Captured ISIS member: Turkey and ISIS made an agreement

Savaş Yıldız carried out bombings in Adana and Mersin HDP buildings during the June 7 elections process, took part in the attack on Girê Spî on February 27, 2016 and was caught by YPG in Girê Spî in March. He had made important confessions on the Girê Spî attack and the Turkish state involvement therein. Savaş Yuldız gave new statements on Turkey’s invasion of Jarablus, Rai and Exterin in Rojava Kurdistan.

While the lie that ISIS chief Al Baghdadi has called on his followers for a jihad against Turkey has been built up for two weeks, Turkey continues their invasion and massacres in the Shehba region by courtesy of ISIS. Kept in a prison in Rojava, Savaş Yıldız said that Jarablus was handed over to the Turkish state and the gangs in an agreement and that he took part in it as a member of ISIS.

“If Turkey had entered Jarablus, Rai, Exterin and Bab to fight against ISIS, there would be explosions all over Turkey by now,” said Savaş Yıldız, and continued: “If they enter Jarablus, Rai and Bab, if they’re fighting against ISIS, ISIS would have hit Turkey. But if they haven’t, that means there is an agreement. Because if the war starts, everybody in ISIS, the young, the old, the children, they all want to die for Islam. It doesn’t matter that children or women are dead.”


Savaş Yıldız said there was an agreement between the Turkish state and ISIS Emirs, but that didn’t really trickle down to the actual fighting forces below, and continued: “On the TV, I saw that Turkey took Jarablus and Rai. If there wasn’t an agreement, ISIS wouldn’t have left in that manner. Those who have sworn to death would fight there. If there truly was a war between ISIS and the Turkish state, there would be suicide attacks all over Turkey, there would be trucks exploding. If ISIS can manage explosions in France, the US, the UK, they can have explosions all over Turkey, if it’s just approved. There are so many men who are very eager to explode themselves. ISIS is in retreat over there.”


Savaş Yıldız stated that all attacks on Kurds and democratic forces in the name of ISIS in Turkey was definitely made for the favor of the Turkish state and said the following on the reasons for the agreement between the Turkish state and ISIS over Jarablus and the Shehba region: “They want Jarablus and beyond in order to hit YPG. One side of Jarablus is Kobanê, the other Manbij, the other goes from Shehba to Efrîn. ISIS left this region to Turkey in return for safe passage for all jihadis. Turkey promised to hit the Kurds if the region is left to them and to give safe passage to all jihadis. This is definitely so. Because Turkey aims to end the Kurds with this alliance. If Turkey truly held their borders, 1 out of every 100 jihadis that cross over to join ISIS would be able to cross the border.”


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