrels. The Central Asian region and the Caspian Sea have the second largest known reserve in the world, and in Syria there are great reserves, which the modern colonization is keeping away from. In Sudan, and on the African continent there is a huge underground oil lake, and in Northern Africa, and especially in Algeria there is one like that too. Algeria’s gas, which crosses over to Europe through Morocco and under the Gibraltar traits, comprises about 65% of Europe’s electricity consumption!

The Arab and Islamic world has large and various mineral resources as well, in addition to the agricultural and animal resources, and sources of fresh water, etc. So the first goal of colonization is the plundering of those resources, as an assistant of Bush the father declared during the Kuwait war in 1990, “that they came to correct the Lord’s mistake of creating oil in our countries”. Allah is supreme and His loftiness is far above what the offspring of monkeys and pigs say.

The second goal of the American and Western colonization is to transform the countries of the Islamic world, where the total population comprises one fifth of the population on the Earth, into a market for selling products from the West, the industrial and technological Western products which suffer from a great stagnation and competition from sources in East Asia and China.

Thus, it is possible to summarize the economic goals of the colonization and the American and Western invasion with two points: 1. Plundering resources  2. Selling products

These two goals must be a target for the Resistance and legitimate terrorism. We must hinder them from taking the resources. And we must prevent them from selling products. Not only through al-Jihad of the weak and crippled protagonists of peaceful boycott, and from the global verbal campaigns for repelling the aggression! — They are important acts of Resistance if combined with Jihad al-Daf’ — but through military resistance, an Individual Terrorism Jihad and operational activity of small Resistance Cells.

The scholars of Islam agree that selling the enemy anything that makes him superior to the Muslims is forbidden in Islam, how is it then with regard to fuel for the tanks and planes during the Crusader campaigns?!

So, the most important enemy targets in detail:

First: The oil and sources of energy from the source until the drain:

These are among the most important targets of the Resistance: Oil fields, oil pipelines, export, harbors, sea navigation routes and oil tankers, import harbors in their countries, storage depositories in their countries.

It is said that this oil is the source of income for the Muslims in those oil-exporting countries, and this is not true. Truly, it is a source for the enemy’s plundering from this artery pouring out energy, industry and money onto them. It is the life-artery of our enemies, the killers, invaders and Crusaders. It is the blood of their military machine which has inflicted death and humiliation upon us, day and night, since the beginning of the twentieth century and up until today. In reality, only a tiny amount of this wealth returns to our countries, and most of it fills the pockets of a handful of the apostate ruling princes with their sinful, adulterous and boisterous offspring and sycophants who dispose of the oil wealth at will. Nothing fails onto the rest of their people except crumbs. On top of this, the poor among other Muslim people of al-Ummah are deprived of their share, in spite of the fact that everyone has a legal right to this blessing of Allah.

50% of the oil revenues go to foreign companies according to the colonialist contracts, and the remaining 50% is transformed into meaningless electronic numbers in the Jewish international banks! Their owners, the thieves among the shameless emirs, do not have the freedom or right to withdraw anything from them, except with the consent of the big thieves, their Jewish and Crusader masters.

The oil has become a curse, after being a blessing. The Muslim rulers replaced Allah’s blessing with infidelity, and led their people to ruin!

True, a disruption of oil exports will deprive those traitor governments of their budget balance. This will, in turn, be reflected in sectors of limited economic development, which will take place in those countries. But what is the weight of this partial damage in those limited sectors, measured against the damage of this oil not reaching the Zionistic and Crusader enemy.  In short, it is the life-artery of our enemies, it originates from our countries and we have to cut it off..

When our resources have been passed into our hands and we own them, we will do true business with them, based on the rules of fairness and neighborliness.

Second: Mines of mineral resources:

Gold, copper, iron, aluminum, cobalt, phosphate, etc. The list of our mineral resources is long, and it is also necessary to prevent them from reaching the enemy and preventing the enemy from investing in them. This can also be done by preventing the export of these resources, by shutting down the mines and cutting off the export routes and means.

Third: The straits and the main sea passages:

On the Earth there are five important straits, four of them are in the countries of the Arabs and the Muslims. The fifth one is in America, and it is the Panama Canal. These straits are:

1. The Strait of Hormuz, the oil gate in the Arab-Persian Gulf
2. The Suez Canal in Egypt
3. The Bab el Mandib between Yemen and the African continent 4. The Gibraltar Strait in Morocco

Most of the Western world’s economy, in terms of trade and oil, passes through these sea passages. Also passing through them are the military fleets, aircraft carriers and the deadly missiles hitting our women and children. It is necessary to shut these passages until the invader campaigns have left our countries. This can be done by targeting American ships and ships of its allies, on the one hand by blocking the passages with mines and sinking the ships in them, or by threatening the movement there by piracy, martyrdom operations, and by the power of weapons whenever possible.

The enemy, and the people of the enemy’s countries, must know that they have ignited a wicked world war because of the sudden moods of their Crusader and Zionist-friendly rulers. And that they have to depart from our countries and terminate their intervention there and their support of treacherous rulers. And that they, if they are not reasonable and behave in a fair and humanistic way, must take their share of the death that they gave our people and children to taste, and to take their lot of the poverty, economic collapse and the hardships of life which they caused us. We must persuade them with the power of weapons, the results of the Resistance, and the losses afflicted upon them, that it is best for them if they leave us and our affairs, so that we can topple our criminal rulers, and from there establish our own legitimate governments, and deal with them according to the rules of friendly dialogue and fair and just treatment.

It is necessary that we explain to our people, through communiques, media and propaganda, that they must pay the costs of war side by side with al-Mujahideen. We have to make it clear that we are at war. The enemy has imposed this war on us. We must carry its temporary economic losses, so that we do not lose our essence, resources, religion and all ingredients of our existence.

Striking strategic targets of the allies of the Jewish-Crusader campaigns in Arab and Islamic countries:

As explained in the second section, “The Political Theory of the Resistance”, the American campaigns in their offensive towards our countries, are generally dependent on enormous support they receive from the forces of apostasy and hypocrisy, as well as on a long and wide fifth column of Americanized people who welcome this invasion and tie their interests and efforts to it.

This enormous team of allies to the apostates and hypocrites are of all sorts and kinds. Some of them agree, some of them are rivals, and some of them are at war. We will choose the most important and prominent joints in this front of supporting pillars of colonialism, in order of priority.

We will explain the importance of targeting them and how to target them in a way that suits the general strategy of the Resistance, which is to let the main focal point of the Resistance be the confrontation with the invading forces, America and her allies, and to restrict the focal points on the secondary fronts in our countries, to the important and principal ones according to the theory of building and tearing down.  As we are obliged to build up the Resistance forces and to spread its brigades, we are also obliged to tear down, destroy and remove the important bases of the opponent’s forces in our midst, as long as it does not divert our attention from our main focal point for strategic attack, namely resisting the occupation and the foreign enemies.


The most important military targets in resisting the forces of apostasy and hypocrisy in our countries are:

1. The Arab and Islamic governments:

This should be done by targeting their kings, presidents, princes, important ministers and senior officials only, especially those upon whom the American invasion project is dependent, or those senior officials or men from the upper class who are indispensable to the security campaigns.

This should not be transformed into a local revolution and a Jihadi movement whose goal is al-Jihad against the government and targeting its institutions and symbols, big and small, similar to what happened in previous Jihadi revolutions in Egypt, Syria, Algeria and elsewhere, and which led to failure, as previously explained.

It is required only to execute the senior apostate leaders who are allied with the American invader campaigns, and to attack them directly.

2. The security forces and political and military forces directly collaborating with the occupation:

As with the case of the Iraqi police, and the Kashmiri police. And the army, if it operates under their command. We must target them with attacks before these organizations expand, and their presence enables the occupation to dispense with their own forces. This is only in the case of a direct and clear occupation.

3. Security forces, and the regimes’ army and soldiers, who target al-Mujahideen and the Islamists:

We will only fight with them defensively, and not target them offensively. However, they must be targeted with an Islamic, national and emotional rhetoric in order to make them join in the Resistance, and to guide their soldiers and officers to a role in defending their religion, country and al-Ummah.

But in case they oppose al-Mujahideen and intend to kill, arrest, and harm them, it is necessary to defy death while fighting them, and not surrender to them. The battle with them is a battle with the troops of apostasy and infidelity, without considering the infidelity of their leaders (an explanation of this was given in the Theory of al-Manhaj).


The Military Theory of the Global Islamic Resistance Call

It is necessary to spread among the Resistance’s youth a culture of non- surrendering, of refusing captivity, and of defense until martyrdom, as far as possible.

4. The advocates of colonization and its symbols:

A new class of secularists and democratic dissidents has emerged in Arab and Islamic societies, who openly welcome the American project on every level; the military, political, ideological and cultural. This class is made of people like the well-known example, Doctor Sa’duddine Ibrahim. And these “apostate and hypocrite role models” work openly today, taking advantage of the American cover under the pretext of civil society institutions and call for democracy, and they have even gained immunity against the Tyrants’ agencies of oppression. They have expanded and have institutions, action programs and great finances which they openly receive from the Americans. These examples are among the most important military targets of the Global Islamic Resistance Brigades. The Brigades must seek to assassinate and liquidate their leaders, and blow up, burn and demolish their institutions, so that they join the mosques of harm (masajid al-darar), which Allah Almighty and His Messenger ordered to burn and eliminate.

5. The American and Zionist normalization projects:

The American strategic attack today relies on the spread of projects of an ideological, cultural, programmatic or academic character in Arab and Islamic countries. Their goal is to spread the colonial culture on one hand, and on the other hand to bring up generations of Americanized youth on a local level, or to send them to America and some of the allied states to obtain diplomas, gather experiences and to become qualified for becoming the rulers and men of the coming American era of the “Greater Middle East”.

The American media are advertising these American-made gangs, holding them up as an example for imitation among religious or ethnic minorities, or among the financial, political and social elite in the Arab and Islamic societies. These projects are of the same kind as the “Wadi Arabah Project” on the border between Israel and Jordan. These institutions and establishments are among the Resistance’s primary targets to blow up, demolish and burn. Those educated by them, cooperating with them, and their main sponsors, are among the most important targets to liquidate and assassinate. They are apostates and hypocrites constituting the senior chiefs of unbelief. They discredit Allah’s religion, and betray the Muslims.

6. Seniors among those who discredit Allah’s religion, and representatives of media and colonialist thinking who are fighting al-Mujahideen:

This is a group that has started to expand greatly these days, and consists of literary men, poets, thinkers, writers or journalists. These are the ones who are launching the attack today on the Aqida of Islam and on those who defend them, publicly and in daylight without fear or shame. They have been arrogant towards Allah’s religion and al-Mujahideen’s worship. They operate under the veil and cover of the “International campaign against terror” as they call it, uncovering their hidden hatred for Allah’s religion and its followers. The Islamic awakening, its men and institutions have been drawn into constant clashes with them through dialogues and on satellite channels, which is good.

However, this contest takes place under the title of respecting the other, and acknowledging the opinion of the other, and this is futile. Because these people are not merely ignorant or dissidents, even though they hold discussions in a friendly manner. Most of them are Muslims of origin, but apostates in reality. Or, they are not Muslims of origin, like the Christians and the atheist minorities in Muslim societies. They are not under protection (Aqd al-Zimma), and if they were, it would be broken, because of the propagandist campaigns they launch on Islam and its people.

al-Qur’an has called these people, in clear words, the “Leaders of Disbelief” and has ordered to combat and assassinate them. So it is necessary to kill them, responding to His (SWT) clear command in His Book:

“And if they break their oaths after their treaty and defame your religion, then fight the leaders of disbelief, for indeed, there are no oaths [sacred] to them; [fight them that] they might cease (12)” (Surat al-Tawba)

7. Advocates of dissoluteness, wickedness and depravity, and institutions spreading indecency among the believers:

The American Jewish-Crusader invasions today are dependent on destroying the Muslims’ religious, moral, cultural and ideological basis. Among the methods of doing this is the spreading of a culture of decay, depravity, adultery and immorality, and of unveiling, nakedness and mingling, and different types of social corruption. Many mass media and propaganda outlets have opened up for this, and they have employed many thinkers, artists, literary men, and their likes. One of the greatest tools today is the satellite TV channels which are financed by the millionaires of debauchery and corruption, some of the well-off Gulf Arabs and Saudis and their likes, like the Prince of immorality, al-Walid bin Talal bin Abd al- Aziz and his satellite network Rotana and others. And now…

Some of the respectable media, and some men from the Islamic awakening, are trying to resist this rotten torrent and sweeping epidemic of a culture of corruption, dissoluteness and depravity, through dialogue and verbal counter- attacks. They are trying to spread a culture of virtue and preserve the religious and moral identity of al-Ummah. This is good, but it is not enough. When bacteria, epidemics and locusts spread, dialogue is not enough!


Only insecticides, and medicines to kill bacteria, and this is self-evident for every rational person. It is therefore necessary, legally, logically and rationally, that these institutions and their most important men, advocates, and leaders become targets for explosions, destruction and assassinations.

Among the ill-reputed examples are prince al-Walid bin Talal and his likes, the Rotana satellite channel, the programs “Video Clip” and “Star Academy” and other manifestations of the plague spreading through Lebanese satellite channels and other distributors of depravity and corruption.

The hole in the garment has become wider, but this does not make it necessary to start a war with every small and big one of them, but with the leaders. The leaders of arts and literature but first and foremost, the financial leaders who finance the gates of Shaytan into al-Ummah’s religion and morals. Allah Almighty said:

“Indeed, those who like that immorality should be spread [or publicized] among those who have believed will have a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter. And Allah knows and you do not know (19)” (Surat al-Nour)

A Very, Very… Very Important Note

Some of the people affiliated with the flock of Muslim scholars, or with the agitators and leaders of the Islamic awakening, are people who broke away, either because they were craving for worldly gains and government positions, or because they were afraid of being oppressed and accused of terrorism and violence. They started to hum the sound of “Moderate Islam”, respect for the other and “The Middle Course”, presenting a perverted and adjusted Islam in order to fit American standards. Some of them went so far that they attacked the duty of al-Jihad and the principle of Resistance. They have started to fight against al-Mujahideen in the cause of Allah, and have launched a merciless attack on the Resistance fighters, their leaders and their Mujahideen, the soldiers of Allah. They issue Fatawa judging them as the doers of mischief on Earth. They give Fatawa to the rulers and the colonialist authorities saying that al-Mujahideen are khawarij and doers of mischief, and that it is lawful to kill, imprison and torture them. The matter has even reached a point where they misinterpret Allah’s word and say that these elite of al-Mujahideen are not martyrs, and will not enter al-Jannah! They even started to call on common Muslims to cooperate with the security agencies of the apostate rulers and the colonialist authorities in order to reveal the secrets of al-Mujahideen and inform on them under the pretext of cooperation against terrorism or protecting Muslims’ interests.

Here, I will point to a very important matter…In spite of the fact that many of them have carried this out under the command of the apostates and the hypocrites fighting against the faithful, with their loyalty to the Tyrant and the infidel invaders, and that it is deemed lawful under Islamic law to shed the blood of many of them, because of their apostasy, treachery and war against Allah and His Messenger and the faithful…



It is still among the strategic principles of the Global Islamic Resistance Call to use arguments, explanations and legal and political evidence, and logical realism, not weapons and swords to confront this heretic group of propagandists for Shaytan and the Sultan’s scholars, who call people to the ports of Hell, and throw in Hell whoever responds to them. Although many of them deserve it, this could have prevented great mischief which is well-known, such as placing the sword between the Muslims, their followers’ fanatical support for them, their fight against al-Mujahideen, and their turning against the Resistance to join the enemy camp, and so on until the last of their great mischief.

The confrontation with these, as we have repeated and emphasized, with sound arguments and the proof, from the people of knowledge, people of the pen and people of literature. And not with weapons. The weapons should be aimed offensively at the chests of the invaders and their most important collaborators among the senior apostates and traitors as we explained. And defensively against the soldiers of the Tyrants whom al-Mujahideen intend to combat. This is a strategic principle of immense importance in the Global Islamic Resistance Call’s political and military theories.

Second: Striking the invaders in their country, in the heart of America and on the territory of the countries allied to her militarily

When it comes to striking America or any of her allies on their own territory, and targeting a state or leaving another, or targeting it, and then ceasing to target it, or turning away from it and then targeting it a second time. This is not the place to research this, rather, [the place is] in the first and second sections, which were devoted to the legal and ideological dimension, and also to the political dimension, of the principles of the Global Islamic Resistance Call. Here, however, we study the matter from a military perspective, in a situation where it actually is in the political interest of the Resistance to target a state.

Whenever the targeting of any state is legitimate according to Islamic law, and in the political interest of the Resistance, then the most important targets are as follows:

The most important targets in America and in Western countries allied to her militarily:

  1. Main political figures who lead the campaign against the Muslims: heads of states, ministers, and military and security leaders
  2. Large strategic economic targets, such as: The stock exchange, power and oil installations, airports, harbors, railroad systems, bridges and highway intersections, tunnels on the highways, metro systems, tourist targets… and so on, targeting resources and sources for the economy
  3. Military bases and barracks where the armies are concentrated, especially the American military bases in Europe
  4. Media personalities and media centers that are leading the war against the Muslims and justifying the attacks on them, coming from the Zionist and Zionist friendly Crusader media institutions
  5. Centralized information and computer centers that are in control of connecting the different institutions within the state, because this will completely paralyze the activity within that state
  6. Places where Jews are gathered, their leading personalities and institutions in Europe, avoiding places of worship and synagogues
  7. Official offices of the governmental institutions of those countries that are waging war, both on the state level and on the level of unions and political and military alliances, in the case where they participate in the aggression. Such as the offices of the NATO and the European Union, this requires decisions that have been studied carefully from a political perspective.
  8. Buildings of the security services and the central intelligence in the capitals of America and allied Western states
  9. Striking civilians in general, to deter them or for retaliation (avoiding women and children, when separated from men in places especially designed for them, like schools and the similar)

This for example, is when responding to a brutal practice carried out by America and her allied forces. The type of attack, which repels states and topples governments, is mass slaughter of the population. This is done by targeting human crowds in order to inflict maximum human losses. This is very easy since there are numerous such targets, such as crowded sports arenas, annual social events, large international exhibitions, crowded market-places, sky-scrapers, crowded buildings, etc.

(Here, it is necessary to remind you of the comments we made about targeting civilians in the second section on the political theory, and also of the general legal rules presented in the third section, in the paragraph about Jihadi Islamic laws.) And there is in this case a very large number of easy targets. It is possible for ordinary Resistance fighters among the Muslims residing in America and the allied Western countries to target them, in order to participate in al-Jihad and the Resistance, and to stretch out a helping hand to al-Mujahideen. This can be done as part of popular resistance action, such as destroying economic targets and burning forests during hot periods in the summer, and also as part of civilian resistance action.

Here, we must turn our attention to the difference in the confrontation with America and with Europe, as I mentioned above when dealing with the political theory.

The confrontation with America is fundamental, while the confrontation with Europe is secondary, making her leave the alliance by putting pressure on her.


Third: American and allied targets in the Islamic world, the rest of the third world and in other countries

  1. American and Western economic targets in various countries of the world, because they are numerous and easy to target
  2. Diplomatic targets, such as embassies, consulates and envoys
  3. Economic interests of America and the allies in those countries
  4. Athletic, trade and tourist delegations and envoys from America and itsWestern allies
  5. Military bases and military missions, Army, Navy or Air Force

This is a wide area with many opportunities for participation, but one must pay attention to the rules of al-Shari’a, political benefits and security complexities. We will return to the details later, Inch’Allah. A final remark, related to the issue of targeting goals in the heart of the hostile countries, America and the Western allies, is that one should avoid targeting places of worship for any religion or faith, regardless whether they are Christian, Jewish, or other. One should also avoid harming civilians who are citizens of countries that have no relation with the conflict, even if they are non-Muslim. This must be done in order to maintain the reputation of the Resistance in the different spheres of public opinion.

The strategy of deterring with terrorism

The theory of terrorism is based on deterring the enemy with fear, as Allah Almighty said: “And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged (8)” (Surat al-Anfal)


And as He Almighty said: “So if you, [O Muhammad], gain dominance over them in war, disperse by [means of] them those behind them that perhaps they will be reminded (57)” (Surat Al-i-Imran)

The Resistance is basically at war with the invader campaigns, and it must deal with them by using the methods of terrorism and confrontation, as explained. However, there are essential enemy parties and there are secondary enemy parties.  The latter ones enter the frontline of this confrontation from time to time, either out of fear for America and her allies, or craving for what she will give them in return. The Resistance must not neglect the importance of deterring these parties. It must also confirm that its arms are long and able to reach everyone who allows himself to be seduced into joining the aggression against the Muslims and the Islamic Resistance fighters, or to support their invader enemies.

Generally, most of our enemies, the supporters of the American invasion, and especially the apostates, the agents, the hypocrites, the corrupted, and those bragging about their so-called culture and development, are a group of cowardly rats, starting from the biggest of their kings, presidents and princes, and to the smallest of their writers, their media figures and their sycophants with all their fantasies. Most of them will be deterred if one sets an example by striking or severely punishing a few of them. Then, most of them will withdraw from the confrontation.

The basic idea is that every state, even the ones not allied with America, that arrests a Mujahid, a Resistance fighter, an agitator, or a scholar, and turns him over to America or to his own government, where he is killed, subjected to imprisonment or torture, should immediately receive a deterrence operation carried out by any Muslim or Resistance Brigade able to perform this religious duty. It is a duty to support the Muslims and to deter those who inflict harm upon them, especially those who capture them and turn them over to their enemies.

The basic idea is that any operation which kills civilians or harms faithful muslims, or any action, performed by troops of the country at war, should be met with an equally deterring action, as He Almighty said: “So whoever has assaulted you, then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you” (Surat Al-i-Imran) And the basic idea is that every country which enters into alliance with the Americans with any kind of military, political or security support, will receive a deterring strike immediately to break the joints of this criminal alliance, and so on.

However, what has taken place up until now is the opposite.

The Muslims, al-Mujahideen, and the Resistance fighters are accused of terrorism; they are in reality the ones who have been most terrorized, for several decades. They are terrorized by their rulers, by their security agencies, by America and her persecutions, by spies and by all those who assist in this wicked chain.

All of these true terrorists, starting from America going down the chain of her allies and hypocrites, were able to turn the picture upside down both politically and media-wise. They have been able to portray us to the public opinion as the phenomenon of repugnant terrorism. This is their real field of success.

The only solution to this must be to increase the efforts of al-Da’wa, media, and propaganda, as well as political activities based on knowledge, understanding and awareness of what is going on in the world today. In addition to real military deterrence.

Throughout history, “armed terrorism” has proven its usefulness, as the best political method to persuade an opponent to surrender to one’s will. I draw these lines just a few days after a deterrence operation was carried out by a fighting al- Mujahideen brigade in Spain on March 11, 2004. They carried out a series of explosions, which killed some 200 and injured 1700, according to Spanish statistics. The main results were as follows:

  1. It changed public opinion in Spain. Statistics showed that three days before the parliamentary and governmental elections, support was in favor of the right-wing party and its leader Aznar, an ally of Bush, who sent about 2,000 Spanish troops to Iraq. It changed immediately in favour of the Socialist Party who opposed this alliance. The Socialist Party is headed by Zapatero, who promised to withdraw Spanish forces from Iraq if his party came to power. This led to his victory in the elections. Thus, the operation toppled the government. America lost a major ally by a single operation alone, at the cost of a small group of martyrs and captives, may Allah bless and accept them
  2. The new Prime Minister declared the withdrawal of Spanish forces from Iraq, They pulled out quickly shortly afterwards, followed by the troops from Honduras. Thus, a single deterrent operation led to the withdrawal of an army and an entire state from the war
  3. The entire European-American alliance was shaken, and a number of countries started to make statements that they were considering a withdrawal, and this was the first real deterrence operation since these evil campaigns started against the Muslims more than fourteen years ago

And I deal with this operation as a case study of the political impact of military deterrence. However, there are some important observations and political considerations regarding such operations, which one must comply with before the decision is made. This includes careful political legal considerations, taking into consideration the benefits and drawbacks and the welfare of the Muslims.

Unfortunately, since the outset of these evil campaigns in 1990 and up until now:

o In the first Iraqi War more than 300,000 people were killed, and during the blockade, more than one and a half million children died in the course of 13 years

o In the last war to topple Saddam, around 10,000 civilians were killed, and tens of thousands are in prison today. Allah has disclosed America’s deeds in those prisons

o Thousands have been killed in Palestine, and the Israeli sword is still swinging

o More than 200,000 Muslims were killed in Bosnia, and more than 60,000 cases of rape against Muslim women were registered there, which led to thousands of illegitimate births caused by rape. Their mothers threw them away so that they could gaze at the church vaults and be converted to Christianity!!

o In Chechnya, more than 300,000 Muslims were killed. Honors were violated, houses were destroyed, thousands of people were imprisoned, and hundreds of thousands were driven away

o In Afghanistan, tens of thousands were killed in the civil war, which was sparked by America and administered by Pakistan. Then, more than ten thousand were killed during the latest attack in December 2001, and America has filled Guantanamo with hundreds of innocent captives!

o Thousands were killed in Indonesia. The Christians buried some of them alive, burned them, and photographed them while they were eating their flesh

o There are many other cases as well, on the African continent, in Central Africa, in the Philippines, in Thailand and Kashmir

So where is the deterrence by these so-called Muslim terrorists?

The truth is that real terrorism, in the correct understanding of the word, has an embarrassingly low share on our part! We are at the very bottom of the list; we are the most terrorized of all people, below all sorts of infidels, apostates and tyrants.

Then the September 11th events came, in order to repel the Zionist friendly West and the Americans, collecting a small amount of the enormous bill that they owe. The world rose, and has not lain down yet!!

The self-proclaimed philosophers will babble to us talking about the blood of the sinless, those who were promised protection, the civilians and the traitor Muslims from the collaborator hypocrites until the last claim by Ulama of evil.

The laws regarding human targets have already been discussed in detail in the passage on al-Shari’a rulings in the third section, it can be seen there.

Let me add: It is not possible for a few Jihadi organizations, or for tens or hundreds of al- Mujahideen here and there, to deter this fierce international attack. It is absolutely necessary that the Resistance transforms into a strategic phenomenon, after the pattern of the Palestinian intifada against the occupation forces, the settlers and their collaborators, but on a broader scale, originally comprising the entire Islamic world. Its arms of deterrence should reach into the homes of the American invaders and their allies of infidels from every nationality and in every place.

al-Ummah must start moving, with all its segments, towards Resistance and deterrence. In the next passage, we will explain the operational mechanism of the Resistance from a military and organizational perspective, in order to realise such deterrence with Allah’s permission.

The operative mechanisms of the Global Islamic Resistance Brigades, its military theories and operational concept

The mechanisms of military activity in the Global Islamic Resistance Call were deducted by studying the three previous methods of al-Jihad, and by a thorough and lengthy research of the old methods, which we have practiced in past Jihadi experiences, and their results.

And also, through a factual study of the military and security-wise power balance between us, al-Mujahideen and the Resistance fighters in general, and the scope of American and allied forces outside and inside the Islamic world, especially after the latest attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to their other pursuits.

Several years ago I started thinking about finding a method in which a minimum of the following requirements are met:

1. It opens the possibility to participate for thousands, say hundreds of thousands or millions, of Muslims sympathizing with al-Jihad and with their Ummah’s causes. The constricted Jihadi organizations do not have room for all of them. Moreover, most of them do not want to be linked to this commitment with all its security-related and personal consequences. Also, they are not able to, or they do not want to get burned security-wise, by joining the Open-fronts which also have a limited capacity to absorb them

  1. Creating a method for secret action in which we are able to overcome the problem of security weakness inherent in the traditional organizations where the whole organization is destroyed when some of its members are arrested, are tortured, and are pursued by security service across international borders after security coordination moved from a national level up to the international level. In this way, the idea of secret urban guerilla warfare has finally and fundamentally failed
  2. Creating a method for transforming excellent individual initiatives, performed over the past decades, from emotional pulse beats and scattered reactions, into a phenomenon which is guided and utilized, and whereby the project of al-Jihad is advanced so that it becomes the battle of al-Ummah, and not a struggle of an elite
  3. The individual actions should be characterized by a general sense of unity around a Jihadi Resistance movement, which suits the era, so that the masses of al-Ummah rally around this movement, and create a form of centralism on the level of commitment, slogans, symbols and ideas on the one hand, while at the same time avoiding links to a centralized entity, so that it cannot be aborted security- wise, on the other

In short, I was searching for a method which the enemy has no way of aborting, even when he understands the method and its procedures, and arrests two thirds of its operators. A method, which is susceptible to self-renewal and to self-perpetuation as a phenomenon after all its conditions and causes are present and the visible to the enemy himself. In practice, the idea was born in me when I was reflecting upon the meaning of this Aya:

“So fight, [O Muhammad], in the cause of Allah ; you are not held responsible except for yourself. And encourage the believers [to join you] that perhaps Allah will restrain the [military] might of those who disbelieve. And Allah is greater in might and stronger in [exemplary] punishment (84)” (Surat al-Nisaa)

I was also inspired by the individual operations which some of warrior Mujahideen undertook.

I spread this idea secretly in a communique with the title: “Communique in Order to Establish a Global Islamic Resistance” at the end of 1990, beginning of 1991. Then the idea developed, as I mentioned in the introduction, through various stages until it reached its final form in Kabul at the end of the year 2000. Following a study on the effects of the methods used in the confrontation between us and America and her allies in the post-September world and after the invasion of Iraq, it has now matured and has taken the form which I present here.

Characteristics of the operational method of the Global Islamic Resistance Brigades

A system, not an organization:

It is a “system of action” not a centralized organization for action. The idea is based on the concept that the bonds between the entire spectrum of Resistance fighters (individuals, cells, brigades and small groups) are limited to three centralized bonds only, and those are:

The central bonds of the Global Islamic Resistance Brigades:

  1. The common name and the personal covenant with Allah Almighty on adhering to it
  2. The political shar’iyy manhaj, the shared Aqida and a covenant with Allah on committing to it
  3. The common goal, which is to resist the invaders and their allies, and a covenant with Allah on al-jihad in His way to defeat them, then to work on establishing rule by al-Shari’a

This is done in the following way:

  1. Spreading the Resistance Call’s ideology, its methods, its operational program, its implementation method and its operational theories in the eight fields that we have mentioned: The combat Aqida, the political theory, the method for comprehensive education of the Resistance fighters, the military theory, the media and instigation theory, and then the organizational theory, which contains methods on training, financing, organizing and security. This is done in order to mobilize the youth and men of al-Ummah who strongly wish to fight in the Resistance on any of its general axes, an especially on the military axis
  2. Directing the youth to strike enemy targets in our own countries in particular, which is the main arena of the Islamic Resistance, and in their countries, which is an area for deterrence and retaliation, in accordance with the legal standards of al-Manhaj as well as in consideration of the political benefits, in order to achieve political objectives and realise the goal of the Resistance
  3. Instruct the youth that every group should prepare themselves on their own regarding what the military activity requires, and they should execute operations in accordance with what they have managed to acquire in terms of training capabilities and preparedness, starting from the methods of popular resistance and ending with complex strategic operations, passing through all kinds and levels of guerilla operations in cities, in the countryside, or other types of secret guerilla warfare.
  1. There are no organizational bonds of any kind between the members of the Global Islamic Resistance Brigades, except the bonds of “al-Manhaj of beliefs, a system of action, a common name and a common goal”
  2. Every brigade consisting of one person or more is regarded as an independent brigade headed by its Emir, who is in charge of its affairs. It is oriented directly towards military operational activity, and it is not oriented towards any kind of organization, Da’wa, incitement, or other such activities of the secret organizations. It forms itself, chooses its target, and attacks it. It notifies any media agency (in a secure way, which we will explain in the Media theory) that it is the Brigade “so-and-so”, using the specific name it has chosen for itself, and stating that it is “from the Global Islamic Resistance Brigades” which indicates the agenda of the operators and adds the operation to the total production of the Resistance Brigades. We will give more organizational and operational details in the sections on operational and organizational theories, Inch’Allah
  3. The idea is to unite the efforts of the Resistance fighters, the individual Jihad fighters, the remaining elements of the Jihadi movement, its supporters, its new sympathizers, those angry at the American invasion and those who wish to move forward among the various segments of al- Ummah at all its levels, and regulate and correct these efforts with a common method and a common Manhaj, in order to achieve the result. Moreover, the idea is to transform the individual Jihad into a phenomenon which embraces the efforts of everyone under a single name, for a single goal, with a single slogan, regulated by a single educational, political, legal Manhaj

The benefits and characteristics of this method:

  1. The method makes it possible for a single individual to act, whether he wants to operate completely alone, not trusting anyone else to participate, or in a very small brigade of a few men and friends who have confidence in each other. They may form a brigade consisting of two persons of more, pledging an oath to each other and to Allah on joining “the Global Islamic Resistance Brigades”, which consists of their fellow Muslims in every place, of every color and nationality. Thus, this method offers homogeneity, security precautions and possibilities for the group. It also opens up for broad, common operational activity without bonds with each other. The method instructs them to operate wherever they are and wherever they are able to operate, thus avoiding the burdens of traveling to areas of confrontation, or of joining a collective organization with obligations, which they cannot accept due to their convictions. These comprise a very huge segment of the Muslim youth
  2. The method allows for a complete separation between those cells, so that if any action, whether emerging or under execution, is disclosed, it will not influence the others who operate or intend to operate, since there is no link between them of any kind. It is a type of “idea organization” not “an idea of an organization”, and a “system of action” not “the action of an organization”.

This is the only method of survival in light of the fierce security attack we are witnessing today and which will confront everyone desiring to fight al- Jihad

  1. The combination of efforts under a single name indicates to al-Ummah the presence of an organization, a common direction, and a center which connects all by virtue of the common name, the common combat Aqida and the detailed method of education.This increases the initiatives, and urges those who are indecisive to join a caravan, moving in a secret and controlled system of action. The common name, goal, and ideology also suggest to the enemy that there is a single organization behind those operations. An organization which:Is directed by the idea, trained by the instructions, united by the goal and the common name, and administered secretly from a distance. However, when the enemy comes to seize it, or some of its parts, he will discover that he has not seized anything worth mentioning, when compared to the rest of the body. This is because it is an Ummah who is fighting, not a group of fighters from an idle Ummah
  2. Accumulating numbers and figures showing progression in al- Mujahideen’s operations: And this is very important.
    We will set forth the idea and spread it in full, with whatever it requires, with Allah’s permission, and make it available in every way, directly or through correspondence, or through communication networks, the Internet, and the different means for spreading it, in written audible and visual formats. We will attempt to distribute it in translations in the languages of the Muslim nations, and in the main languages of the world.If we assume, and this is what we ask from Allah, that at least a few will believe in this idea and that each of them will contribute to one operation every year once at least. This is easy if we present to him different types of goals, military Jihadi thought, methods of popular resistance, and arrive at complex operations carried out by cells having obtained a certain level of training. Let us assume that all across al-Ummah with its hundreds of millions of humiliated and furious people, in the first year of spreading the Call, twelve groups were convinced, each comprised of an individual or a group of friends, and every group carried out one operation each year, in a non- centralized way, it would result in 12 operations per year, or one operation each month to begin with. If the number reached 52 Mujahideen or cells, each of them perpetrating one operation each year, the result would be one operation every week, and this is not in the capability of any secret organization or armed guerilla group.

If we attributed the operations to a single, common name, “The Global Islamic Resistance Brigades”, and to a single ideology, slogan and goal, the result would presumably be, with Allah’s permission, the incitement of hundreds if not thousands.

Then, the operations and individual contributions will gradually become truly a phenomenon, as in the slogan of the “Global Islamic Resistance Call”: al-Jihad and Resistance: al-Ummah Battle, And Not A Struggle Of An Elite

With the help of the other Resistance axes, namely, the civilian, media, ideological and political resistance, we will arrive at the pursued aim, with Allah’s permission. And that is the popular uprising of an entire Ummah, across the Islamic world and in places where Islamic diaspora communities of various nationalities are present, similar to the “Palestinian Intifada”, but primarily against America, and secondly against her foreign and local allies in every place. This Uprising should be conducted within the framework of the general Shari’ and political rules mentioned previously. At this stage, with Allah’s permission, cells will emerge which will not just act once a year, but even more often than that.

If we calculate the arithmetic progression of operations, we find that it is possible to arrive at tens of operations or more daily, Inch’Allah. In this way, we have placed the duty of al-Jihad on its right track, on par with the religious duties of al-Salah and al-Zakat. This requires a joining of the efforts of the Ulama, the literary men, the mosque preachers, the theoreticians, and the writers, so that they pour all their efforts into the instigation, every one according to his abilities, and whatever his situation and methods permits him to do, in order to awaken feelings. In the end, this will make a visible impact in the forming of a new desired brigade among the Resistance Brigades, with Allah’s permission.

5. The idea of “Global Islamic Resistance Brigades” allows every brigade to have its specific name which it chooses for itself, regardless of whether the brigade consists of one, two, five or more Mujahideen. This makes the brigade aware of its production, and connects its name to its production. This is a feeling and a natural desire for the human being. It also opens the door of competition between the brigades and the commando brigades, everyone fighting according to his size. A competition and a race emerges on the path of martyrdom, obedience to Allah and harming the enemy. Thus, it is possible to compare the idea of spreading the Resistance, where there is no organizational link between the members and brigades, with the idea of the “Sufi orders” that are spread without connection to a leadership, and even without knowledge of the guide and the Sufi shaykh. But with a main difference, and that is:

The Method of the Global Islamic Resistance: It is a comprehensive method which applies Aqida of Ahlu al-Sunnah wal- Jama’a” and the Fiqh of their accredited Mazahib and their learned imams, and is based on a comprehensive understanding. It is: A comprehensive Manhaj, Jihadi, political, behavioral, and educational.

Some Sufi orders have spread to an extent where their followers amount to millions from every part of the world, without any connection between them except the name of the order, their Manhaj and educational programs, and historical symbols. In the same way, we hope that this Global Resistance method will spread, and that the list of martyrs in the Resistance will provide, leading figures and symbols for this comprehensive Jihadi method.

6. The idea of the Global Islamic Resistance Brigades is based on homogeneity of cells by selecting members from Ahlu al-Sunnah schools, and a common political, security-wise, military, and educational concept and understanding, suitable for their situation and area of operations. At the same time, this does not contradict the diversity present at the level of brigades as a whole, and in the Resistance Brigades with all its military, civilian, propaganda-related, political, media and all other axes and fields

7. The easiness of adherence to the Resistance Call and the direct nature of the operational activity, without any of the complications during stages of organizing, forming and education, which are well-known in traditional groups and organizations. As we explained in the theory of education, a slogan for performing the religious duty and the timing of it, are the words of the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, “Embrace al-Islam, then fight”:

The method of the Global Islamic Resistance considers is Fighting the enemies of Allah, the invaders and those who help them and fight Muslims along with them, to be an individual duty like al-Salah and al-Zakat. The timing of performing this duty under the present conditions is regarded immediate. The only obligation is to embrace al- Islam As he, صلى الله عليه وسلم, said:

“Embrace al-Islam, then fight”

Thus: Everyone who is a Muslim, even if he converted an hour after the occupation forces entered and made al-Jihad an individual duty for every Muslim, has been assigned with this duty. As for the stages of education in the Jihadi Aqida, the political understanding, and comprehending al-Shari’a rulings, this will happen over time, but the Emir of every brigade or group should seriously seek to train himself and those with him, through the program of the Resistance Call, customized and facilitated in a simple and easy way.

Thus, the only thing that those who want to fight al-Jihad and adhere to the Call must do, is to make up their mind to do so, and promises Allah to commit to its Manhaj, name and slogans, and follow the way of direct action within his capabilities, especially those who previously received military training, either in a Jihadi group, or in a official or unofficial military institution.

The crux of the matter is, as we will explain in the theory of reality-based training, that the operational activity of al-Mujahideen, especially in guerilla warfare, is based on the principle of “desire to fight”, providing it and heightening its level.

The types of Global Islamic Resistance Brigades

The level differs from one brigade to the other, in terms of military, material and logistical preparation, which also makes their capacity for executing operations vary, both inside and outside al-Ummah. We have already given some examples of targets of operations. And here, we will distinguish between some types of brigades, according to their professional, military, technological, security and financial capabilities. They are listed as follows:

First: Popular Resistance Brigades:

These brigades consist of individuals and small groups with limited opportunities with regards to financing, or the level of training. They are the overwhelming majority of Muslims.

They are able to carry out simple operations on a limited level from a military perspective, however, their participation is of highest importance due to their large number in a situation where the Resistance has transformed into a phenomenon, because they will not give the invader the option of settling in our countries. And they will cause enormous disturbance if the Resistance phenomenon spreads in armed communities residing in countries participating in the war on Muslims, especially Western countries.

Second: The General Military Brigades:

These armed brigades have limited capabilities. They consist of individuals who previously had medium-level training in using light personal weapons and explosives. The majority of them are remaining elements from cells of the Jihadi current and its secret organizations, or are al-Mujahideen who previously participated in some way in Jihadi arenas, such as Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kashmir, the Philippines or elsewhere, or had previous training in other ways, or through serving in the security or military apparatus of their countries.

The material and security obstacles would probably prevent these brigades from undertaking large-scale resounding quality operations. However, their military contribution is the basis for the guerilla war fought by the Global Islamic Resistance Brigades, due to the large number of this kind of Jihadi cadre in the Arab and Islamic world. And even among the Muslim communities in the warring countries. The number is in the range of tens of thousands of Jihadis and Resistance supporters, not to mention hundreds of thousands, say millions of men who have worked in a governmental security or military organization at one point in their life, during their general service or as professionals, who have now left, or are still in the service. What moves them in a forceful manner is a religious, patriotic, or national feeling, or a strongly felt conscientiousness.


Third: Quality Resistance Brigades:

These brigades possess high security, organizational, military and material capabilities. They are comprised of individuals or groups that have received high- level training in the security field, in secret operational activity, civilian terrorism, and the management of cells in guerilla warfare, communications technology and its security aspects, and also high-level military training in the field of using weapons and explosives, and especially in combat tactics of guerilla warfare in various circumstances, especially the making and use of explosives, and mastering the use of various detonation methods, especially the electronic ones.

Another important factor for operational activity, which is available to them, is high financial capabilities, enabling these cells to operate at a high level inside the Resistance’s first and main arena, or in the foreign arena within the enemy countries, America. First and foremost in America, and then in the countries allied to her.

Fourth: Strategic Operation Brigades:

These brigades are special brigades. They can be formed by those fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Strategic understanding of the nature of the struggle and its political, military, and strategic aspects in general, and an ability to study the Islamic law aspects of large-scale operations and their political impact, in order to be able to lead and administer these kinds of brigades
  2. Very high financial capabilities, for training such brigades and financing their operations
  3. Very high security and organizational capabilities for mobile elements to operate and execute
  1. Mobile elements should have very high military skills in order to operate and execute
  2. Knowledge and operational abilities in acquiring and using weapons of mass destruction, in times when there is a need for retaliation, or for the strategic settlement of the conflict with America

And these brigades can be formed by an elite of wealthy Muslims believing in the method of the Resistance, in cooperation with prominent senior Mujahideen, and with some of the distinguished people who previously worked in the security apparatus, former members of governments in Muslim countries, as well as senior military personnel, experts on military strategy, and some sincere retired politicians, or even from those that are still workers in some apparatuses of Arab or Islamic governments, from who it is possible to have strong trust in their loyalty to their religion, their Ummah and their country and their confidentiality and their belief in the program of the Global Islamic Resistance.

And it is enough for them to execute operations once every year or every second year, provided that they have a decisive scope. And Allah is the One who grants success and to Allah belong the soldiers of the heavens and the earth, and none can know the soldiers of your Lord, except Him.

Terrorist culture, terrorist talent and acquired skills of guerilla fighters

Terrorist culture:

Is all the knowledge, information, and the general culture possessed by the ones fighting with “terrorist” methods, especially in urban guerilla warfare.

This includes in short headlines.

o Participation in daily life in a practical way and knowing the aspects of people’s activity

o Knowledgeandstudiesofbooksonintelligence,spyingandsecretwarfare
o Knowledge and studies of intelligence methods with regards to investigation, interrogation, inquiry, information-gathering, man-hunting, spying and eavesdropping and its modern devices and equipment
o Knowledge and studies in the forensic sciences and the security organizations’ methods of following up security-related incidents, criminal events and similar
o Knowledge and studies of the history of special operations and the details about their events, including military special operations performed by a military elite of guerilla commandos, as well as operations by international armed groups. Furthermore, one should study the reasons of success and failure of those operations, especially with regards to the large ones

o Knowledge of how the so-called “counter-terrorism units” operate, their weapons, training and operational methods. And study some of their successful and failed operations in various countries of the world, especially during the last ten years
o Knowledge and studies of the books on different types of “guerilla warfare”, guerilla warfare in cities, mountains, forests or rural areas, guerilla warfare in the desert, wars of attrition and others. Furthermore, one should study other types of such warfare, and the arts and weapons of each type of war, and its methods, the history of its experiences, its famous schools in modern history, especially during the large revolutions in the colonization period between the two world wars. And afterwards, the period of struggle against the American empire after the Second World War, especially in South America and Africa and some other countries in Asia

o General knowledge and information which will be helpful in the overall guerilla warfare activity, especially in urban guerilla warfare and in terrorist operations against civilians, for example:

o Computer science; it is today one of the most important sciences which also contributes to all scientific and other cultural fields today, and also

o General knowledge of the science of electricity, the electronics and electrical devices. It is useful to have a general knowledge of the science of mechanics and machines, especially vehicles and weapons, and how to use, repair and modify them whenever necessary

o Some general information and studies in history, politics and economy, and in the geography, climate, economy, roads and infrastructure of the country one operates in, and customs, traditions and the general aspects of human life and activity in the area of operation for the guerilla fighter or al-Mujahid fighting with guerilla warfare techniques. And so on

All of this knowledge and information forms, for al-Mujahid fighting in the field of urban guerilla warfare, or “terrorism” as it is called, a culture for the terrorist and develops his talent. A talent for terrorism when it comes to selecting targets and the operations’ nature, the ability to execute them, to meet their requirements, assess their impacts and consequences from political, security-related and other perspectives, etc. I really suggest to the supervisors who prepare the cells and the terrorist brigades that they add to their preparation program a subject entitled “Terrorist Culture” which should include this, and add a library to assist the trainee in his studying and education.

I remember that I held a lecture at a training course for some young cadres in the al-Qaeda organization. They were selected from among al-Mujahideen al-Arab in the days of the Afghani jihad in 1989. It had the title: “Terrorism is a talent”


And really, after my lengthy contact with the Jihadi current and the fields of training and operational activity, and close contact with hundreds of al-Mujahideen of different nationalities, types and levels, in addition to a lot of studying, Allah made it easy, in these areas. I observed that the operational readiness in the field of terrorism is based on three elements: o Talent o Abroad general culture o Acquire skills and preparation

At times, it is possible to heighten the cultural level of al-Mujahid, and it is also possible to heighten the level of preparation and acquired skills, and this will contribute to refining the talent, but the talent is the fundament for producing a terrorist who is proficient in his work and performance.

From this aspect, talent for terrorism is like talent for poetry, music, painting and different aspects of the arts, literature and hobbies. The talents, intellectual, practical and others in general, are a gift. There are people who possess a disposition and personal qualities for becoming successful terrorists, who are proficient in selecting, planning and executing operations and understanding their political considerations, how they are regulated by Islamic law and moral rules, etc.

The trainers and those supervising the foundation of Resistance cells must discover those talents and refine them with culture and training so that they find their place in leading terrorist operations in this type of blessed Jihad.

Acquired skills of guerilla fighters:

Are all the skills, capabilities, perceptions, knowledge and the physical and technical skills in which the guerilla fighter trains, in different direct military fields such as the use of different weapons, and so on, or other related skills. I will go into some of these details in the section on preparation and training, Inch’Allah and He is al-Musta’an.

Finally, concluding the military theory and after a review of the two fields of operational activity for the Resistance, on Open-fronts and through individual terrorism, it is worth pointing out the relationship between these two types of al- Jihad before concluding this section.

The relationship between Open-front Jihad and Individual Terrorism Jihad

Some details about this point will be given in the section on organizational theory, but it is possible to summarize some thoughts about this point as follows:

  1. Brigades operating in the field of individual terrorism may benefit from the Open-fronts in that they enable them to heighten their military skills and improve their training possibilities. It is necessary to apply rigorous security precautions if this is to be done
  2. Some elements working in the field of recruitment and the building of cells can benefit from the Open-fronts, by recruiting some of the elements coming to fight al-Jihad, selecting them, and sending them to operate in their countries, or wherever they are able to operate in the field of individual or cell terrorism. It is very important to take into consideration that this should not take the shape of a secret organization or a centralized link
  3. The Open-fronts can provide a way out and a secure haven for those working in the field of individual Jihad who are wanted fugitives on the run after having been exposed and are not able to resume their activities in an overt way and are unable to hide
  4. It must be noted that the Resistance Brigades operating in the field of secret work, must stick to their secret methods in case they are transferred to operate on the fronts, and not transform into overt operational activity and al-Da’wa. This is a fatal factor and dangerous slipping point, because of the secure and friendly environment
  5. Individuals of the secret Resistance Cells must, in case they go to the Open- fronts, work under the leadership of the emirs of those fronts, especially the local ones, or under the general administrations which are set up in case of such traffic. They must work under the administrations with devotion and self-sacrifice as long as they are present there. They should aspire to come to the front-lines and to the training camps in order to perform their religious duty with devotion, and to have close contact with al-Mujahideen, and spread the Call and its Manhaj in a covert way when possible
  6. The Open-fronts also benefit from the brigades of individual and cell terrorism, because the activity of these brigades constitutes a long arm that is fighting jihad for the Open-fronts’ causes. Through their operational activity they are able to provide the necessary deterrence to the enemy force; they are able to remove the opponents’ leadership, operate behind enemy lines, and execute special operations in cooperation with the emirs in those arenas and for those causes in a covert and programmatic way

Now, in conclusion we call upon those whom this appeal reaches…

Oh you Mujahideen youth,
Oh you noble men of this Ummah,
Oh you faithful determined to fight a al-Jihad,
Truly, al-Ummah today, most of her men have lost their firm will, and weakness has struck her out of love for the world and aversion of death, especially after the downfall of the Muslims’ Khilafa and their political entity and after their enemies colonized them.
We must revive al-Ummah and lead her from this wasteland.

At the time of the first American invasion of Iraq in 1991, some Mujahideen youth crossed the Jordan River carrying a knife or a revolver or whatever was within reach for him, searching for a Zionist soldier to fight with, contributing to al-Jihad of this Ummah. Some Mujahideen traveled to the end of the world in order to conduct operational activity behind enemy lines, responding to his hostility towards this Ummah. Some went to join the areas of al-Jihad, which could only be reached with great effort.

Now, the matter has become easier, America has come to us with hundreds of thousands of soldiers and experts and has spread them in our midst, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of civilians working in other fields of colonization; from the political, economic and cultural to other fields. The cause to which we are calling does not require affiliation to an organization and does not urge travel or make Hijra, and does not alter the routines of daily life.

All the matter requires is:

o A firm, personal decision to perform the individual duty of al-Jihad, and a strong determination to contribute to al-Jihad and the Resistance

o A covenant between you and Allah Almighty, and then between you and those you will work with in joining the Resistance Call

o Forming your Brigade, by this you become a member of this Call and a Brigade within the Global Resistance Brigades

o Expanding your understanding of al-Manhaj, and implementing its educational program, and going by it according to the extent of your abilities

o Preparing yourself and those with you to the extent of your capabilities
o Embarking upon your operations, because al-Jihad is a personal duty, and selecting an enemy target commensurate with your material and military capabilities
o Biding you time and thinking, plan and ask Allah for guidance, then proceed Be greeted on the path of the two blessings, either victory or martyrdom. This is a call for action and martyrdom, not a method for controversies or a Manhaj of idle talk and endless questions. al-Ummah has had enough of this and it has led us to where we are now.

And Allah is al-Musta’an and that time had come for departing into battle…

“Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah , so they kill and are killed. [It is] a true promise [binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah ? So rejoice in your transaction which you have contracted. And it is that which is the great attainment (111)” (Surat al-Tawba)




Collecting, translating, producing, and disseminating open source information that meets the needs of policymakers, the military, state and local law enforcement, operations officers, and analysts through-out Governments.
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